Cheap labor

Bell, Shane



Cheap Labor In the South Dakota State Penitentiary most prisoners make 25¢ an hour. I have had a job making a maximum of $46.25 a month working as the Mauve section orderly sweeping, mopping, cleaning the unit. I recently got a job at the PI shop. This shop usually has prisoners making minimum wage or more welding or machining parts. I got a job as the PI state janitor still making 25¢ an hour. What irritates me is that the company called MCI did away with the minimum wage janitor position right before I was hired on out there. I am getting paid 25¢ an hour at a janitor job that used to pay minimum wage for the same job/work. I have been told that the janitor job I have is just a stepping stone for a higher paying job there, but then again it is not a guarantee I will get it. I also help out when I am asked to do things that help the MCI make a profit. This private company makes a lot of money off the cheap prison labor, even more now that they have 2 prisoner state janitors who make 25¢ an hour. 1 -> over I have spent years trying to get a minimum wage job working for MCI. I have kept a job for a long time, kept a good disciplinary record, and have been putting in a job application constantly for 5 years, only to get another 25¢ an hour job there. I have heard from various people the reasons why I wasn’t hired on at a minimum wage job. I was told it was because of my civil rights 1983 federal lawsuit against the prison which is done and over with. I was also told it was because the prison staff and their inmate minions spoke negatively about me doing grievances and civil rights lawsuit. My work speaks for itself, I have proven to be a good worker who should at least be given a chance at a minimum wage job. It appears work ethic, keeping a job or a good disciplinary record really doesn’t mean anything. It is all about how popular you are. I will continue to do my work as I always do, continue to try to keep a good disciplinary record, I just hope it won’t be another 5 years to get hired or not be hired at all because of the rumors spread. I think you should get a job based on merit and proving you can work, not because of a popularity contest. What do you think? 2

Author: Bell, Shane

Author Location: South Dakota

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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