Children’s book helps imprisoned parents

Tinsman, Anthony



'!)... FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Attn: Editor Topic/ Title: "Children's Book Helps Imprisoned Parents" By: Anthony Tinsman (First published by Being a parent is a tough job. Prison doesn't make that job any easier . Between 1991 and mid-year 2007 parents held in state and federal prisons increased by 79%, to 357,300 parents (Bureau Of Justice Statistics) . This makes being an imprisoned parents a bigger challenge than the general public is aware of. Recently the Education Department in Forrest City Medium (BOP) re-opened its Parenting Program (Adult Continuing Education) after nearly a year of cessation. The program allows imprisoned parents special visitation privileges with their children, if they complete the course. Among the austere white-washed halls of the Education building family photos are stapled to a single bulletin board between class-rooms. The photos were taken during participants visits. Speaking with one of the men revealed that it was his first such interaction with his granddaughter in 6 years. They blew bubbles and read children's books together. The Parenting Program Coordinator, Mrs. Boothe says, "It helps some of the guys to see they can do something with their kids . " Unfortunately these visits are limited to weekends from 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. and requires some families to travel more than 500 miles each time they visit. Due to the uncertainty of the programs operation many participants are struggling to find space in the class room on Wednesday nights. There just aren't enough seats for everyone who wants and needs to attend. Telling them to wait can lead to an emotional exchange. They know when the program shuts down so do the privileges. The key to good parenting, according to the course curriculum, resides in communication and authenticity. But reaching the 1.7 million children who have a parent in prison in the U.S. (Bureau Of Justice Statistics ) can be daunting. Due to the barriers faced by parents in prison they have to rely on cards, letters and gifts from loved ones on their behalf. But in the search for effective tools parents have gained something special in 11 Hungry Robot 11 • It is the first volume in a series of Children's books featuring a cautionary theme against self - saturation and material i sm from an author who knows. The author is serving a 35 year sentence for armed bank robbery. 11 HR 11 was inspired by a real life transformation which resulted in a new direction. The book endeavors to communicate this transformative message to children so that hopefully they don•t have to learn the hard way. Parents know that small connections make each moment count and nothing works like the written word, along with colorful pictures. The book is available on as an e-book for only $2.99 (download a free Kindle app for all e-readers ) . - 30 -

Author: Tinsman, Anthony

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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