Choices and alternatives

Glenn, Tracy



* CHOICES & ALTERNATIVES By Hr. Tracy Glenn * June 22, 2014 There are many alternatives to the choices I've made of the past. Easily, I made them living the way I lived in another lane that was taught to me. So free, yet so far from reality, it tends to make me sick to my stomach today as I sit & write now. An understanding now that I have where before I make a choice there has to be a moment or some time before I make the choice which leads to the action that could be a fatal one that could cost me another prison sentence. People like me must be able to look into their innerself so the correct choice can be assessed & made intelligently, weighing all outcomes. For me choices have been made without any regard for people, places & things that should have meant more than what I thought it did. Make no mistake, I was taught to respect others property & the person next to me yet I found a life outside of tha t which lead me in another direction. I realize today that I'd lost apart of my mind for years believing in what my own corrupted mind was feeding me on many levels. Fast & easy choices are the easiest to make from either side of a good or poor mind frame depending on the way you have trained your mind to think at that time. If you've kept your home training & still believed in God & whoever your guardian was that taught you right & wrong then the choice for you was easy to make the right choice that probably did'nt get you into any trouble with the law . When you been in the street doing all the wrong & incorrect things long as I have, caring nothing about what I was taught by my family then that same quick & fast choice for me most likely lead to prison or someone getting hurt in the process somewhere down the road. Factors can come from many other places, it could be drug usage, people you hand around or the need of attention, all of w~ich will cost you to make the wrong & incorrect choice because you don't think normal just as I suffered the same problem. All the factors I named I suffered from on a daily basis but today I learning as I sit inside a prison cell in Pennsylvaina's State prison serving out a 7~ to 15 year sentence after our Commonwealth of Pennsylvaina has deemed me a failure in society calling me a "Career Felon", a person that can not learn. I beg to differ! Today in 2014, I'm smart enough to know when something is over like the criminal activity I been involved in for over 30 or more years. I'm not proud of those choices I made in the past that has cost me most of my adult life imprisoned back & forth, in & out of prison for the same thing over & over again. It's shame to say "it's taken The Court system to make me fully aware they intend to lock me away for life if I commit another violent crime". It's like I been driving blind crashing into wall after wall, each time living on life support after each crash. The factor of The Courts determinations have lead me to lay awake many nights reflecting on my past behaviors & choices that I see now are'nt me as a person. I happen to be a very gifted man, learning much along the WBY of the criminal activity, there is much good inside my heart, I'm not this person who has displayed a non-thinking mentality to a point where recklessness & a disregard for human life has shown it's ugly face through me. I know better! Anyone who takes the time to read this please accept my humble apology, if you've been assaulted, roboed, anything dealing with someone in your space, I apologize for being such a fool & not following the rules of society & using the tools I was taught by a very good woman growing up. I make an oath to you & society to make a better person out of myself before I'm called home by God & to make a good name for myself. Since I'm over 50 years old, time is of the essence to change the course of just how I was precieved here while on God's green earth. I will leave a legacy that will show a good person somehow, s omeway. I still have a few more years to ge t it toge ther befor e I ge t released so pr ay for a brother that I will reach my goal & a level of potential to follow through on this correspondence the rest of the way of my life. Lastly, to my family members that include close personal friends, I am sorry for being this seemingly uncaring person to the ways of my teachings from a chi ld & for not being there when you all needed me thus far. Sincerely yours , I \ '• I I

Author: Glenn, Tracy

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: June 22, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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