Gatlin, Amanda Collette



10-17-16 Cell-138/IPOD BCJC Choices I became like an animal being fed through a fence when I made that choice. Having to fight for my right to exist and never completely succeeding. I'm only a number in this maximum security hell. I wish this would end, but they wouldn't get their payday, would they? You see, that's the reason for this hopelessness, sadly, for all this madness, are we meat for the beast? If so, which one? This can't fix my problem. Or the problem for most of us. Our addictions. A week ago a man was found hanging in his cage. The very thing that hung him...the guards. The people who are suppose to watch us and keep us safe. Darkness and despair caused his depression. That was his only choice. Or so he thought. Maybe for him there was no other way out. Look at us, treated like animals. No end in sight. No break in the storm for some. But for me? This nightmare is almost over and I'm about to wake up. A new day will dawn with new choices. No more fences for me...only freedom. Maybe. Depends on me and what I choose. No matter what...I won't be an animal anymore. Either human or a slave to my addiction. God, help me! God, help us all! For some, you are all we have. -Amanda Collette Gattin

Author: Gatlin, Amanda Collette

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: July 13, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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