City by the sea: A poetic political marrowmeld/commentary

Covelli, Robert Frank



City By the Sea A Poetic Political Marrowmeld/Commentary First Rights Word Count 142... Multa-Media ~ Work In Progress Woe! Doom secured himself a spatial home - White, loaded, markdown, near a plaint palatial dome; Right's blighted (quaintly fast) eternal East, Where ringside sinners rule the last, the lost and least, Souls cast outside The Man's infernal feast. Doom's oval office, rank with worldly ill decrees (Hard-core unhero's words that rally not!) Cranked out and leaving people hurt, upon their knees, Stone dead, aground, our lavish ship-of-state forgot; Half-daft, incumbent's words are meant to thrill; Real People bled-out, ravished, then bequeathed to rot; Half staffed, unsound or bent, unhelpful Hill. No statesman outsourced slick campaigning face, While turning tricks for office clout within this place; Right's shrewdest rifle wallets touting, "Truth is Lame!" While smiling rude pretenders show-off sly disdain; Crude bareback riders stifle laws to hide their shame, While new contenders learn to screw the poor insane. Exhibit F-15 to be continued...

Author: Covelli, Robert Frank

Author Location: Illinois

Date: October 22, 2020

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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