Classim, discrimination, and prejudice exist




By Exile Classism, discrimination, and prejudice exist. Look at the way poverty, Section 8 Housing, and ghettos has crushed every skin within an inch. So many people view us as an ignorant minority that live across the tracts. Racism, sexism, capitalism, and facist, is real, believe it, because it exist among us blacks. Ready to step on another man toes or back bite is a fact. History has proven that without unity, honesty, loyalty, pride and similar thoughts we'll always be slave or treated like a door matt. Name a black person that owns a corporation or brother's and sister's creating products for own nation. Too many times we have been blinded if this is freedom, why am I always reminded. As you can see they want us with no morals, respect, or dignity. Force corruption thru movies, lies, TV's, drugs, and other stuff. What happen to brother that just wanted to lead. I just wanted to bring my thoughts to the attention too so many that taken us granted it seems. One day with this wish you will be conquerors, future kings and queen. To anyone who wants to reach out or any supporters Peace to all Black Love Exile

Author: Exile

Author Location: Georgia

Date: February 15, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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