Climbing the wall

Bryant, Roy S.



R.Shiloh Bryant CLIMBING THE WALL He build a wall to keep out, Ramirez, Martinez,Chavez and Acosta... in reality to keep IN, Bowers,Bremers, and Bryants So, the "king" get his CROWN. EL CORONA! The wall, could not KEEP OUT, Corona... highly educated,sophisticated, of CULTURE and POLITICS, quite sagacious. The "king" tunnel vision of the border CORONA boards a ship around the border wall corona slipps! punish for the wall racistly installed. He build a wall to keep out, Ramirez,Martinez,Chaves and Acosta but as fate would have it the “king“is trying to JOIN then EL Corona, now have the “king” CLIMBING THE WALL By,Roy Shiloh Bryant

Author: Bryant, Roy S.

Author Location: Texas

Date: 2021

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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