Williams, Edward E.



I write on behalf of the prisoners in the State of Missouri and others. I know that there will be retaliation on me for speaking up’, But, I truely feel that someone must speak out to the readers of the State of Missouri and other states. COLLUSION People conspiring together for their own gain or in illegal acti- vities. As you will read in this. In September of 2010, I sent a State Habeas Corpus motion to the courts of Texas County, Houston, Mo. I had the motion logged into : the legal log here at South Central Correctional Center, 255 West Highway 32, Licking, Mo 65542-9069. As for most people doesn't know the steps and procedures of the courts. This motion is time sensitive and must be done as a time allotted situation. After sending the motion in, in September of 2010. I waited.for the case number and acknowledgement from the courts of Texas County, Houston, Mo. In general this takes about (2) weeks for the courts to write back on this. This simply did not happen. In November of 2010, I wrote the courts in Texas County, Houston, M0, for a response. I recieved absol- utely NOTHING. I again nwete in December of 2010, still NOTHING. And I tried over and over after that. I got nothing in return. In 2011, I wrote again. I recieved nothing until October 5, 2011. The caseworker of S.C.C.C., called me in her office and told me I had legalmail. In which I have to sign for. And I did. The caseworker then opened the envelope, checked it and handed it to me. I looked at the page that was inside and started reading it. The letter inside stated that the courts of Texas County, Houston, Mo, never recieved the State Habeas Corpus from September, 2010. I then ask the caseworker for a IRR form to file to get a full copy of my legalmail from June 2010 to October 2011. And she did. (1)- She started writing it out and I stopped her. I told her i wanted it all official, and sent to administration. And she did. It was just a few days and she returned the signed IRR, signed by administration and her. I then laid the letter, the envelope and the IRR, in front of her. She just looked at me at first. I then explained that the courts never recieved the State Habeas Corpus that I sent to them in September of 2010. She looked at me and didn't know what to say. Then I said, The letter states that the courts never recieved the State Habeas Corpus motion, See; And then I pointed to the envelope and showed her the postage stamp that reads, October 4, 2011. which it does. And she just looked at me like I was stupid. But then I showed her the letter that was in the envelope. It was dated January 5, 2011. Which now proved that the letter from the courts in Texas County, Houston, Mo. Which is about (20) miles south of here, took (9) months to get to me. The caseworker looked at me and told me to get out of her office. She'd been trapped and she knew it. I just proved that the State of Missouri and the Department of Corrections was holding the Offenders/Prisoners legal mail. This makes it very serious, because that letter just caused me to be terminated from the courts to file the State Habeas Corpus, on the (1) year time frame. And Texas County of Houston, M0 is where we must file it in their jurisdiction. The Department of Corrections and the State of Missouri blatantly violates the laws that they are supose to follow, and tells the Federal Government that they don't care what the laws are....."NICE" As for this situation, It was proven that South Central Correc- tional Center, and it's staff is out of control. as of the winter of 2015-16, I worked for the Captains Crew. We took garbage to the com- pactor, shoveled snow and spread sand. It was a cold day and (3) of us was working. We had collected all the trash and went to the com- pactor. As we was unloading, I realized a bag of envelopes. And I looked at it a little closer. It had a picture of a friend of mine in it. He was standing by a quilt that he had made in the picture. The only way to get a picture like this is to work for the Restor- ative Justice Organization or in the Majors hallway. There is no way to get these pictures sent in from the outside world period. I retrieved the picture and brought it back inside to my friend. Which in turn, he was upset because he had mailed this picture to his family a few days before, and now it was in the trash. I had just proved that Housing Unit (4)'s mail had been throwed away. All (288) men's mail. I went to the investigators office of South Central Correctional Center, and made a statement on this. Of course the administration here retaliated against me. But, what the heck, they can violate federal crimes and get away with it. But, we just get our mail throwed away in the trash, that is suppose to go to our families and lawyers and others. As proving that South Central Correctional Center and the Depart- ment of Corrections can and will do whatever they want and get away with it is next. In June of 2017, I had a very close friend send me (3) copies of my book that I had written and published. The book contains (40) pages, front and back. Therefore, it was (120) pages in the Priority Mail Envelope. which the envelope can be used up to (2lhs):of mail. The package was sent from St. Joseph, Mo, with a tracking number. It arrived here, and after (3) weeks, I ask the caseworker for it. She said that she didn't know where it was. My friend had it tracked and proved that it had arrived here at South Central Correctional Center in (3) days from being sent from St. Joseph, Mo. I wrote the warden which in turn the mailroom responded. The first response was that the package had over (100) pages in it and I could not have it. When I proved that to be a lig. Then South Central Cor- rectional Center stated that the package had Computer Generated Papers in it, and I couldn’t have it either: which this is also a lie. Why? Because another caseworker had already given me a Priority Mail Package with (3) copies of my bobk, threexweeks before. And I showed them the (3) week old package. Figure this out! South Central Correctional Center never gave me the opportunity to mail the package back out. South Central Correctional Center wanted a copy of my book and that's how they got it. If they wanted a copy of my book, all they had to do was ask, I would have given them a copy. And the supposedly Computer Generated Papers, Is MY LEGAL PAPERS and DOCUMENTS from my LEGAL CASE IN COURT. So, South Central Cor- Rectional Center intentionally kepted my legal documents from the courts from me again. And they'll do it over and over again. fihy? Because they know that I have no family outside of the prison to help me. So, they know that I can't call for help, and they can do anything to me that they want to do. SIMPLE. : COLLUSION 2 An agreement to defraud another or to do or obtain something for- bidden by law. My name is Edward Wiiliams, 1171271, you can visit to find me at I put this website in because they will retaliate against me as they have done for years. And there are other prisoners that have been done the same way. £44/afJ Edward Williams 1171271 South Central Correctional Center 255 West Highway 32 Licking, Mo 65542-9069

Author: Williams, Edward E.

Author Location: Missouri

Date: April 7, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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