Comparison: what is useless and not

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



ch. 20 "Comparison: 'What Is Useless,' and; 'Not'!" / ARA (c) 9/19/19 ADX Max (plantation) CO "The 'satan': Is seldom defined, as 'a jinn,' from fire free of smoke! That it seems impossible to some, begs the question: 'how can The Bible speak (of a burning bush),' yet; people disbelieve 'in jinns (made of smokeless fire)'? Thus ('A satan rose up against Israel, and he incited David...' 2 Chronicles 21:1, et seq.) that 'satan,' was/is known! And yet, 'the skeptic' (Pascal's wager), is unaware (of: Iblis; als al Abid; shritan; satan; lucifer; ad infinitum); while evil destroys, all around! So, here's a lesson (on: comparison, bad and good): (1) the peacock, before 'Argus 100 eyes, myth' (which came first?); (2) 'jinn' (cf. 1 Chron., above) and/or, 'Adam'... (3) 'Enoch' (Idris?) and, 'Elijah' (Ilyisin) and/or, 'Christ' (Isa); (4) 'Immanuel' (Isaiah 7:14) and/or, 'Emmanuel' (John 20:17); (5) the 'angels' (Jude 6) and/or, 'satan' (Rev. 20:1-9) - note (many think 'satan' - angel?) contradiction; and, (6) the 'Soul' (Spirit) and/or, the 'Breath' (Smell)? At present, all live (Life) based upon: comparison! Which steers Soul, in a direction; either: bad, or good! That's a given, not to be uprooted; by evil influences! Yet, evil has a hold (on amerikkka), and; won't let go! It's as simple as, leading a nation by: first come, first served; with nothing left, for others! That's, so, clear! Even moreso than: 'Jude 6' (angels, chained, first); and, Rev. 20:1-3 (satan, then, chained)! Which proves (or, should to Christians), that: (6) 'angels' (Jude 6) have been chained up; and, (7) 'John' (Rev. 20:2) says, 'satan' shall be (so, proof 'satan's-not' an angel)! (Must Be Revised) Above (Jude & Rev.), and, many, others (exam. 'Ishmael,' not - 'Isaac') must be revised! However, proof, supports (their) falsifying Edicts (Religion); to mislead! They, like satan, want company (hell); and, 'heaven on Earth'! The proof is there, for all to see! Cf. 'Trump, and Putin'? Write your own history, using truths; or, follow lies? How, 'Useful'? If your family needs (food; clothes; shelter; safeguarding; guidance; etc.) then, tangibles one sought; not intangibles! Through the truth, one's word (given), standards are set; and progress achieved! But, without (truth) no advancements; just, destruction! Exactly what 'satan' wants! With its (satans) war, against its tribe (jinns), satan overcame; jinns! Besides 'angels,' what's become, 'satan' - felt it first (before G-d)! Its next encounter (with 'Adam') began, our Life; in flesh! And, 'flesh,' denotes: family and kin! It's relative, 'Adam's flesh' is, the relative (of, all, flesh)! Just as, 'satan's relative (of, all, jinns)! We, normally, don't see (jinns); but, they can (from-the-willing) - enter (humans)! With hideous crimes-committed, daily; some, variations (of 'satan') cited! Even 'atheists cite, such, evil! How does one disconnect, when success depends (on good connections)? What becomes, a, comparison is; progressive, or, destructive! So, the reality (of Life) is progressing; as long as one can! Thus, why are (some) humans destroying: and, not building up (Earth)? Is there an avenue, to 'satan,' hidden; behind 'isms': racism; sexism terrorism; formalism; isolationism; positivism; nihilism; negativism; and, atheism? Please note (like) 'satan,' it's unseen (naked eyes), so too; is the: 'dichroism' (microscope)? Diseases are unseen too, but; whom denies their existence? Or, that of, tribalism? Finally, 'Trump' (will, historically become), like 'Hitler'; 'if truth comes out'? And such, his base seeks; to hide! But can you see, or, don't want to?" (c) 9/19/19 ADX Max (CO) plantation "The Prison, 'Earth'!" (Ch. 21: Halogram (Jinn); and, human!) "Question 9unanswered) Ism?" "An 'ism' (suffix) may be, 'process'; and, 'an excess of something'? Yet, 'ism' begins: thousands lives! An example: terrorism, govt approved (Cuba; Africa; Iran; Iraq; El Salvador; etc.)! But, what about its parents: 'racism,' and, 'hypnotism'? Bear with me? Before 'terrorism' began, it's used; agin the 'terrorist'! Then, [I encised?]; agin those in power! Based on, 'racism'; children taught (less than humans were the problems)! It's learned, behavior, cousin; deviant behavior! Where waves (of repetitive lessons) are washed-over (children)! Whom, therefrom, pass on; via 'hypnotizing,' behavior! Hypnosis, as a product (of), can be seen (circa 2016-2020 AD); via 'the base' (of Trump)! These three (members) go-hand-in-hand, yet; remain: unrevealed (racism (child taught)) hypnotism (raised and bred on); and, terrorism (based on race, and/or religion)! While power is kept, in the hands of: rich, and; powerful therefrom! In any War, two (2) are culpable: (1) the cause of antagonism, leading to; and, (2) heroism to ward-off aggression, resulting-in! Where 'ism' has, eight (8) charaters; only, a 'satan' can sell all (of them)! Especially, since 'isms' are; always: negative! The drama (Greek) is, leader; and, imitation, result, therefrom! NAB writes: ("46 They will be a sign and a wonder for you and your descendants for all time." (Deuteronomy, 28) And (Hammurabi?): "The pen is mightier than the sword.") Compare, the prescience (events before they occur); before, science? Both, discount (The G-d)? Where what's 'before,' science? If not 'The G-d,' then; what? So, 'isms' are used (always) contrariwise! Take the Bible (Christians)? The (OT) Old Testament (Melito of Sardis, circa 170 A.D.) coined, over 100 years; post-Christ! Not approved by Christ, disciples; or, their writings! Now, consider: tritheism (3-separate gods)? Also agnosticism; atheism; isolationism; liberalism; conservationism; nihilism; negativism; positivism pauperism; pointillism; parallelism; racism, sexism; tribalism; ad infinitum! My belief is, before, events -- governmental -- occur; they're precipitated, by powerful people! And, no doubt they 'fall in line, with'; past-destroyers! When, next, you see: 'runners handing off-a-baton-to-the-one-in-front'; consider, Greedy? They, greedy, throw this Earth into upheaval! What's taken-away, from the vast-countless (poor); goes to a few! And, their lack of empathy is; a sign (supra): quite, 'psychotic'; and, 'psychological warfare erupts therefrom! If this seems bizarre, it's because (no one): raises-that-issue; greed is disturbing in a disorderly way! Who sets the rules? Who writes, the books? Going back, too the Bible (Catholics & Maccabees; etc.)? And, who steers; the Media? There's no poor doing anything (above)! Although, since, they're majority (Globally) -- cf. Globalism? -- Why aren't (poor) forming: Governments? It's not, they're not trying! Rather, Greedy keeps (poor) majority: divided, from proper upliftment! There it is, divide and conquer (reverse: psychology; sting; order; engineering; etc.); as Paulo Freire (Pedagogy of the Oppressed) says; "Divide and Rule...the oppressor minority subordinates and dominates the majority, it must divide it and keep it divided in order to remain in power." (pg 122 in part) Well, connect, immaturity dominates (Globally); and, govt-fuels such: cartoons; horror; games (Juvenal: bread & circus); 'bread crumbs strewn all over'; et cetera! The Adult Topics (Purpose to being here), are dissuaded! 'Don't let the left hand know...'." ARA (c) 9/20/19 ADX Max Plantation (CO)

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: September 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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