Con the naive / control the narrative?

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"Con The Naive / Control The Narrative?" (c) 11/30/19 ADX Max plantation (CO) "Chap. 'The Collective' ('Con the naive; control the narrative': Putin Netanyahu-Trump-Prince Andrew, etc:) "In Life, I find, that, most -- racially, religiously, or, via self-preservationally -- look; for the love & acceptance! 'We can, all, agree' on this! ('a given') And, in prison, the same applies! So, take from the following, whatever as 'my intent'; is the truth! Not, to appease 'any human being'; nor, especially, 'any balloons full-of-satan'! Past essays explain, that, phrase! The view -- of all -- animals, alike; notwithstanding, 'hardly is accepted'! No matter 'I' remain true.... A short story! ('Want, to be famous': 'serial killers'-'moila,' or, 'sklavos'?) 'A Wan' C.O. (correction officer) comes to work, Monday thru Friday, 'unaware' he is; being-judged: by 'G-d'; by 'superiors'; by 'cons'! But, the most important -- of them all -- isn't 'G-d'; 'as one might imagine'! Rather, is, the 'C.O.s' judging self; G-d Knows Before, Anything Existed'! Just, consider,: 'All language is, communication, already on tape; and, something created, 'is known beforehand' (infinitesimal scale) 'a parent aware of, their, childs acts'! 1/ This, C.O., male-breaks-laws, 'he took an Oath to uphold' (daily)! On this day, he targets: 'an Ebon durance,' with 'a bounty on his head'! In FBOP (art. 2, Executives) have Policy(s) -- P.5. 3451.05 -- which reward; with plaques certificates; and, finances! 'A murder' (injury; foments recidivists; and/or connections with criminal groups: Aryans, Mexican Mafias 2/) form: 'the collective' sought! One, such, C.O. is reading this (prior: 2 page cert. no. 70170660000079529896 11-26-19 to APWA): If; or, when it's mailed! Now some (C.O.s) started careers, 'true to the Constitutional Oath' (U.S. Const, art 6 cl. 3)! But, some, before their '1st Day' ended (NFEE; AFGE; AFL-CIO (Unions: Connected To Military; Fire Dept; law enforcement; Congressional-Secretaries / Clerks; Court Clerks-controlled via title 5 U.S.C. 601 et seq.)) 'swears a broader allegiance' (to their selective: 'the famous people': 'gods fame'; vengeful fame'; and, 'famous...enemies')! Twain ("fiction is stranger than truth")? 'Hell yes'! Thus, 'on this day,' this C.O. (violating FBOP Policy: P.5. 3000.03 - 'shall wear name tag') as backed (by supervisors); 'tortures Ebon durance' (no name tag)! Read: U.S. v Lavallee (D.C. Colo. 2003) 269 F. Supp. 2d 1297 - 'Cowboy's'? 'And, if successful, gets rewarded' (cf. Gallagher?)!" (c) ARA (c) 11-30-19 "1/ 'Languages - otherside - invisible,' isn't known: to humans, except - to Prophets, speak miracles!" (c) "2/ 'Immigrants forgotten - USA Internment Camps - they aren't in collective'; tripartite'!" ARA (c) "Con The Naive and 'Control The Narrative' (Tripartite Group) ARA (c) "What came first: 'the chicken or the egg'?" (Gen. 2:16 not Gen. 3:2; Rom. 6:23) "Vicarious atonement, or, 'personal responsibility'? (Ezekiel 18:1-2) Deut. 24:16 "What came 'first,' good or evil?" (Gen. 1:25) "Good" is 'imperishable'! (Wis. 2:23 "Good: 'Gen. 1:10, 1:12, 1:18, 1:21, 1:25; and, Gen. 1:31 'Very good'!)? "Byzantium 'Greeks'!" "In a: 'Roger Brooke Taney,' world; just, like 'the shoes he tried, to fill'! 'No opposition, will appear'! A twenty-first Century 'twin,' and; 'dyed orange-hair,' with 'phoney grin'! The 'sklavos,' idolize, 'fame'! Taking, 'innocent lives,' their game! 'Senselessness,' fuels, their intention! 'Infamy,' no apprehension!" (c) 12/1/19 ADX The, definition (of); "or" (creative: "choice") is: 'to indicate an alternative...second of two alternatives (no examples) 'uncertainty or indefiniteness' (Old English, āther; Arab, 'am' - cf. Ex. 3:14?)." Also: "before, early, ere" (earliest), 'aether' Latin aether (Gk Myth)! Note: 'aether' - "ether," Latin aether from Gk aithero - upper air; "either" connection? "All is connected," and; "only" neoteny refuse to see! "Satan, both: refuse and refuse (reject/waste)! Immaturity - a curse whispered by 'satan' (evil: live, vile, levi, veil, etc.)? POTUS (Donald John Trump & base: neoteny)? "America (a stampede ensues), but: Whom shall tell the truth? What difference is: republican / democrat? 'They take turns,' hiding-truth; or, a fact! Whom, 'speaks,' for: Good? 'I wish, I could'?" ARA (c) 12/1/19 ADX plantation (CO) "Such 'immature leaders'! 'Where are the Adults'? ARA cc: (2) "To start with, the 'reason' recognized: in the "trail,' that's, 'infinitesimal! What's: willed, or learned 'shall not,' be compromised! 'To know all there is, 'quite-nonsensical'! Ergo, we seek 'purpose'; 'every minute'! Denials, notwithstanding; 'not in it'!" (c) 11/26/19 ADX Max plantation "Am, is, I!" (I am mortified, by 'how much: I do not know; have forgot; mayn't have time, nor inclination, to learn; or, many remember? 'G-d Is In The Supports'!" (c) "Singing, 'Won't; Overcome': ' a curse'!" (Gen. 6:6) "Swords, are, no longer: 'a weapon of choice'! 'Destruction begins,' from 'Words'; at 'its source'! 'Very-sure,' won't cease: 'thru melodic-voice'!" (c) 11/26/19 ADX plantation (CO) "When, 'the bow,' appears!" (Gen. 9:16) "From, 'prison-few,' 'swim, agin-the-tide'! 'Outside,' selfsame: "with gov-thugs,' y'all ride"! 'Where from, sails-they,' who love; and, will-fight? 'Mixed, rainbow of Races'; 'to-save-Life'?" (c) 11/26/19 ADX Max "Unilateral, Search?" (Romans 1) "Awake, not to; what 'was'? 'You,' did not hear; 'a buzz'? 'Did 'it' come, from 'before'? 'Are there; not, many; 'more'? 'Modified-Life,' through: 'time'? Hence: 'we've, 'reason & rhyme'? 'Awake,' but, not: 'quite, sure'? 'Is one's knowing,' the 'cure'? So, seems, 'we must': all, strive? 'Or,' just: 'to-stay-alive'? Then, there is, 'pure-esteem'? 'For what we've come, to be'? 'Unilateral, search'? 'Ah, to determine': 'Worth'?" (c) 11/26/19 ADX Max plantation

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: November 30, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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