Torres, Eduardo



Contact Today I considered harmony and infinity in death, birth and the concept of contact. Contact for reasons to this essay is defined as expirience. Expirience is rather hard for me to even begin to describe. So for the sake of my time and effort I’ll call it contact. Contact implies reach but can also imply the subtle underlineings that one does not notice. Contact can be strong, weak, or even completely theoretical. I want to develop this essay on theoretical contact, without further due, so please amuse yourself as much as I do. Experience and contact if used interchangeably can define a series of subject I really feel deserve attention. The substance of life is expirienced obviously but when we use the word contact we see there is much more to expirience and life through the concepts that inter line expirience and life by using the word contact. Thence, there must be a proverbial context in calling life and expirience with respect to contact. Contact is an action and is done to others through intention and purpose, so when we interchangeably use contact with life and expirience we see the realm of spiritual warfare. All things can be explained but most are not, but I intend to see my mind on paper. We are expiriencing contact of life. Everything is created to fit in place the more complex the less its understood. However, that’s not to say no one did it. So Harmony, ideal harmony created all things if it exists in my concept. —ETS PS. Therefore everything in life your life means something rather meaningful

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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