Continuation of my life

Alexander, Guy S.



Continuation of My life I want to give more in depth life of what I was like as the 4th child. I did not go to the same schools as my 3 older siblings. I was taken out of the 2nd grade and with some adjustments I was placed across town on a street called Hazaard St. The elementary school was in surrounding shacks as most popular schools had... to accommodate the size of classes. This was called Edgar Allen Poe. I was there 4 years... then I was placed in a Junior High School over on Stella Link John J. Pershing. Throughout my 12 years I was placed in Special Education classrooms in which they were smaller size... from 30 to maybe 10 or 15 students... I eventually was sent to the High School where my three other siblings went through: Westbury Senior High... The years I was growing up... in my family we had our ups and down, typical family loving, caring... I never joined any sport events, I was involved in Arts + Crafts? After I graduated in 1978... I was now seeking employment... which then being the late 70s and 80s... construction, working in grocery stores, I eventually got on working on tug boats... I of course had to start at the bottom... Along the way I was a active young man... I met along women... I was involved with a woman Cherilyn... we grew up on the same street... later we got married and we had a son, Eric Royce... My wife was at times smooth and rough... I got in trouble with the police... So I was asked by Mark my 2nd oldest brother who joined the Navy... was stationed in San Diego, CA... I lived with him and his wife Rhonda + baby... in an 1-bedroom apartment... then being new in the state of California... I found a job working in a furniture company... but along the way I meet a young woman... again like before I was a young stud... so sowing my oats was who I was? As most who read these pages you can see that I was active with the ladies? It was early on I’m going to say in my early pre-teens I loss my virginity with my own hand so to speak. It was when growing up... having older brothers I was a very curious teen... We even at times in Jr. High + Sr. High had Sex Ed. classes which taught us young men what activities we have as we grow up... one was masturbation... it’s not dirty or something in this day + age is hidden... as I grew so did my sex drive... exploring in different needs. Yes there was homosexual areas it all played a part in growing up... did I experiment with things yes.... again it was the 70s + 80s, it was an experience we all have! Music... during then I was into classic Rock and Roll... I still listen and even enjoy heavier metal groups... Drugs was in my life... a lot took place then wars, drugs... even the space age was staring out... (Continuation 10-31-2019)

Author: Alexander, Guy S.

Author Location: Texas

Date: October 31, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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