Contraband notice

Feeney, Matthew D.



Matthew Feeney 37 line Form Poem: “Contraband Notice” CONTRABAND NOTICE MINNESOTA SEX OFFENDER PROGRAM This form is to notify you the Special Services Department is Currently in possession of items of your personal property deemed contraband. This serves as your official notice to address these items. You will have 30 calendar days from this date to have the items removed from the facility. If you choose to not respond to this request, the items will be disposed of by the facility after the deadline: 9/14/2020. (disposal date) Client Name: Matthew Feeney Unit: 1A Date of Notice: 8/17/20 Describe Property: Hope Explanation: Unauthorized possession of Hope violates MSOP policy #420-1968 as it interferes with the Legislatively mandated mission statement of the institution and could be used as a foundation to build dreams that allow for momentary escape of the mind and/or spirit. Secured from: Mailroom/Letter frow parents Arrival Date: 8/16/20 Staff printed name and signature: N. Ratchett N. Ratchett CSAS-I Part II Desired Disposition (to be completed by the client) ☐ Media Review Team ☐ IT for placement on Legal Network ☐ Mail Out (attach a signed Transfer Authorization and address) ☐ Media Appeal ☐ Dispose of ☑ Save for Visit Part III Final Decision (only MRT or AIW) (to be completed by staff) ☐ No contraband found (NCF) ☑ Prohibited/Contraband — Explanation: Highly Contagious! Part IV Desired Disposition (if deemed Prohibited/Contraband in Part III) (to be completed by the client) ☐ Out on a Visit ☐ Dispose of ☑ Mail Out (attach a signed Transfer Authorization and address) Client Printed Name and Signature Matthew Feeney Matthau Feeney Date: 9/13/2020 Part V Final Disposition (to be completed by staff) ☐ Given to client ☐ Mailed Out ☐ Out ona Visit ☑ Disposed of Notes: (Address, Shipping Company, and Tracking number if available, routed for appeal or visit): Routed to property 9/9/20. Utterly Destroyed on 9/11/20. Thank yow and have a great day! Staff printed name and signature: Peter Poofda PhD., LCSW, WTF. Date: 9/11/20 Client printed name and signature: Matthow Feeney SDP, SOL Date: 9/28/20 Visitor printed name and signature ___________ Date: _________ 420-5250b (2/2019) White — Property Canary — Client after Part IV Pink — Client after Part II Gold - Property

Author: Feeney, Matthew D.

Author Location: Minnesota

Date: August 2, 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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