Control the narrative: Last/first, through the eye!

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



APWA: Please return? Permission on file! [redacted]/ARA © 10/6/19 ADX plantation (CO) "Control The Narrative: Last|First, 'Through the Eye'!" Ch. Wake Up! "Behold The Eye Of The Lord is upon those who fear Him, upon those who count on His Mercy." [1] "I am shocked, folk (in|out), fear; 'Religion'? For all, use 'Religion'; yet, claim it, as their own creation! 'Duality,; must expose; 'these'! 'Noah-Nuh', Hebrew-Yenahamenu, Genesis 5:29 et seq. 'Prophet' or, and 'pharaoh' (Thutmose); 'Noah'- daughter of Zelophahad -- inheritance of daughters -- Numbers 36:1-12? 'Great Lady' and, 'Queen Mother', see - 1 Kings 15:10; 1 Kings 2:19, 'gebira'; and 'Lies' - 'Maacah', daughter of Abishalom (1 Kings 15:10) and, 'Maacah' Asa's grandmother (1 Kings 15:2). 'Abijam King of judah, mother of Abishalom'! While 'Jebusites.' - 'still in Israel,' descendants; of 'Canaan' from Ham (Gen. 10:15, 10:6, 9:18); and- 'Heber' - Heberites - Hebrew - Numbers 26:45; but, 'Eber'-Hebrew, Genesis 10:21, 24-30-11:16 (Shemdad Eber, Gen., 10:21)? Cf. 'Samiri, Egyptian, 'Samaria'; 'Samara' (Arabic)? Now, the prison (ADX Max; Florence, Colorado supermax Federal) 'Earth'; is 'durance': to Lies believed'; and, 'mama and pappa' (ma- & pa-) in every language go-way-back! Yet, 'G-d' (Creator) 'not, so much, believed! And so, I debunk a 'Lie'! 'Prophet Nuh-Noah-Thutmose-Yenahamenu,' had another son: 'Sam' (Ham's twin); 'Ad' 'son of 'Aus' son of 'Aram' (2 Judges 3:10) - 'son of Sam' the son of 'Noah' - 'Abir/Kenan' son of 'Noah' before, flood, died Aber--in - Qur'an (11:42, 42-47), Bible ('Abiram,' Numbers 16:1, 12, 25, 27:17 et seq.)! As well, formula - as 'duality': Cain's 'son' Enoch...; and, 'Enoch' bin 'Jared' - Gen. 4:17, 5:18 - 1 Chron. 1:1! "Those with power have, 'The Keys'; 'to the prison'! In here, 'ADX' the 'guards do - not'! But, 'the curse' (Mt. 7:1-7 et seq.), 'hacks' feel; and, their, performance (lies)! Remember, 'Noah,' means, 'he will bring us relief' (Hebrew Gen. 5:29); then, 'Noah' (she) Num. 36:11? 'Prison' (Earth) script: by 'polyhistor'! 'Believe,' or 'Not'?" 21 ARA © 10/6/19 ADX [1] Psalms 33:18 (NAB); 32:8, 34:16 also! 90 "Potus (DJT) corruption: 'Trickle down,' - USA doomed?" ARA ©

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: October 6, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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