“Control the narrative” preface

Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim



"Singing (Psalms) Won't 'Overcome'!" "Swords, are, no longer, 'the weapon of choice'! A "War,' many begin thru 'Words'; as its source! But, 'I'm sure 'none ends'; thru 'melodic-voice'!" /ARA (c) 11-26-19 ADX "Control The Narrative" preface /ARA (c) 11/26/19 ADX "Bible says (in part): '...of sins previously committed' (Romans 3:25)! There is a saying: 'reculer pour mieux sauter,' to go back in order to jump forward! 'I make mention,' for 'the descent' (of america); into 'pre-Civil War' (america)! If you read (Roger Brooke Taney) decisions, it's, like, 'Trump' moves (Ex parte Merryman; Plessy v Ferguson; etc.)! The 'same' ('sins previously committed'); 'again' (make america great, again)! But, nothng's 'great,' about 'pre-Civil War'! Prophet 'Job' covers such: "20 My bones cling to my skin, and I have escaped by the skin of my teeth." (19:20) 'In this case,' america's led backwards, 'to destroy her'! 'Hindsight is 20/20'! "...put every city under the ban...." (Deut. 2:34) The Hebrew (herem) means: 'total extermination of a population'! Anyway, like 'a snowball rolling down a mountain'; it balloons, into 'an avalanche'! 'Nothing, to stop it'! 'What write you'? 'Little things -- unchecked -- 'balloon, into hugeness'! A good example is, 'the wall' ('Trump's'): costs,1/ for emigrant kids locked up; law enforcement (guards), troops new data tracking; compensating farmers -- bounty hunters -- censors; Appropriations; privatized jails; etc.! Oh yeah, 'where does subpar items go'? Used to be, 'a third-World Country'; but, now, it's american prisons! 'Zantac' (Ranitidine) NDMA danger, still, sold (FBOP)! And, the products made & sold (FPI, Inc. / Unicor per 18 USCS 4124 (2410n) 10 USCS 2410n) 'products list'! 'Out there durance'? For 'the undead,' having america 'go backwards,' it's abhorrent! However, the 'Walking Dead' see nothing wrong! 'Spanish children locked up, stripped of family' and; traumatized, 'overshadowed' (by 'Impeachment hearings': even, 'preempting Sesame Street - PBS' (Reps & Dems: 'same coin,' one-party pre-1854))!" /ARA (c) "When there's nothing wrong, with 'one-political-Party' (unilaterally running america); 'an avalanche is coming'!" ARA (c) ADX plantation "1/ Who are getting richer 'by unchecked govt"?" 2 pp enclosed /ARA "When 'The Bow' Appears: Gen. 9:16?" "In 'prison' few, 'swim agin the tide'! 'Outside,' selfsame: 'with criminals 'they ride'! 'But,' whom 'are they'; 'who love, thus, shall fight'? 'That, rainbows of colors,' that, 'save life'?" /ARA (c) 11/26/19 ADX "Permissions-questionaire and previous work on file" ARA *Otherside read 1st "From: 'Control The Narrative'!" /ARA (c) ADX Max plantation (Flo, CO) 11-26-19 "The POTUS (Donald John Trump) is: 'the commander-in-chief'; even-though 'he dodged' serving (military)! Nevertheless, 'he' warrants 'respect,' if-only, 'for the Office' (US Const art. 2)! Except, that 'Office' or at least, 'the selection' (art. 2, sec. 1, cls. 1, 2, 3 US Const) via 17th Amd; is based on 'kings'! 'And wouldn't you know it,' the Republican base gives 'him': 'the selfsame' (autocracy)! 'What's different, between: '1840 AD & 2019 AD'? Now a 'durance' encounters, 'autocrats' (wardens, directors), 'daily'; criminals with: 'unchecked powers'! 'Why,' america dropped (99 out of 100) to, 'third world nation (status)! 'And, why,' Russia owns 'the POTUS' (research: 'Merv Griffin' - and - 'Donald J. Trump' 1989-1991)? Or, I'll give something 'easier': 'monopolies' are telegraphed ('like a, boxers feint before throwing a punch); look / check TV Channels, during a Commercial'? 'Whom has the Power, where, all those Stations go to Commercial'? 'Cryptic,' ain't-the-half-of-it!!! 'Yeah-yeah,' the 'yes-persons' (apologist) 'chime in here'; 'lick the hand that feeds them'! Couldn't 'truth' (monopolies: law enforcement Unions control, Congress Districts, State & Electors appointments / elections: Cong, Sen.) 'Be' there? 'Martial 'who will guard the guards, themselves'? (1st cen. B.C.) 'Okay, ready,' doesn't matter; 'here comes': 'guards' (see, Wash v Reno (CA6, Ky, 1994) 35 F.3d 1093, 1101; Cunningham v FBOP (D. Colo. 2016) 222 F.Supp.3d 959; ad infinitum?) have 'a monopoly' (Tripartite Branches)! Just 'ask': 'Trayvon'; 'Devon Bailey'; ad infinitum? 'Oh, what, you can't' cause 'they're dead'; and, 'no justice (for their folk)? Here's something: On 7-17-19 (Wed), a Reporter (USA Today, at 1A, 4A) wrote about '1.6 mil' in Bonuses (to Wardens FBOP)! What wasn't, reported, is; 'how they were awarded illegally'! 'And, funds ciphoned off-from-illegally obtained sources'! 'Base, check out the US DOJ/FBOP Policies (P.S. 4500.12, ch. 2.3 & P.S. 3451.05, Attachment A)'? 'What would happen,' if: 'federal durance ran prisons,' like 'trustees down south used to carrying guns'? 'Wouldn't you know it,' switch: 'guards changed places' ('The Walking Dead'; 'Republicans in Congress'; 'Republicans on the bench'; and, 'Plessy v Ferguson')! 'Blind': 'when they came for the...Gypsies....' The 'Titanic,' is 'america'; 'what say Ye'?" ARA (c) 11/26/19 plantation (From: 'Con The Naive / Control The Narrative') /ARA (c) (trol rrat) cc: file sent

Author: Abdullah, Ayyub Rahim

Author Location: Colorado

Date: November 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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