Correctional officers dealing dope on behalf of the state: A concise opuscule

Patterson, Ennis R.



Correctional Officers Dealing Dope on Behalf of the State a concise opuscule July 4, 2020 By: Ennis R. Patterson The state of Ohio is marvelous in its drug dealing endeavors. As conveyed in one of my previous pieces, “Flagrant State Complicity”, it is state-level politicians of Ohio whom is culpable when C/O’s are able to freely keep inmates supplied with narcotics; and trust me, the state has been exceptional in supplying inmates at Belmont C.I. with all the drugs they could ever ask for. Beginning around the end of May, 2020, the smell of marijuana here in 3 House at Belmont has been so prevalent, one could assume it’s allowed. There has always been talk of other houses on the compound being flooded with drugs, but this is something new for 3 House being it’s a house for those forty years at age and up; however, in the last approximate ear and a-half, there’s been an influx of persons much younger. The funny thing about it is outside visits by family have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic since at least early April, 2020 – so it’s obvious how all these illicit substances are entering the prison gates. The state is all but admitting it condone the use of drugs in correctional facilities. During a three year tenure here, I recall two instances where memos were placed in dorms informing us changes would be made to lessen the chances of inmates smuggling in drugs via visits or other means. Retrospectively, it seems the state (C/Os) was more concerned about competition. But with visits suspended, state government has free rein to cover the dope market at Belmont C.I.; and with the constant stench of cannabis in the air all day everyday for the last month of so (as of June 26th, 2020), I’d say the state/Belmont C.I. has fared quite well. What an extraordinary feat for the state – I mean, one can be convicted for selling drugs on the streets, which will result in a criminal record that will ostracize 1 them from employment and other social or economical establishments/endeavors; but while incarcerated one may witness the state (state employees) sitting idle as drugs of all kinds are readily available in this supposed place of rehabilitation, thanks to the delivery expertise of state workers. Mind you, a drug addict crisis is afoot in the state of Ohio. At times drug addict inmates, it seems after strict observations, are even moved to particular houses where there’s an abundance of drugs, only to be removed when the supply significantly dwindles. I won’t go into detail of such instances but suffice to say actions concerning this subject were closely watched, and I myself received first-hand credible information related to these instances. Keep in mind also, a C/O here at Belmont was arrested by the feds on July 18th, 2018, for conspiracy to distribute narcotics after an approximate three year investigation;....smoke is usually a result of pun. In actuality state officials are undermining their own tenet and using C/O's as fall guys/girls. State officials know full well the feds may investigate and make arrests which is likely to result in conviction. They know an arrest can occur at any time. Hence, this provide proof the State of Ohio care-less of correction officers. And when news of such an arrest is divulged to state officials, they connive and blame the officers although they were aware of the flagitious happenings and had the power to make moves to put a stop to it. What’s even more, with the stench of marijuana in the air so frequently, and state employees themselves literally walking through clouds of smoke, yet making not the slightest efforts to determine the goings-on, it’s likely they are being directed to look pass these acts. In closing this piece I’ll say this, the state of Ohio has opted to do absolutely nothing to stop narcotics from making a way into prison establishments – thus, the state must be satisfied, and even wish for these happenings to continue. 2 The state of Ohio has mastered the art of dealing drugs....and let one last thing marinate within your mental....back in March of 2020, Belmont C.I. had a surveillance camera installed in the sports T.V. room of 3 House. Since then this room has become the main place in which inmates smoke their weed. Right in front of the camera. The C/O’s walk in, smell the smoke – as its impossible to not – and leave. The same inmates continue their smoke sessions daily. C/O’s must have a serious money making pact with certain inmates, one the state of Ohio wishes to not interupt. Wow! Smoking right in front of a camera regularly. 3

Author: Patterson, Ennis R.

Author Location: Ohio

Date: July 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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