Correctional officers dealing dope on behalf of the state (part 2): A concise opuscule

Patterson, Ennis R.



Correctional Officers Dealing Dope on Behalf of the State (part 2) a concise opuscule July 17th, 2020 by: Ennis R. Patterson While in the midst of writing my "... Dealing Dope..." piece, two additional items of information was put to me; one: Aramark workers (food service workers of Belmont whom are contracted by the state) are also likely to be responsible for smuggling in drugs. Two: On July 2nd, 2020, inmates here at Belmont was sent a email by the warden warning of the dangers of smoking synthetic marijuana (commonly known as K-2), and warned that he's working closely with Ohio State Patrol to prosecute persons whom have tried to get the product into the facility. As far as Aramark goes, it is a company being contracted to do a job on the state's behalf. Ultimately it is the state whom is responsible when these workers are able to supply drugs to the prison population. Again, the state likely know of these happenings and have chose to stand-by. As far as the email from warden, he makes no mention of marijuana which has been the prevalent drug here in 3 House for about two months (as of this date: July 15th, 2020). There's a huge difference in the smell of weed compared to K-2, and the smell of K-2 have been minimal during the same time-frame. Could the warden not know of the massive amount of weed in 3 House? Could he be in reference to a different house, one where K-2 is more prevalent than weed, when speaking of this substance (K-2)? Or could it be, so as to not upset his factotum whom supply the marijuana, he opts reticence? IDK. Also important to note, despite the smell of weed being almost constant here in 3 House, drug tests are hardly ever done.

Author: Patterson, Ennis R.

Author Location: Ohio

Date: July 17, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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