Corruption at N.E.C.C.

Bear, Bobby



Corruption at N.E.C.C. If you look up Northeast Correctional Center in Bowling Green, MO on the internet it will indicate among other things that this camp is air-conditioned. It was designed that way and the central area is air-conditioned, but the housing unit's components somehow disappeared during construction. But that's not the only things that went missing. It was common knowledge among staff that were here when this camp opened that 2 million dollars went missing before it even received any inmates! The very same business manager, which is still here, was busted in Farmington for robbing the canteen fund: Let's talk about the Inmate Canteen Fund! The inmate canteen was originated by inmates, run by inmates, and supervised by the administration. Items were ordered in bulk which kept prices low: sodas cost 10 cents, soups 8 cents, etc. There was minimum mark up and all profits when toward educational and recreational supplies and equipment. But all of that changed by 1990. The statewide inmate canteen fund had grown to millions of dollars and administrators had taken away college courses from inmates which had been covered by the fund, so they just couldn't keep their greedy hands off of it. And once they had a taste they grew even more greedy. Now, of only inmates benefited from the fund's profits by way of supplies and equipment, why would administration be overly concerned with profit margins? Policy dictates that 20% is the maximum markup on all items over 1$. Since 2000 prices have increased exponentially for all items on canteen, yet our state tip has remained at $7.50 (no GED) and $8.50 (GED). You can by ramen noodle soup on the street for 10 cents, but in here even though we purchase it by the truckload it costs us 38 cents! Not only have profit margins exceeded policy standards, these bastards have started charging us sales tax! It is a "tax exempt" organization, yet it is charging us sales tax! It is also taxation without representation since we had no vote on this matter. This all makes it blatantly obvious that administration has their hand in the cookie jar! I haven't even touched the subject of kickbacks and graft though. Vendors for all of the sectors of operations are not always selected according to the lowest bid. An inmate I met in Cameron (Western Mississippi Correctional Center) owned a pager company prior to his incarceration on drug charges. He was approached by the D.O.C. to provide "panic button" pager type devices for volunteers, teachers, and female C.O.s. He bid $4 per unit. D.O.C. countered his offer for $6 per unit if he would kick $2 back to them. He said he was paranoid that it was a set-up and didn't feel comfortable doing it anyway. He later found out that a local competitor of his did in fact take D.O.C. up on that offer. Recently the main office has reigned in the worst offenses, but they still get stuff off. They replace a shower nozzle for $3 and charge the state $10, charge an inmate $50 to replace a plastic resin-type chair he broke which only costs $7, etc. The rec officers here have a pretty good scam going on even now. They hear through the grapevine that when certain types of equipment are about to be deemed unacceptable or not allowed. Then they order thousands of dollars worth of it and buy it for pennies on the dollar through a state auction they have first dibs at! This is brand new equipment that never got used. I know from first hand accounts that they did this with $10,000 worth of kettle balls and also with 4 PlayStations and dozens of games for them. They also frequently decommission equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, eliptical trainers, and weight machines for having even the slightest wear or extremely minor damage, and send those to the auction too. A couple of years ago the rec department purchased laptops for every rec officer here, yet they have no job related use for such equipment. They have a desktop PCP in each rec office and rarely need those. There are also a lot of inmate jobs that are paid for out of the canteen fund, Rec workers, GED tutors, and others. Many of these positions pay about the $7.50/$8.50 state tip wages; anywhere from $10 per month up too $30. Slowly and insidiously these play slots have been reduced or even eliminated. And even if you do acquire one of these premium pay slots they don't immediately pay you the full amount! This is the only camp in the state (so far) that pays you a progressing amount until you finally achieve the designated wage! Example: you get a job as a GED tutor and you'll get $10 the first month (minus $1 that is automatically deducted and put into your "mandatory savings account" -10% for all wages of $10 or more per month), then each following month it increases by $2.50 until you finally reach the $25 monthly wage (this is a 40 hr. per week job!). So it takes 7 months to reach full pay! Now, the $25 payslot for that job is already allotted for that purpose every month from the canteen fund. Why do they want to hoard every cent they can instead of following policy? Why do they illegally charge us sales tax when they do not play any of it out to the state since they are text exempt? Why do they overcharge us for canteen items in order to build up massive profits in an account they're not supposed to profit from? The is answer is rather obvious. These inbred greedy bastards, like many state and federal bureaucrats, are accountable to no one! They routinely systematically steam money and get away with it. Ironic that this goes on in the "Dept. of Corrections". They should be demonstrating model behavior as an example to the inmates. That's why I refer D.O.C. as the "Dept. of Corruption"! If you ever talk to the current warden here at N.E.C.C., the first thing that you would notice is his eyes. I am not kidding - he literally looks demon possessed! Then when he opens his mouth to talk you are taken back at the obvious lack of intelligence and you marvel at the fact that an idiot like this could actually be put in charge of anything! It just goes to show that when it comes to working for the state it's not what you know it is who you know. I notice that a lot of the parole officers or board members have spouses that are caseworkers here. There are also a lot of C.O.s that have spouses, kids, or other relatives working here also. Most of them (not all) come across as-let's say- 'simple-minded'; slow thinking, chip-on-their-shoulder, power hungry trailer trash that could never handle a real job. That's why they work here in the Missouri Dept. of Corruption.

Author: Bear, Bobby

Author Location: Missouri

Date: February 7, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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