Could cloths instead of uniforms make a difference?: Theory for change

Belden, John



Could Cloths instead of Uniforms make a difference? Theroy for Change In prisons a culture exist that is 100s of years old. 'Me Vs. them' classic captive rebel outlook. I want to do a social experiment to see if we can break this. I think we can examine this idea and see where it could go then. Every prison has a uniform for its guards and inmates. Uniforms make everyone look alike, uniformity. Nice and clean right. Military atmosphere maybe? See Guards wear uniforms to show unity, professionalism, support, build moral, its a effect bigger than just looking the part. Uniforms breeds us Vs. them. Who else wears uniforms? Teams, military, job employees, police, emt, so many examples of competitive groups. Guards are not competing with inmates. They are suppose to build a relationship for change while maintaining safety and security. What if we took away these uniforms? What if officers wore casual cloths to show individuality and approachablness? I think this could start a visual change, first. Then progress with social alterations to interactions and daily operations to break down the old defenses. The next stage would be to have staff more relaxed in duties and communications. Be more social but be aware. Come on walks and ask if everyone is alright? Hit the cells and check with each guy personally and ask if he needs anything today within your means. Add customer service, Serving Public also means serving the people to return too...public. Leave with you guys be cool. I'll be around today. Eventually guys will question the reason to oppose something so human; so much more relaxing. Finally we start to openly tell guys things will get better around here for you. You deserve better. Then paint then walls brighter colors of green and yellow. Put music over speaker system. Were now altering the environment too. Start handing out flyers with new things to expect in future with the new Department of Corrections. Security is still intact and we have a response team designed to disruptions and each staff member is trained as well. Staff wear cargo pants of their choice jean or canvas. A officer belt with utilities. The Top is of their choice just within set limits. Now we have people not "them" and each shows personality; and is approachable. We build a new prison one for rehabilitation not confinement. Peace John Belden write back in kentucky with thoughts

Author: Belden, John

Author Location: Kentucky

Date: February 12, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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