Countdown 2020 – Queer life in the cage

Oguntodu, Joseph



Countdown 2020 - Queer Life in the Cage Bogus cases written on me during November and December. Gang members hating me because I am queer. They extorted me $10 each commissary. I had to survive. I still got queer bashed on 12/19/18 by a Latino cellmate that was a Tango Blast named Miklo. He hurt my nostrils to the point it bled. They gave me very little ice, lots of non aspirins. no PREA paperwork nor investigation conducted. The guy never got a case for it. I am still suffering. I am a victim of a hate crime. I discharge Tues Sept 1, 2020. Where is my queer home? Will my boyfriend accept me as an ex convict? What if I decide to be transgender? Will the world still accept me? Preparing wills and trusts. Mother hasn't written to me. I worry so much about a lot. I been a diabetic for over 10 years. Neuropathy has settled in. I want to live past 100. How many queerlings do you know living past 100? I have lost weight at 158. I want to go down to 140. I want to look my best. May I call up Marie Osmond on Nutrisystem to assist me to slim down or Oprah Winfrey eating her select varieties of frozen food. I turn 36 on April 23rd, 2019. Trump needs to come out of office. Let Hillary run the White House two terms with a Democratic majority. Trans persons being elected all across the nation. Jared Polis being the 1st queer governor. It is excellent. Ann Richards was the 2nd female governor of Texas. Bush ran her over and Garry Mauro. Al Gore was suppose to president Bush stole the election. Bush 41 was a one termer. And told us to read his lips no more taxes. Read my lips queer bashers no more hate. I am tired of living in the cage. I can't walk all over the prison. I can't kiss, have sex. I get a major disciplinary case. PREA gets involved. I get shipped to another unit. Downtown brothers still around. Trashy food - ALPO, Whiskas, Kibbles N Bits, Milk Bone. Contaminated water. Stuffy nose, scars, scabs, bruises, allergic reactions. Toxins in the water supply. Deceptions in the medical department. $100.00 co-pay = extortion. Who is the real medical LVNs, RNs, and MDs. No chiropractors, RMTs, LMTs, LFMTs. Corrupt staff all over the system. Obese staff like McGuire and others. People making up their own rules. No talking in the hallway. No loitering on the runs (tiers). Shakedown - annually. Why do we need it? Why would rank not want to speak to an inmate in white? They probably dirty as we are. T... M... hating on sex offenders. He's a queer man that is hated by lots of people. Why he can't keep his lips sealed. Is he a gossip queen? Will he pay the damages for what he did to my life. What about L... S... lying on the tape recorder. Every staff member working together to promote supremacy, KKK, queer bashing. Wallace Unit is not a convict farm. This is a disarray. Where is justice when you need it. Wallace Unit will shut down by 2025. When I get out, I will eat out of the officers Dining Room, interview staff, do data collection, and do a mass mailout, go out to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX to figure out our criminal justice majors. Where is queer criminal justice reform. Tonner have you ever been a probation officer. Leo where's your lion at? Have you ever had a gay son, lesbian daughter or relative? How does it feel to bully them? Mr. McGuire why act so arrogant in the dayroom? Why deny people showers. Do you even go to the shower before and after working? Where is everyone's name tags. Lt. M... P... why you treat inmates like trash. Why do you blame inmates for your mishaps? Lt. M... T..., why you make threats to assault inmates. Is that what it says in PD 22 of the TDCJ Employee Handbook. Yes you did deny outside recreation everyone you work. Sgt. A... C..., why didn't you get ice for me when I was badly bleeding. You are queer folk just like me. Show some love and compassion. You all are playing a conspiracy. Sgt. S... C... Jr., why didn't you interview me and write my statements, write up A... P... "Miklo" and take pictures of me. You are the gang Intelligence staff person. Mr. S... B.. was on vacation. This is a crooked unit. Where is the inclusion Wallace Unit. Mr. B... B.... I am still waiting to figure out how much my bag is to be sent out to my friend's home. I understand you have been transporting people. I will give you a chance. L.... E...., why didn't you send me paperwork that I being sent to closed custody. You all know that I am openly queer and you purposefully allow things to happen. Put a queer inside my cell that is White. I am an Oreo cookie. Black on the outside, White on the inside. Mrs. J... M..., Mrs. G..., Ms. B... C... and mail room staff of Wallace Unit, I have appreciated doing time with each of you. You all mean well. I hope 2019 will be the best year for you. Assistant Warden Bundy, it's hard to reach you. I assume you may be a born again Christian. Mayor Charles Briston I am upset with you for grading my cases and not looking at facts. You are playing politics with all the queer staff. You hurt me severely. I can't allow someone to wound me. I filed a lot of paperwork in the Mitchell County Courthouse. I am hoping to win lots of money and to be on KTAB Ch 10, KXTS Ch 12, KPRC 2 and other stations. I hope to make it to This Week, Face the Nation, Today Show, Good Morning America, and the talk shows. People need to know what's going on. This is the dungeon. People can't pretend that nothing is going on. Gov. Greg Abbot hasn't come to every prison. Lots of prisons need to be abolished. Will the TX legislature survey every prison and do a shut down? I do want to visit Hamilton College and speak and let you all know what's going on. It's time for a change in Huntsville. S... M... rubber stamping step 2s saying [fine?] step I appropriate. They need to think with an independent mind instead of being "yes" people. It is very sad. I don't get to watch Ellen DeGeneres as I am behind this crazy cage. Too many predators attacking. Black Lives, Queer Lives, Differently abled Lives Matter. I too want to live. Anita Hills made a difference exposing Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. Anita never made up her story. Why Clarence is still a Supreme Court Justice. Me Too Movement is powerful. Kevin Spacey lost everything. Jared Fogle in prison. Bill Cosby having to deal with a lot of stress. I too have faced anxiety. They said my heart is skipping beats. When I leave prison I will be better. Lets focus on winning the election in 2020. Clear out Right Wing fundamentalists. Yes we can and yes we will. As a Queer man leaving the cage and going to as many rallies as possible. Thank you.

Author: Oguntodu, Joseph

Author Location: Texas

Date: January 26, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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