COVID-19 ADC visitation shutdown

Brownell, Charles A.



COVID-19 ADC Visitation Shutdown P1 RDI The COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus) pandemic has been particularly bad in the United States of America. Today, 6.5 million infected and 200+K dead carrying a .03% death rate nearly world wide. The only reason this hasn't been as bad as the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 is because of advanced medical technology because President Trump and the Government with their lies and cover ups have only prolonged spread and increased body counts. It's super infectious and has ravished the institutions especially nursing homes and correctional institutions. It shut down the United States that is only now trying to figure out how to function again. Many businesses gone, permanently closed. Most devistating are the lives it has claimed taking peoples loved ones far sooner than ever should have been. April of 2020, Varner SuperMAX unit shut down all In person visitation. This was in response to Government guidelines for the safety of people. Social distancing was mandatory and there's no way to social distance in close quarters in Open barracks... August saw a big outbreak of COVID-19 in Varner Prison as they COVID test all Inmates willing to be tested. All other prisons shut down visitation the same time as Varner. Other units saw mass outbreaks at other times. Riverside VoTech Electric class teacher John Chapman informed all students in May that ADC Senior Senator Director Wendy Kelly told them to either find a way to OPEN VOTECH and have class or be layed off and let go. In spite of all schools being shut down... Great way to ensure safety of your people... Do your job at risk or else be fired and let go! The most interesting fact in this shutdown especially of the In Person Visitation has been this fact. ADC and Wendy Kelly put all P2 the blame for the incoming contraband of Drugs and Cell Phones on inmate families and yet with no family coming to the unit and most outside Inmate jobs shut down, the inflow of drugs and cell phones, even tobacco has be uneffected. There's still a healthy flow of the drugs and new phones coming in. WHAT? This would mean Wendy Kelly and ADC lied and that ADC STAFF are bringing this stuff in. Yep, they have been the entire time. The officers and Staff ARE the Criminals! ADC is a syndicate. It's organized crime... and it capitalizes on your loved ones. The people it is supposed to be rehabilitating and reforming. It has been very interesting the drugs and cell phones even back in Isolation where only Officers are and Inmates in Isolation would NEVER be able to get them and even more so. "shakedowns" would even be necessary. They're to stuip to realize THEY revealed who's REALLY bringing this stuff in then use the News Media to sell the people of the public their lies!

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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