Covid-19 complications in prison

Taylor, Shariff



pg. 1. - Submission- Thursday 4/9/20 "Covid-19 Complications in Prison" About <2> months ago our prison <Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility> in San Diego, CA. was put on Modified Program with restricted Group Gatherings, which has been hard on me because I'm in a mental health E.O.P. <Enhanced-Outpatient-Program> that usually has me and other inmates going back and forth to at least <10> hours of self-help groups a week, but now we aren't allowed any in-door groups, only recreational yard for an hour. As of April 8th, 2020, we were told of additional restrictions that takes away our "dayroom". We are allowed phone calls and showers every day though. Even though all this is stressfull, it's done for our safety, staff and inmates, so if it'll keep me from risk-of-dying from being infected by Covid-19, I'll deal with any inconvienance! They've emptied out a certain amount of cells in each building in preparation of someone or multiple inmates showing symptoms of Covid-19. Hopefully things will get back to normal again and nobody else has to die. Yes, I know this story wasn't very detailed but I was needing to get this to your organization. Enclosed is another permission form and questionnaire because I want my real name used as my pen name instead of "Sheri Trans" Sincerely Shariff Taylor

Author: Taylor, Shariff

Author Location: California

Date: April 9, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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