Crime deterrence by publicizing the abomination of “corrections”

Bauhaus, James



James Bauhaus Wrongly Convicted Prisoner on Legal Reform Crime deterrence by publicizing the abomination of “Corrections” Published December 16, 2014 “Who shall we get to guard these criminals? Worse Criminals!” Napoleon Bonaparte All prisons are slow death camps. The politicians who create and maintain these places should advertise how deadly and horrid they are, the same way that they pound into our heads how bad drugs are with endless public service announcements. Prisons are worse than any drug, yes the politicians don’t authorize any PSAs that use the badness of their prisons to deter crime. In fact, they choke off communications from prisons to conceal the horrible suffering within. Why is this could? Could it be that even politicians are embarrassed by the daily atrocities that they allow to occur in their prisons? There is no doubt that Anti-drug propaganda has successfully deterred many of our children from becoming addicts. This same logic tells us that detailed descriptions of the horrors that occur in prisons would prevent a similar number of children from becoming criminals. Since no politicians, cops, judges, prosecutors, public defenders or their unions, associations, fraternities, institutions or other organizations have stepped up and followed this obvious course, it would seem that they would all keep this information from the public and our children in ignorance. Could it be that they have a financial or other incentives that cause them to eschew strategies that diminish crime? They do have many programs to turn citizens into informants after crimes have already occurred. They have many programs where they actually entice increased criminal operations through various baiting operations that buy stolen goods in fake pawnshops, buy and sell drugs, set out cars for stealing, etc, all of which cause burglary, larceny and robbery rates to skyrocket. But there are no real crime prevention programs, they show driver’s education students footage of horrendous, bloody car wrecks. Prison officials have miles of cop-camera footage of captives knifing and beating each other to death with crude weapons. They even have footage of prison guards making enemies fight to the death, and then murdering the ‘winner’ from the safety of their gun towers. They have thousands of great examples of why children should avoid even the smallest chance of going to prison, yet none of them are used. The only thing that even comes close to crime prevention is the old, tired, never improved nearly extinct, so-called “scared straight” program that was promulgated by guess who, the convicted and sufferers of prisons themselves! These little known facts being the case, I take on the burden of detailing to everyone exactly why prison itself is a bigger crime against humanity than most of the crimes that it sequesters within its dungeons. (An earlier version of this theme is my essay, “Cops and Guards” the anti-prison.” This title paraphrases a famous antidrug PSA) Prisons are known as “slow-death camps,” by the persons who know them best, for very good reasons. They cut your life short. You die both physically and mentally. In Zoos for example, elephants live only half as long as they do in the wild. This same effect holds for human captives. We get the cheapest, lowest quality food. Often this food is no better than which is fed to animals. On thousands of occasions, tainted and diseased foodstuffs have been diverted into the diets of hated criminals. Guards have tried to make me grind up infested garbage into otherwise good food, (spoiled; fungi-infected bacon butts into scrambled eggs). Guards have ordered me to serve 2,200 captives syrup that the guard had watched being accidentally contaminated with ounces of disinfectant. I have found dozens of cans of food exploding with botulism bacteria and prevented them from being added to the captives’ diets, nine hundreds of us were poisoned with salmonella bacteria just weeks before the 1983 hominy, OK prison riot due to the rice soup that they would never throw out, only add more to the fermenting dregs. Poisonous, rotten or inedible food is the primary cause of riots. Captives are highly adaptable to the intense suffering and deprivation, but no one can adapt to starvation and sickness. Their anonymous prison spokes-liar initially told the media, “Inmate Sabotage!” which they immediately trumpeted all over the state. Weeks later, when the health department announced the actual cause, only the tiny hominy city paper printed this fact. No corrections or retractions were ever made by any Oklahoma’s broadcast stations or either statewide newspaper. Prison guards (“Kops” herein after) have always known the food was sub-par at best, and had their own kitchens with pet inmates to see that they got the best for themselves. That was decades ago. For Oklahoma, it was this incident, when even the kops got poisoned (and outside visitors) that caused them to make kop-food entirely separate from inmate chow. Another factor in this innovative decision was that, at about the same time, it was discovered that the state’s purchasing agent for its institutions had a cozy deal working with two meat companies that were poisoning elementary school children along with the inmates. Oklahoma politicians “fixed” this problem by making their captives’ food stream entirely separate from all other human food streams. Inmate chow streams are completely unregulated, having no quality control other than the inmates’ noses, taste buds and vomit reflexes. Now, anything goes, and all bets are off. Rock bottom quality and super cost cutting rules, especially now that the corporations have bought the right to cage humans from the politicians. If no one dies at the table, job well done! The rise of the scrap- meat factories and the baloney mills have caused a secret epidemic of nitrate-induced digestive system cancers to pile up inside dark prison clinics. (Nitrates are used to poison bacteria. See: “Health despite Prison” and many other essays I have written on prison food.) It takes five to twenty years to die of nitrate cancers but it is the leading cause of prisoner death now that tobacco has been taken away. Another thing that takes away longevity in prison is the judges’ smug “guarantee” that captives will be entitled to “adequate” medical care. This is simply a lie. The Kop’s “doctors” tend to re-interpret this, with judges’ tacit approval, into a sadistically cruelty. They refuse to render all types of medical service by simply stating that, “your condition is not ‘life-threatening’.” To them, upon their whim, excruciating pain is not ‘life-threatening’, therefore they can render ‘adequate’ medical care by telling you to order aspirin from the Kop’s store for delivery in a week or more. This same doctrine is used to excuse their refusal to provide cough medicine to slow or stop the spread of never-ending string of respiratory disease that run rampant in every prison. (It’s like kiddie daycare in here! At any one time, fully ten percent, at minimum, of the prisoners are infected and slinging snot, spewing saliva and mucus everywhere. Almost none of them have been taught to cover their mouths of turn their heads when they cough and sneeze. Toilet paper, napkins, handkerchiefs or mere rags are non-existent or extremely scare. The kops like to confiscate them, along with cleaning rags, for insane reasons only known to them. Thus infections strengthen and spread. Like wildfire as they leap from lung to lung.) Anti-histamines are outlawed by the Kops. Doctors can’t let you buy any because a kop saw a kid using them to get a nervous ‘buzz’ and telling his dope pals, “I’m speeding!” Antibiotics are almost impossible to get. A diabetic I know finally did get some after athlete’s foot fungus got so bad they had to amputate half of his foot. A prison doctor once told me that there was no treatment for chiggers. He explained that they die soon after burrowing under your skin. Another prison doctor told me that he didn’t have to treat for kidney stones, because, “after all, you have two kidneys.” (See: malpractice as a goal”) An x-ray technician actually tried to kill me with excessive CAT-Scan radiation to my brain, but succeeded in only giving me a tremendous, week long headache. This woman was working for Oklahoma Memorial (teaching) hospital. Why would she want to murder any convictees brought to her from state prisons there are many possible reasons? First, realize that prison work attracts sociopaths, misanthropes, sadists and psychopaths, same as elementary schools are magnets for child molesters. Worse, such sick persons who have good jobs tend to get caught being sick and funnel down into shitty jobs such as minding captives or even animals. Smart captives tend to entertain these Kops and feed their egos with flattery, else they spread lies about you so people can sneakily kill you, such as this x-ray technician the kops who brought me there in chains could have planted in her mind the lie that I was a baby-eating cannibal. OR she could have some secret grudge against everyone whom the state’s machine has branded “criminal” for her own personal reasons. All US citizens are subtly programmed to despise ‘criminals’ due to being bombarded 24/7 by a media obsessed with ‘news’ and drama about crime and criminals. Few citizens even realize that actual crime and criminality is far less than what actually occurs. Fewer still realize that the first thing that cops and prosecutors do to persons whom they accuse of a crime is use their media tools to destroy their target’s good name, reputation and credibility. Every cop and prosecutor leans that their quickest route to convictions is through character assassination. They cunningly transform him into a pariah that everyone can personally hate despite knowing nothing about him other than what is claimed, by usually, anonymous “sources close to the investigation.” The cop and lawyer community routinely poisons the juror-pool this way and makes the conviction a virtual certainty. Intelligent persons have a hard time in grasping exactly how very effective this very simple technique really is because they assume that most of everyone else is as informed, educated and savvy as they are. They don’t realize that most ordinary people are much more easily manipulated than they expect. They are shallow, lazy thinkers. They accept what the governments father figures say to them through their media without much or any critical analysis. They do not read non-fiction, can’t separate fact from propaganda, and don’t question their generally poor information sources for bias. This, on top of their own emotional bias against ‘criminals’, makes conviction so easy to accomplish that it is a crime itself. An example of this is easily seen upon examination of the debate promulgated by Oklahoma’s recent fiasco trying to execute a Mr. Lockett with secret, lawyer-chosen poisons that resulted in 30~ minutes of agony and torture before finally killing him. The lawyers’ death penalty is their gold standard in legal accuracy. These targets are given two lawyers to defend them and are guaranteed entrance into United States Supreme Court, who boats that they refuse to hear 95% of cases sent to them. During a CNN yak session on this execution, expert lawyer Roy Englert happened to mention “900 inmates executed since 1996”. In the 5-2014 scientific American, P.12, “The myth of compassionate execution,” we find “… inn innocents released from death sentences since 1993.” With these two statistics in hand, and with minor correcting math applied, we find that this best part of the lawyers’ system falsely convicts innocent persons to be executed a whopping 13-16% of the time! This means that anyone who is to be executed has, at best, only an 87% chance of being guilty! Statistics such as these that show the accuracy of the state’s conviction machine is easily calculated, but these statistics are almost never gathered or published. Even if they were, they would probably have little effect upon the bias so thoroughly instilled into the general public. Once a cop or prosecutor brands a citizen as a criminal, he almost never lives it down and is a pariah for the rest of his life. Even his family, who knows better than anyone, will usually take the official stranger’s claim of criminality over anything his target can say or do. This government employee has no difficulty turning your family against you not just because of their media bias machine. This is their biggest advantage; their bullhorns of accusation and character assassination, but second in importance to bias and accusation is that their target is then forced to do the impossible: prove a negative proposition. While he is giving the cops all the information that suggests that he was not at their crime scene, the cops and prosecutors are using this information to tune their story into a can’t miss convictive confection that eager-believer jurors will eat with relish. All the facts of the cops’ stories are kept secret and often will flip and switch multiple times before they eventually decide upon which version they may most profitably vend to their media, juror pool and public. (For details on this process, see “Innocent’s guide to avoiding false conviction”.) It is impossible for most people to conceive that the cops, prosecutors, even their medical examiner and other “Expert Witnesses” change their stories to fit you as they nail yours down, but this is exactly what occurs. The end result of all these, and other, factors is that more accusation is almost all that I needed to obtain a 95% conviction rate. After having your reputation destroyed, and after being converted into a pariah, universally ad reflexively despised by all, even, many times, your family, they drain away all your assets and make you, by prison rule, forcibly unemployed. They make you work, you just don’t get paid for sweeping, mopping, farming, feeding, clothing, washing or any other menial tasks involved in keeping you from dying quickly from neglectful caging. The judges all love to tell you, “Upon conviction, you gave up certain rights…” This is an excuse that you will hear often, from many bureaucrats, and it is the same type of total bullshit as “Adequate” medical care and “Innocent until proven guilty” or “You do not have to prove your innocence.” The said fact is that they abscond with all your rights. Everything that you do get is suddenly a privilege, and even this is taken away if or when the kops can figure a way to either make you pay for it or live without it. The cops continually choke off all they can, often out of sheer laziness. This forces captives to try and sue for their “lawful” (theoretically only) rights. We have no choice but to pay huge filing fees to judges mainly to obtain a very slim chance of being “heard.” Judges have many techniques for preventing access to hurries even after all their myriad of requirements are fulfilled. Many judges will scarcely bother to conceal their hatred for convictees who have the gall to waste his “Honor’s” time, taking him away from paying clients who have big money to spend or give to his “campaign.” The only rights we get are that we are able to buy, one at a time, from an angry judge who hates us on principle and prefers we never get any rights at all. Proof of this is in their rulings” anyone who is flagrantly screwed over that they do manage a favourable ruling that is carefully crafted so that it cannot be used to benefit anyone else who was screwed over by the cops and prosecutors in an identical way. This is a primary reason that all but 44/100ths of all appeals fail despite the lawyers’ system’s minimum 13% false conviction rate. Judges deliberately rule so narrowly that no one else can use this ‘caselaw’ for their own good. Though western law claims to be based on ‘precedent’ via caselaw, caselaw is mostly a worthless illusion, because, for every case you can cite in your favor, there can be found at least as many case to cite against you. This way, the law is kept forever a nebulous, amorphous set of conflicting concepts, never concrete, that lawyers can endlessly argue over for thousands of dollars every hour, for as long as someone, usually unwitting taxpayers, will pay them. A primary way that judges dodge out of hearing civil rights suits brought by captives is by pulling out their “Doctrine of non-interference (in the day-to-day operation of prisons).” This all-purpose dodging tool allows prison bureaucrats and administrators to steal your mail, sell you salt at crack prices, (45 per pound) deny your life-saving medical care or leave you to be murdered by the person that they put in your cage who has been beating and injuring you for weeks. They have thousands of ways to screw you over, on a whim or a regular basis, they take away your rights the instant that they pull out their newest rule. To fight these capricious switcheroos takes mountains of paperwork and months or years of effort and money for only a very slim chance of even partial success. You are required to waste months going through a bullshit prison grievance process before you are permitted to enter the bullshit legal process. The only quality control on the lawyers’ system is the jury, which explains why so many of the lawyers’ laws and rules focus upon depriving you of juries. A very good example of how the process works against captives occurred in Nebraska years ago. Conditions were permitted to become so horrid that, after many years of fighting, the captives were finally able to reach an out of state appeals court judge-set that agreed with their proof of inhumane treatment. They proved this through use of medical records and witnesses. Conditions were so bad that the inmates were maiming each other daily, fighting over food, possessions, drugs, even access to the showers! The judges’ ruling le the captives “win” better treatment in a mostly only theoretical way. In actual practice, the judges’ ruling was a roadmap for the prison administrators, bureaucrats and Kops to use that enabled them to continue their atrocities and not get caught at it next time by simply changing their paperwork procedures. Instead of a fight becoming an assault of one inmate upon a victim, Kops now write up these incidents as an “altercation” between inmates. By removing the cause, they removed the captives’ ability to use statistics to prove that the number of fights are too high and caused by stress, shortages, extortion or theft. This new method of recording incidents has the added advantage of doubling the Kops’ fine revenue, since now even the victim of this attack is guilty of assault. Our justice system is so biased and relatively worthless that these low-level Kops can puke a whimsical rule that screws everyone, and it takes years to even get some of this nonsense put to right. A main reason that this is so is because of the bureaucrats set up their system in such a way that proof of their atrocious practices is almost impossible to obtain, and because judges have an unwritten policy of “no proof? No crime!” they prevent access to carbon paper. This allows them to simply throw away any requests for rights that were too dangerous for them to answer, such as “who is the boss of your mail room where 130 pages of mine disappeared instead of getting mailed?” or, “your megaphone-happy Kops are stupidly drowning out their own “messages” with shrieking, clanking electronic sound effects during their announcements! We 30 people who have signed this petition want this senseless ear torture to stop and these restrictions on excessive volume and unnecessary content to apply…” you cannot make them answer. You cannot get a receipt proving that they got a copy. You are required to run the Kops’ bureaucratic maze of time-wasting dead ends, roadblocks and trapdoors before you can enter the lawyers’ system maze of tricks, traps and cul-de-sacs. All this, with no proof, high expense, no employment with which to pay for it, to petition for help from people least likely to provide it. It is deliberately set up to make you despair and give up, which is why most people try to petition politicians instead of judges. This has always been a more effective method for me, and much less expensive than feeding lawyers as well as much faster at obtaining results. Where lawcrats and kops snick and guffaw at captives’ attempts to get fair or humane treatment, politicians take seriously please from the helpless and abused, sometimes even when not backed by voting family and friends. For politicians it is bad business to let people fry, even hated pariahs. This is especially true that the top-down, one-way media is being replaced by a citizens’ peer-to-peer media in which human rights issues can bubble up from below and suddenly, rip out a big chunk of some scalawags’ ass. The lawyers’ main trick of terrorizing prisoner-witnesses or cop crime away from testifying doesn’t work too well when victims go to the court of public opinion. Also it’s harder for the Kops, judges and prosecutors to collaborate against you when the fight occurs outside the secrecy of their prisons and courthouses. Victims don’t give up so easily when they see someone else win against the machine. We did win one ten years ago, when a rookie politician let his greed and lust for financial retribution overpower his sense of proportion. He saw other greedy, hate filled politicians shooting fish in a barrel and decided to mimic them. These crooks were enacting illegal laws that taxed away 20 or more percent of all money every captive received from any source. Politicians love easy targets, and hated targets are the easiest. It did not matter to any of them that every schoolchild who passed sixth grade civics class knew that, since prisoners are forbidden to vote, this quick cash grab violated the most fundamental legal doctrine that America was founded upon: taxation without representation. Though most of these politicians were lawyers, and knew that this law was flagrantly unlawful, they passed it anyway, in several states besides Oklahoma. A few outraged captives and our families protested. Only the fear of massive destruction via riots made them choose not to implement it for a year. It was hoped that tempers would cool and they could sneak it in later. Tempers didn’t cool. Their law was quietly forgotten about, yet it remains a law to bash us as soon as they find it safe enough to do so. Another time, the Kops decided that the price of enveloped should suddenly jump from $1.29 to $4.57, and that aspirin should cost @4 for 100 instead of $1.19. This was in 2005, and making communications prohibitively expensive and arduous is a common tactic among Kops. I managed to find about 30 brave men in a 1,100-man prison to sign a petition against this price gouging. Then I sent copies to politicians all across this state while urging our families to protest too. About 90 days later, we made these greedy, cunning shits get right on this price gouging, all without feeding any lawyers. Today prison monopolies like GEO, CCA, KEEFE, etc., are gouging us, violating the Sherman antitrust act against monopolies, and the Clayton act against price gouging. Everything that these monopolies sell us is at least double the retail price. I have fought them for years since they took away the salt and began selling it to us like crack, in tiny, half gram packets. Because GEO and its corporate cronies own the politicians, they get to make us pay $5/lb. for salt; 135/lb. for pepper, 10 cents for an envelope with a 49 cent stamp on it, 60 cents for an 18 cent ramen soup, 60 cents for a half cent pair of foam ear plugs, and on and on. Most of these fabulous profits go to KEEFE Corporation, but a lot is kicked back to GEO and CCA for providing the captive market for overpriced junk food and sundries. An even more galling exploitation of captives and our families is the so called “inmate and employee welfare recreation fund.” Some of the price gouging that we suffer is used as a slush fund for the Kops to enjoy endless rounds of morale-boosting lake and holiday parties while they keep us supplied with board games and ball to chase. This black hole takes more than half our money. The Kops pay into it only through their vending machine purchases in the visiting room. Only the Kops can submit proposals for use of this slush fund. The first proposal that I would make if I was a kop is that some of the slush fund money be set aside for use in reimbursing all the kop purchases from the vending machines. I am certain that all my Kop cronies would approve this and similar proposals. Another standard screw job is their monopoly on selling captives ordinary household devices. A $50 tv is $250. A $5 clip-on light is 13, an extension cord is $13 because they make prisoners buy unneeded, practically worthless surge protections instead of the $1.30 cord that is needed. A $30 music box is 150. The 99 cent song subscription service to fill it up is $2/song. A $10 video game is $50. These products are especially ordered by Kops to sell to their captive victims. They are made for the Kops’ profit and convenience, in that they cost too much and are lacking features that are standard on free world versions. They are transparent because Kop lay awake at night, terrified at what they think may be hidden inside of something. The see-through lamp has no functioning shade. If you take a piece of black paper around it as a courtesy to the guy trying to sleep, the kops use this as their excuse to steal it and sell it to pay for their booze and barbeque parties (See: ‘the sell/steal cycle: billion-dollar industry no one ever heard of” in other of my writings, for a full description of this practice.) The Kops get away with massive theft of prisoner property by giving themselves a set of rules for this express purpose. The primary one says ‘[if it is altered in any way, we can steal it for our own benefit].” In the case of these lamps, they must be altered to make them function properly. Another of their thieving rules is that anything of value that a captive leaves behind at parole or discharge belongs to the Kops too. This thieving rule enriches the Kops directly by criminalizing the act of friends leaving “Free-world worthless’ items behind for poorer captives to enjoy. Only a Kop would stock his living room with see-through, engraved and bestickered prison crap, because he can answer visitors’ questions with, “I stole these things from dirty, convicted criminals, which we all hate!” Instead of, “that’s crap I had to buy while I was in prison.” This rule feeds the Kops a second way too, in that their theft of gifted items forces more prison crap to be bought by the victims of their thefts of prisoner property. Yet another thieving rule made for the Kops’ prosperity at the expense of the captives and their families is their infraction rule. It states that if a Kop decides that a captive violated one of their special rules, the Kops can steal his TV, radio, Gameboy or other most expensive possessions. If he has postage enough to send them outside, he may give them to someone there. He is then forced to do without for months or years, and then may be allowed to buy the crap again from the kops’ monopoly. No postage to send the stuff away then the kops get to steal the stuff outright after 30-90 days. As you can see from these few, most flagrant example, hated convictees in prison and their families are viciously exploited from all sides. This is mostly due to the fact that there is no one easier to steal from than helpless convictees, and no group of people less able to defend themselves from retaliation, and those more ready to simply lie down and take it. An example of retaliation occurred today. The Kops sent two maintenance inmates to my cage to shut the sink off. It now only dribbles water when either of its buttons are pressed, making it useless for drinking from of washing hands. What makes this worse is they did this to everyone in three cages. This means that the Kops decided to shit on seven other people to teach me not to write about them, not to try and send it out to any media organizations, and not to complain about their theft of this 130 pages of mail to my politicians or civil rights agencies. Their plan here is to use these seven other captives as their tools, trying to get me injured or killed for causing the kops to shut off our water. Inmates are easily manipulated this way, being very ignorant, short-sighted, self-oriented and not too bright. When the swine who run these prisons are successful at tricking the inmates into performing their dirty deeds for them, they are able to escape the risk of getting caught maiming and murdering directly; a slight risk, but a risk nonetheless. Each time they are caught, they are forced to slow down, lessen or sometimes even temporarily stop their attacks upon troublesome captives until their investigation of themselves uncovers blamelessness and justifications. One atrocity that Mississippi Kops enjoyed perpetrating on helpless captives up until the 80s is shackling them by their wrists to an eight foot post all day in the sun, without water, until they decided to work in the fields the next day. The legal standard that the Kops were, not violating until then was “cruelty that shocks the conscience (of a Judge).” Hanging prisons up by their wrists, while standing, is a torture technique with a long history of use by every stripe of cop-type government employee. Wrist shackles and leg irons are favourite torture devices that such vermin love to clamp on their victims tightly enough to cause laceration and permanent nerve damage. A sadistic Kop at Oklahoma’s shittiest prison, McAlester “Captain” smith did this to me and three others and made us walk to their special harassment unit while carrying our clothes and sundries. Though I was bleeding in four places at the end of this journey, no Judge’s conscience is shocked by this standard, thousands of time per day nationwide cruelty. I was consoled by a bit later when this sadist was caught smuggling narcotics into a prison for the Neo-Nazis. Like almost all criminal Kops, he was allowed to quietly quit and take his fat pension over a political boundary and continue his career elsewhere, possible at reduced pay, it is hoped. Dirty, corrupt Kops almost always get away with their crimes because prosecutors are loathe to try them. This is part of the lawyers’ system “Chilling Effect” doctrine. Judges created this legal concept to remove jury convictions of cops, claiming that cops should not be convicted of their crimes because, to do so would have a “chilling effect”” on all other cops doing their “Duty.” These judges refuse to comment on the fact that making persons above the law has an “Encouraging Effect” towards corruption, cruelty, murder, etc. this opposite legal doctrine, if it even exists, would naturally only be applied to persons, unlike judges, prosecutors, cops, government employees, etc., who do not possess “absolute”, “special”, “qualified” or other types of legal immunity to the law. Indeed, the very best way to be protected from ever being abducted into any of the government’s prisons, even its secret prisons, is to work for the government itself and enjoy its many varieties of immunities to its laws. Yet another illustrative atrocity that kops got away with recently is their forced sterilization of 141 women in California between 2006 and 2011. Assembly woman Bonnie Lowenthal was just on CNN about this. Just when civilized people thought we had stopped these modern day Mengeles from lobotomizing their helpless victims or purposely recording how they die of syphilis while only pretending to treat them, or deliberately infecting them with syphilis for this same purpose, we catch government in even more sick abuse, molestation and cruelty. Since California is one of the most progressive and advanced states, we should all shudder to imagine what sick, twisted shenanigans Kops are secretly pulling in the dungeons of Bottom-most states like Oklahoma, or in their secret prisons. Oklahoma prison-crats, for example, have been caught torturing their victims with scalding or freezing cold showers in its McAlester prison “F” cell “house” for at least 25 years, and no amount of petitioning for humane treatment has ever made any judge even reply to our complaints. So flagrant is this abuse that John Grisham mentioned it in his only non-fiction book, “The Innocents”, where corrupt lawcrats were caught protecting the rape-murderer as they used him to help them lie two innocent men into conviction and execution for his crime. The Kop’s shower torture was a mere scheduling problem that they created by refusing to adjust the water temperature, and by forcing all the showers to be had in a short time that emptied the boiler before 23 of us could get our showers The Kops raced us through out of laziness and malice, since this method minimized the number of persons wanting to risk freezing until the risk of infection became critical. We would beg the U.S. Civil rights agency to make the Kops spread out showers so that the boiler could keep up, and to make the Kops adjust the water to a sane temperature. Instead of ordering the Kops to act like civilized men, the federal govcrats kept sending us unsigned, and anonymous form letters telling us that we needed to establish a “pattern of abuse.” We did exactly this for 25 solid years. No one intervened. They are probably doing this today. One will wonder: why would a member of the human race act as these groups of people act? In the case of the anonymous bureaucrats, the hatred-filled Kops, the hardened judges, arrogant cops, power-mad prosecutors and ambitious, ladder-leaping lawyers, they have all lost any compassion that they may have formerly possessed. Of course, this only applies to the ones whom they are programed to despise. We may see them acting normally while dealing with their family, friends, coworkers and strangers, then turn their morality off like a light switch as they turn to gnaw on a captive. The nature of their jobs assists in the disappearance of their humanity the daily grind of having to trick, push, kick, drag and beat the worst of humanity into the Kops’ cages and down their chutes of justice turns them into closet psychopaths. They become creators, taking obscene pleasure in “getting even” for the ones whom they presume to “protect and serve.” Scientific experiments have repeatedly proved the ancient wisdom that “power corrupts…” more than this, power is an addiction that festers and grows, because it is better than any drug. (For a concise scientific explanation of this phenomenon, see: “shock and awe” by Michael Shermer in scientific American, 11-2012, P.86). The basic problem is that blind obedience to authority by its minions allows psychopath to fester because authority removes their inhibitions as it provides them with immunity from punishment for their crimes. Thus worse criminals are made, such as occurred with the Arkansas prison warden who escaped to Canada when nine “escapees” were found in shallow graves on prison property. Each had been tortured to death or murdered over a span of years. Their corpses never would have been uncovered except that the bank of a creek had eroded, exposing the atrocities to other prisoners who managed to get word out to the public before the Kops could conceal the corpses elsewhere. This incident was reported only briefly, and not widely, then quietly forgotten. No attempt was made to extradite the warden, and no one was investigated or punished. Murdering people while they are in prison is a very small problem compared to the vast number of persons that cops and lawcrats kill slowly, using prison as their murder weapon. The programming toward hatred of persons is branded “criminal” by the cops, media and lawcrats is so strong that mere character assassination alone provides enough courtroom “proof” to convict most any ordinary person, Cops, prosecutors, judges, the whole courthouse crew, and even their media tools become “shell-shocked” and meanwhile synergizing each other over their obsession with the “crime problem” and climbing over people toward political and other “success.” Witness the boulder, Colorado police chief who publicly switched off one of his news reporters who told him that he and his media cronies were helping him “get” Jon Benet Ramsey’s father for her murder by creating and pushing onto to unsuspecting public their lie about “no footprints in the snow’ entering or exiting his home. He got replaced for his honesty in trying to find the actual killer. The media shits who were whipping the mob up into a frenzy by pointing them, falsely, at a family later proven innocent, were never even ostracized for their crime of manufacturing false evidence. They were let to continue to “assist” police in this way, as if standard policy in Colorado. The fact is, it is standard practice in every state. The fact is, over self-proclaimed “best in the world!” cop and lawyers’ system depends on collusion and corruption between it and its media to keep its prisons bursting with the most captives in the world. This is why our criminal lawyer system needs to have its cogs rotated out at short intervals before their addiction to power makes them too corrupt to function honestly and humanely. They also need personality tests, both to see if they are not already closet sociopaths, and to catch them before the job completely corrupts them. They also need drug tests. They ridiculously force prisoners to take drug tests, but not one of the cops or lawcrats who send them there, not even after, for example an ounce of crack cocaine disappeared off a Tulsa prosecutor’s desk another thing they need is a bounty for whistle blowers to collect for reporting official criminality. Where corruption is most prevalent, (the halls of power) there needs to be negative reinforcement. They also need baiting operations; which cops call “stings”. Better than the cops opening a fake pawn show and creating a crime wave to feed it would be sending fake “lobbyists” into city hall, the courthouses, legislatures and country clubs. As it is, there are almost no punishment feedback loops on the power elite, and almost no quality control, which explains why we are a prison nation of meanness, emotion and super punishment instead of laws, logic and science. Another thing that needs to be advertised about American prisons that will deter crime is that their “phony” courts are even more fake and corrupt than the real courts that they presumed to mimic. Here, any rookie employee who chooses to get pissed to your reaction to his or her rudeness, contempt or theft of your possessions can get you punished for his harassment of you by merely creating a rule out of nothing and claiming that you violated it. They have this way outlawed your mere verbal protest of their nearly constant, daily harassment of you. The women are the worst at this, though, at first, when they are allowed to pose as “guards” in Oklahoma prisons, they acted as a calming influence on the vicious, sadistic male Kops. Now, the psychopathy of the female Kops often exceeds that of the male kops. Why several reasons, but, mainly because they are getting their first real taste of physical power over weak, hated, helpless men. As women, they are weak and must accept abuse, retaliating only covertly, when it’s safe and unlikely to be tracked back to them. This same thing applies to the lesbians and man-haters who are attracted to cop and prison-work. Many of these have been trained by the government to torture, main and murder for the politicians in their endless wars and secret attacks. After absorbing intensive instruction in sadism and mass murder techniques, they are given preferential hiring over normal, non-military job seekers. Having come from the ranks of racial and ethnic minorities makes this even worse. They were powerless and abused, now they are powerful and carry lifelong grudges which they are encouraged to use against helpless, hated men, in secret, with no possibility of any normal person seeing or reporting their vilest deeds. Prisons are now full of employees who are minority and female, especially corporate prisons, because they will work for far less than white males and accept more abuse from bosses for the privilege of a prison job. Even with these minorities, it is still easily seen that the top positions are virtually inaccessible to women. Even so, the male Kops follow these women around, attempting to impress them with their protectiveness, particularly the dark skinned males towards the lighter-skinned females. “Open” displays of affection within the secrecy o prison confines is common among these minorities. There women quickly learn that they can manipulate the men at will; using them as tools for use against captives who rebel their attempts to obtain “intel” via crass flirtation, (Advancement within the Kops’ hierarchy depends on military fervor in finding dope being smoked or passed between inmates and Kops, and upon finding phones, which threaten the secrecy and censorship that keeps kops safe from the public ever learning what they do in their hellholes and cleaning out these rat’s nests.) these prison Kop “courts” have been used to abuse their captives so flagrantly that the Oklahoma legislators even told them, “you care costing us too many millions of dollars by taking away too much of the inmates’ “good time” for smoking tobacco! Quit doing this!” (Also see: “Prison milk: $24,000 per glass” in another of my essays.) Since women have been allowed in men’s prisons, they have managed to take away our access to playboy and similar, yet lower quality types of literature and porn. Their offence at our choice of magazines is more important than the uptick in violence and sex crime caused by the testosterone-crazed young punks that results from their theft of our freedom to read and view as we wish. Prisoncrats prevent self-education too, by introducing thousands of petty little rules that serve no purpose other than to prevent access to educational material from outside. Okie Kops forbid us from obtaining used books. They also refuse to deliver, new, unused books that are old. When we ask for their reasoning behind this bullshit rule, they ignore the question and recite their rule. They are immune from having to supply justification for their thousands of petty BS rules. When we pay a judge to try and get relief from these non-sense rules, they say “security”, and may submit a ridiculous scenario to support their theme. E.g., their excuse for preventing carbon paper is that someone may make a tattoo out of it. Tattoo artists get their carbon from burned plastic. The real reason that Kops prevent our access to carbon paper is to prevent us from making copies which prove that we tried to address the problem, but were ignored by these problem creators. This secret policy of ignoring requests serves as a roadblock to their phony grievance process because an answered request is required before the grievance process is allowed to begin. This also blacks access to the courts, since judges require proof of use of the grievance system. Prison and courts are layer upon layer of “catch-22”. Another restriction is that the Kops forbid purchase of hardcover books, again, no reason is given. Also, no reasoning with them is possible. They even steal new books that have had their covered ripped off for their convenience prior to being sent. Obviously their purpose is to prevent education. When you try and sue them for any of these petty acts of theft, harassment and torture, etc, and ask for the courtcrats, “how can I convince you that no proof is possible in a system of exploitation that is specifically designed to work in secrecy and to prevent access to proof?”, the judges smugly reply, “we forbid ourselves from providing legal advice”. The jackals are not going to tell the mice their methods of catching mice. This standard legal blather is another catch-22, and it is a bold lie. They violated this rule almost continuously at every step of their escape proceedings against me when they were trying to force e away from addressing the public, the court, the media and the jurors as my own counsel in my own defense. They tend to give plenty of legal advice when it benefits them, such as, “you need to sit quietly and let one of us lawyers defend us against us lawyers.” (See: “innocents guide to avoiding false conviction” for a thorough account of how the lawyers’ system really works). Since almost all law books are hardcover, perhaps it is a legal education that the Kops which most to prevent with their cunning little rules. Everywhere you go for help, there is a service blockade. The American civil liberties union is completely useless to persons already in prison. Their form letter reply is “[we are all too busy with bigger problems elsewhere to help you. Also, we are a small, underfunding organization existing on donations. Send money.]” They get paid by the losing side when they win lawsuits. The hundred or so innocence projects are swamped and use the same excuse of “too busy!” despite the fact that almost of them require DNA. Like the ACLU, they appear to prisoners to be little more than groups of lawyers who beg for money or suck up legislative handouts such as those provided by the DNA act. (See my essay, “transcript Fraud.”) The federal trade commission will not even answer your letters asking that they do their jobs and enforce the Sherman and Clayton acts against monopolies and price Gouging. The states’ consumer protection agencies will ignore you and their responsibility too. OSHA will not respond, no matter how ludicrously dangerous or poisonous your work environment. (I’ve watched the Kops send numbskull inmates to the communal cages and run gasoline engines in these low or no ventilation spaces, filling them with clouds of smoke or carbon monoxide while snaking drains. Fortunately for me and my freeloading inmate crows, this was so obviously a monumentally stupid idea that I was able to end this practice with, only logic and a few letters to politicians, etc.) The postmaster general will not stop the Kops from stealing your mail, incoming or trying to get out, saying, “Our job ends at delivering mail to, or accepting mail from the Lops”. The prison corporations have bought laws from the politicians that enable them to read, copy and delay and steal your mail. The stupid, hard way is the only way in prison. The best way I’ve found to get serious timely help while brutalized in prison is by wring the FBI with a torture/ beating complaint, or by writing politicians whom your family votes for against. Federal politicians will dodge you, but state and local politicians may help, partially near re-election times. They generally tend not to answer your letters, because they have learned that you will show these to other captives who will be thus encouraged to tender their own complains, increasing the targeted official’s workload. Even with no answer, you may notice that the problem you wrote about somehow got fixed or became less of a problem. Unlike prison Kops, politicians and other officials do often possess compassion, humanity and a sense of right or fairness. Be certain to follow up on your complaints and thank and praise these people upon evidence of providing help. Others are much the opposite especially Kops, Cops and corporate media. Persons who make their living off of crime tend to possess self-terrorizing fantasies of being beaten, raped, robbed, knifed, shot, strangled or killed by criminals hiding in every shadow or crevice, and they vend these phantoms to others, which gives them nightmares. It is as if they, especially the kops, have become victims of their own hysterical anticrime posse hyperbole. (See my essays “Paranoid Delusion Syndrome” and “reverse Stockolm Syndrome” for a more detailed account of the psychology of fear.) by constantly selling the idea that persons branded “criminal” by the state are all baby-eating thrill-killers, they increase their pay, political power, privilege and numbers. Citizens throw money and privilege on them at any hint that they ma loose a captive from its cage. Thanks to the 24/7 bombardment of crime “news” and drama from TV/Hollywood, citizens have a Pavlovian hatred and fear response towards these pariahs. At the same time, the media programs citizens with a “hero reflex” towards anyone whose job is connected to crime. Some criminals are quite bad, but only very few are nearly as bad as portrayed. Most convictees are more worth of pity than fear. Having been forced to live with them for over forty years, I know. Even so, the propaganda of those who live off crime and the corporations who profit from crime has turned us, as well as them, into a nation of scared, shivering sissies. When these crime profiteers aren’t selling hysterical anticrime terror to our citizens to increase their own wealth, privilege and power, they are believing their own shtick and hiding behind gated communities, cowering inside bullet proof limousines or covering themselves with concealed weapons and bodyguards. The threat that they hid from is a pathetic illusion born of a guilty conscience and sheer repetition of their crimes against humanity. They are eaten up by the fear that al the thousands of persons that they have shat upon will somehow gang up and give them what they know that they deserve. So les look at these horrible hordes and gauge their dangerousness, Thieves and dopies make up 905 of this crowd. Most of these dopies don’t even qualify as addicts, despite everything the cops, prosecutors and media propagandists so successfully vend to our more gullible citizens. They do not have to have it; they only want it and buy it because it is available. I know these people better than any of the talking heads, having lived check to snout with them for decades. They ran away from school and thus are very ill-informed, undereducated, easily misled and largely incapable of clear thinking. Logic eludes them as they pursue logic and superstition. They want everything except to work to get it. They never had anything, and most of them never will. They are thrown into cages and treated like animals. They act as they are treated, yet possess the cunning to discern what their captors desire and fake it. They know that the only way out is to do whatever it takes to please their captors. They lick the boot that kicks them only rarely try to kick back. Kicking back occurs, in Oklahoma prisons, about 6 times per year. In every case, it ends with a mob of Kops monkey-stomping the person so badly in retaliation that permanent physical injury or death results. The Okie kops recently ran into their legislative cronies about this, whining for pay raises and powerful new laws against their captives who they manage to drive berserk with their almost hourly petty harassments, thefts and mental and physical attacks. The Kops and their media made it sound as if the kops were getting smacked and beaten daily like mixed-race stepchildren. Then the actual number of assaults managed to get revealed: 6 per year. What was portrayed as a dire need for protection and higher pay turned out to be an astonishing restraint from the 26,994 captives per year who manage to stay sane enough to continue to meekly suffer constant abuse, molestation and harm dished out by vicious Kops year in year out. To show you how vicious the states’ lackies are, one need not to look very far. In Arizona, a fatigued speed freak couldn’t be roused to go to court, making a female judge walk up to the jail door to perform the “how do you plead…?’ ritual. This enraged her cops so much that they belted him into their “restraint” chair and mob-tortured him to death for 20 mins while their cop cam taped the murder. Then they got their tame coroner to lie and cover it up for them. They almost succeeded in getting the corpse cremated (standard procedure when destroying the proof of cop crime, along with organ theft, denial of exhumation etc.). Fortunately, the victim had a determined, well-off family who somehow manages to get the corpse away from the cops and lawcrats. Their non-cop medical examiner documented the torture from bruise, laceration, choke-out, testicle smash and more. The either to ten cops caught torturing the guy were in such a frenzy that, for the last ten minutes of their orgy of maiming, they didn’t even realize that they had already murdered him! Every one of these cops got completely away with their crimes and got to keep their careers as cops to “police” the unsuspecting. Only the taxpayers had to pay. The standard, secret deal was made with the murder victim’s family, but only after being forced to sign a gag order protecting the state’s murderers, names and jobs. (See my essay “cop culture and training.”) Prison Kops are the same way, but with even less chance of ever getting caught, and more opportunity to perpetrate psychopathy. The usually begin by hogtying their victims. Safety first. The dogpile starts with Kops rushing in from every direction to be the first to slam, bash, punch, kick, twist, wrench, gouge and tear their target until they have his arms ripped behind his back and their wrist-cutting manacles clamped excruciatingly tight soon as they are as safe as their victim is helpless, more fun behinds. They love to yank his head back by a fistful of hair until his neck vertebra pop and crackle with the strain. They do this while kneeling or sitting on his back. The Kop’s weight empties his victim’s lungs and makes it impossible for him to draw a breath. Then they empty cans of mace, teargas or other poisons into his eyes, nose and mouth. (They don’t use teargas so much anymore, having killed too many people with it.) This cop training technique is designed to force their victims’ mouth open. When the Kops finally permit their victim to breathe, he is guaranteed to inhale great, deep gasps of these burning, caustic poisons before coughing himself unconscious, lungs fighting both for air and against more poisons. The cardiovascular pressure generated this way causes the victim’s air sacks (alveoli) and blood vessels (capillaries) to explode. This permanent damage is internal, unlikely to be detected even by a pathologist, and cause leave blood clots that, days later, may break loose and cause strokes and death that cannot be legally attached to the Kops that caused it. Older targets of this torture technique may die of brain hemorrhage, which is also seldom discovered or traced back to the Kops. Another common way to die in the cop’s cage is even more clever: the kop Kaps you with his beat stick so hard that it rips a hole in your gut or explodes your stomach. Then they lock you away, neglected, till death. Only big cops had strong enough wrists to rip guts with strait beatsicks, so clever cops invented a beatstick with a right angle handgrip that makes it easy to attain the force necessary to rip guts. Their victim dies of digestive fluid seepage and internal bleeding hours later. The cunning part is the jail nurse and the cops’ tame coroner agree with one another in calming that their corpse died of “ulcers” brought on by abuse of drugs and alcohol. Even if a non-cop medical examiner can be gotten in the past, the judge, who routinely gets away with forbidding “re”-examination, and the truth escapes, the cops simply change their story to “restricted arrest.” This catchall term absolves the cops of any accountability, true of not. Prison kops tend to go for their victim’s wrists first, after he has been rendered helplessly shackled. Soon as its safe, they’ll rip your finger joints and tear your wrist cartilage by bending your palm to meet your forearm. Scum at Geo corporate prison is Lawton have torture be this wat twice. They also like to mangle Jewish inmates’ testicles while sexually molesting them with body searches to discourage them from forcing the Kops to provide Kosher meals. A Jewish friend of mine helped get one of these dirty shits fired for this. I detail this is a pseudo fiction titled “Onyx, in darkness.” This is nothing compared to the permanent joint and nerve damage they deliberately perpetrated. Another torture technology that was pioneered in mental hospitals, then mimicked by state Kops is that they like to call. “Five point restraints.: this is where the Kops tie their helpless victim to a rack by each limb. Their legs are spread, giving the sadists easy access to his testacles, and they even immobilize his head. Often they will leave him in this position for days to urinate or defecate on himself in a cold cage, after the requisite beating. In Oklahoma’s shittist prison, at McAlester, Kops did this to Ricky green for three days, even though the lawcrats have given themselves many different rules to use to make certain that their abductees cannot “profit” from being abused, molested or tortured by Kops, this torture was so horrid and gratuitous that a federal judge did actually pay Mr. Green $50,000 for his pain, injury and suffering. As is standard practice, only the taxpayers were punished. All the guilty, sadistic Kops got completely away with their crimes. Worse, by being let to escape all sanction for their crimes, they were encouraged to perpetrate more, worse crimes in the future. Also in McAlester’s prison, the Kops got so has-happy they managed to murder a captive named Forsythe over a food tray. The Kops were “punished” by having their posing cans rounded up. Now they have to go ask the warden for poison gas each time they wanted to spray someone. Though the Kops are vicious and mean, or become so, or quit, the inmates are bad enough. The Kops like to play up the “gang” angle. There are no real gangs I prison. If there were real gangs in prison such as in Columbia, Italy, Chicago or New York, there would be a lot of Kops’ trash can emptied and strewn over their lawns. Since this doesn’t happen, then what the Kops are vending as gangs is really just a bunch of punks who like to dress up in scary tattoos and continue as they did to get into prison: steal and feed their vices. You get to live with at least one of these people and serve as his baby-sitter, nursemaid, dictionary, mathematician, credit union, father figure, mother substitute, housekeeper and punching bag. He also expects you to entertain him when he’s finished telling you his life story. He has nothing but debts, and probably a lot of ex- “friends” who what to kill him for doing more than half the dope, then disappearing after stringing them along for weeks without payment. Be especially wary of the ones who have tattoos on their necks that have been blotted out. This means they were once dirty enough to join a gang, but were too dirty and got throw own. Also, the teardrop tattoos that the cops and media love to point out means ‘killer’ usually means someone who wants to scare people off by pretending to be a killer. His first words upon being stuffed in your cage are, “you and me against the world, pal! Cellies stick together, no matter what! What’s mine (nothing) is yours and uh, you got a cigarette? (Or coffee, food, dope, etc.) You are expected to reciprocate all these intangible, nebulous claims of fealty by supplying tangible goods or services as he tells you delightful tales of when he was free and rich. Most inmates follow two strategies. They pre-spend their money faster than they get it, and supplement their poverty by “hustling” hustling is another name for simple begin. It includes creating and selling crafts; stealing from the kops or inmates and selling things such as salt, food, possessions or dope; providing gambling services to the sports nuts; and, providing sexual services or anything else of value or utility. Hustlers do an awful lot of mooching as they ply their trade. Hordes of them constantly stalk the catwalks, staring unabashedly into each cage, window shopping for anything that can be begged, borrowed or stolen. You cannot be leaving anything laying out, not even an almost spent roll of toilet paper. Professional mooches go door to door vending sob stories for stamps to write their ailing grandmothers. Soon as they have enough, they convert them into dope, tobacco, coffee, sugar, food or sex. Hustling and mooching are the predominant strategies because the Kops are determined to prevent us from being employed. We are forcibly unemployed because the state and its corporate minions need us for their own exploitation at cents per hour labor. If we had small incomes, we would do nothing but watch tv while eating junk food. Many inmates will work for the Kops just to get out of the tiny, two-man, toilet-size cages and into the maze of slightly bigger cages-within cages. This is where they get to steal food if they are acting as the Kop’s kitchen worker, clothes when working in the Kop’s laundry, wood when manufacturing furniture for the kops to sell, etc. if we manage to support ourselves by crafting or through art, writing or other method, the Kops jealously work to steal or destroy to everything we have built using their very effective means of total control over our lives. They steal, hinder and delay my mail, have set their lawyers to intimidate and lie to my copyists, typists and publishers. They lie to my internet contacts, trying to dupe them into thinking they are criminals for providing, ordinary business services to me. No act is too petty or illegal for them to perpetrate, since they are immune to prosecution. (Sharks don’t eat sharks; Jackals eat corpses, not each other.) One particularly cunning and vicious old woman was such a secretly hatred-filled hag that she used the 1-800 number in one of my trade magazines to trick call the publisher into sending it to a fake address. She got away with this because she was such a good actor that we could not believe that she was a vicious psychopath hiding behind her grandmotherly persona. It took us six months to uncover her cruel nature! Just recently they thought up a new scam for depriving us of our right to correspond privately to lawyers and politicians, they simply pretend that some inmate somewhere sent a letter containing a fearful dust that may have been anthrax. Only a fever cop mind can concoct a “threat” of anthrax out of a place where there is zero possibility of obtaining anthrax. When road blocked by such an outrageous story, 99% of inmates will simply accept this flagrant theft of their rights with merely a whimper. When I nailed one of them on this, he swiftly switched his premise, saying that lawyers and politicians should not be inconveniences by the thought that their inmate mail may contain any type of dust that may frighten their aides in charge of opening and sorting their mail for them. Not being quite the timid, go-along-to-get-along buffoon that he was used to dealing with, I cut the nonsense by telling him, “I do not give you implied consent to search my legal mail by handing to you unsealed. If you tear it open, you will be breaking the law, and I will have your name for a lawsuit.” “But, the powder…” “There is no powder. The envelope has my name on it, unlike your desk or shirt, and can be tracked directly back to be. Anyone with an accusation can see me in person.” Authority, particularly false authority in the act of committing crime, chose to graciously permit an exception in this one case, and tendered a stern, but totally bogus warning about how, “next time”, his new rule will be followed. This was his face-saving move, for the inmate gawkers and his tame law-clerk aides. They got their system rigged so that you cannot win. As with every system based on mere verbiage and subjective interpretation of opinion on policy, it is sometimes so flagrantly contrary to logic and common sense that no one ay at least not loses utterly every time. When such fallacies are exposed, authority will slink back to its dark lair to brew a less obviously criminal means of accomplishing its rights-stealing goals. As authority’s bosses’ huddle and confab, its lackies will attack with new (to them) mind games. While cornering the mail flunky on his theft of my latest books, “social pragmatism,” he decided to try to escape by attacking with a nonsense premise: “why, you should have known that! How long have you been here”? The trap that this Kop-crat so cunningly sets up here is supposed to entice his target into pretending that he just got here and deserves the implied break due to the special circumstance of ignorance. Taking the bait by lying about how long I’ve been trapped on Geo’s corporate shithole will not get e the ignorance discount. Instead, this fat rodent will bray triumphantly, “got you! I’m going to sanction you for lying to an officer!” In four decades of watching dirty shits exactly like him come, gut shoot themselves, and crawl away. I know that he is no “officer”, but merely a perfect example of a person with too little maturity given far too much power. He, and almost every one of his fellows, precisely fit the definition of “enforcer” in the famous shock experiments of doctor Stanley Milgram. (See: “shock and awe” by Michael Shermer, Scientific American, 11-2012, p.86) I am so contemptuous of this pot-bellied thief that I toy with hi, “I just got here five minutes ago,” meaning, “scribble-up anything you want. I couldn’t care less.” In a society where merit and integrity counts more than sycophancy, corporate prison kops would live off food stamps, welfare and the kindness of others. Proving my thesis, he cannot believe I answered with sarcasm and bellows back to his cronies, “Check and see how long this guy has been in our prison!” like child, he tries twice more to get me to give him an answer that he can use against me. Finally, he gives up but he should be proud. He has stolen my book for 120 days now, along with $8 in postage, and it appears that no force on earth can make these brats mail it. The lowest of the bureaucrats has stolen from me our highest right: freedom of speech. Meanwhile, the two fat kops in charge of screwing us out of the law library perpetrate their own childish scams. While I try to sign in, the Kop tries to stop me, mumbling that I am too late. It turns out that they pulled a switcheroo on their open hours, without telling anyone or posting their new hours. I try to pry their new hours out of them. The black one only grins. The Boss kop refuses to answer. He pulls out a trap instead. His bait is that he can make a “special exception” for me if I will agree with his suggestion that I am still the computer science teacher. We both know that every gossiping buffoon in this hallway has shared the story of the blowup last month in which the bigger boss Kop. (A bab-doc-looking Haitian who is said to have floated over here on a coconut) took away my teaching position because I taught a lesson in manners to a Pilipino lesbian military brat. Apparently the law library Kop thinks I’m stupid. He tries twice more to bait me into telling the lie that I’m still a teacher and deserve the “special consideration” that he appears to offer. I ignore his bait and demand a times sheet to post in the day cage so that no one else will be screwed out of their law library time. He finally gives up. They decide to give me a copy of their new schedule. Before I can read it and check my watch, the kop admits, “you can stay, you have twenty minutes till we close.” What kind of people would lie to you and try to bait you into lying to them, wasting your time and their own, when the truth and honesty would serve everyone better disgusting little people, with childish minds, who have never been spanked or made to clean up after themselves, or do any other kind of honest work. All of government is this way, and it’s worse in corporations who are able to hide behind gov’t authority. The more layers of bureaucracy, the more impenetrable to accountability. However vile the bureaucrats, the supposed “security” Kops are worse. These are the misanthropes, sociopaths and psychopaths who were able to drive out the ordinary normal people, sideline the neurotics, push past the psychotics and join or outwit, outlast and outplay the scoundrels who occupied the place prior to the newcomers’ arrival. Modeling themselves as a fascist organization, the worst of the worst fight their way up past “sergeant”, to lieutenant, captain and major. The top three actually run the place. They use their sergeants to ride herd on the grunts (mere correctional officers), while they enjoy the wealth of opportunity and exploitation that prisoners need and want provides them (skimming the rackets, such as smuggling, extortion, gambling, “special favors” etc.) the wardens are more likely figureheads, at the mercy of the incompetence, vice or viciousness of their top cabal of military posers. When their corruption or stupidity gets exposed, the warden gets fired, and maybe a sergeant gets tossed out, but the cabal continues on, unchanged and largely immune. (I once saw Warden Rios with a trash bag, going cage to cage with his grunts, collecting peanut butter jars, for God’s sake! (Jars and bags terrify Kops because sometimes they are used to ferment garbage into alcohol, a cause of fights, excessive medical costs, murder and destructive, costly riots.)) The cabal has a cabal. They wear black tee-shirts that shriek “swat team!” or “CERT!” which means “look out assholes! We may decide to beat you to death!” this is where the top-level sado-fascits meet to learn and invent new torture techniques. They already have the perfect test subjects upon whom to practice. Helpless people, weak, ignorant, unconnected and too deeply buried in dungeons for anyone to hear their cries of agony and pain. A favorite torture technique throughout the cop world is to try and chop off your wrists with their shackles. Then, after the mob of shrieking sadists have their victim safely hogtied, they like to rip and tear at his fingers and joints. They especially love to main their victims’ wrist by mashing palms to forearms. Civil rights case law specifically forbids cops from continuing to torture their victims after getting them safely hogtied, but you see them doing this all the time, on the “news” and the net. Who’s going to stop them a Judge? A prosecutor? Any other type of lawyer? Guess again: all these people are immune to cop violence. Worse, they actually prefer that their cops torture you. Their cops tell them that this is “discipline” instead of retaliation. Gratuitous torture is thought, by cops and other shallow thinkers, to be a disincentive to crime. On the extremely rare occasions when one of these tortured victims is both pushed to insanity and manages to implement some type of twisted attempt at person justice because the formal, elite justice system is AWOL, they shriek “terrorism!” into their media megaphones and use it to terrorize the voters into re-electing them. This way, not only is the problem never solved, its backlash is used to make it worse! This is a policing and politics at its finest. If you need more convincing on exactly how their system operates, just go photograph the cops doing anything and see what they do to you. Why do these “good guys” scurry from the light? The door to the cage that they put you in is four panes of clear, bullet resistant plastic. The cops are peering in while the inmates are locked up, which is most of the time. It is like having a fishbowl, except with the audience inside, with you, as well as outside. You get no privacy, no peace. There is always some mob of gawkers stalking by, staring into your cage, especially when you try to piss, shit or doctor your hemorrhoids. (Every prisoner either has, or will get, hemorrhoids due to the Kops constantly putting captives in “storage” where they are no chairs. Prison means sitting or standing on cold concrete or steel in sensory deprivation chambers, for hours on end, waiting, for nothing. Then they drag you back the next day to do it again, for nothing. This is bureaucratic “processing’. You don’t get a mattress either, you know those little foam dog pads for pets? You wish you had something clean as soft as that what you get is a two-inch-thick pad of compacted cotton that probably has fivers in it that date back to the 1950s. I worked in their mattress factory I McAlester. We shred the old batting, piss stains and all, autoclave it to kill all the lice, bed bugs and microbes, then add more cotton. This gets “upholstered” in their plastic and get shipped back to the prisons, jails and insane asylums from whence they came you only get to sleep on it for a few minutes at a time. The Kops are slamming and banging doors all night long. They turn the lights down low only long enough for your eyes to become maximally sensitive for when they blaze them back up. In a state-run hellhole, you may get as much as two, maybe even three hours before the kops come down the line of cages with their laser-bright flashlights to pry at your eyelids with these crowbars. In this corporate sewer, they pull this shit every half hour, waking 2,640 people each time, all night long. When the ones who are not natural born sadists learn the fact that they will quit this shitty, inhumane job before they will get fired for not performing these sadistic practices, they will often just run by, faking it with their flashlight without really forcing too many people to wake. It is insane to “count” every half hour at night, when no one has ever escaped, everyone is tightly locked in an escape proof concrete coffin and no one is going to leave their tiny cage for the bigger cage until the Kop decides to open the door. These are cages within cages, within cages. For example, there are nine locked doors jut to get to the law library door. The true purpose of counting every golf out is to make work for the kops, who switch themselves off out of mind-numbing boredom otherwise, same as the inmates do when they are sensory deprived. At the first night lockup count, the Kops are seriously trying to make sure that the correct inmate is in the cage with the inmate that the Kops have assigned to the other rack in that cage. This is when a lot of the “sex” happens. The sex maniacs try to arrange play dates with friends or prostitutes that last all night. The Kops hate this so much that they make the inmates buy picture ID badges from them. One dope king inmate bragged to me that he and his gang of party-dogs had the Kops’ count so screwed up with massive bed-switching that it took them all night to get them found and back to their assigned cages. (See my essay, “Billy and the Bump Monkeys.”) If you hide from their lights or the cold too well, the Kops will shriek and bellow at you and the other guy in your cage until you get up. When this occurs, the sadist Kops will scurry away quickly to do it to guys in the next cage. The not-yet-sadists Kops might mumble, “had to see if you were still alive,” before racing away. Dead, you are a liability to them. The real cops get to come in, snoop around, maybe see something they shouldn’t ad report it instead of dong their standard, phony investigation. That pronounces everyone blameless and justified. The family of the victim is juked. No inmate will testify if he wants to live, and no jurors will believe him even if he does. Alive, you are worth twenty to eighty thousand dollars per year, and this only counts what they extort from the taxpayers to cage you. Most murders occur in the morning, when the Kops rack the doors to get everyone to work or to eat. The victim is usually asleep. The attacker is usually armed with a piece of plastic or metal that has been ground to a point at one end. A toilet brush or service spoon from the kitchen is typical. In forty years, I’ve seen a lot of murders and written about all or most of them elsewhere. When they first threw me in their slow death camps at McAlester, there was a murder every month. Most of them were over debts; gambling or dope. The dopes would smoke, snort or shoot more doop than their moms, grandmas, aunts and sisters could pay for. There are no police, but the Kops will help hide the deadbeats, soon as they snitch off the ones who want to kill them. They tell the Kops that the “gang” is extorting them for sex, or trying to make them join, or any other tale that has nothing to do with the truth. (Generally, dopies will not snitch off their dealers. Everyone likes dope and no one wants to lose their reputation or supply.) The Kops put their informant on “protection” with the other rats, ten race back to their “Gang Unit Headquarters to correlate their new Intel with their stockpile of privies Intel. The rat has to dodge his creditors for the rest of his life. Four decades ago, these rats only had about 5,000 other inmates to hide amongst in only two or three prisons. Though they would ditch the given names and behind hiding behind made-up names like Killer, Mad-dog, Chainsaw or Shotgun, etc., there was just not enough cover. Now there are fewer murders due to having 29,000 other inmates to hide behind. Oklahoma politicians have dozens and dozens of prisons stashed all over the state. They went from two prison for men and one for women in 1970 to an explosion of more than sixty prison today, and this is not counting any of the city/county jails, or the dozens of Administrative Offices and Bureaucrat centers scattered far and wide. The police fill these prisons even before they are built, trough overcrowding, and still there are no police in them. No police means that each inmate has to be his own cop. You can’t live with some dog-shit skulking around trying to sneak up behind you or kill you in your sleep, so you kill him, if you can. There is no other choice. Conditions are so dangerous and horrid within these dungeons that they are phasing out the dining halls. The kops simply cannot stop people from attacking each other in this place of opportunity. All the kops’ poison gases, their beat sticks, their shock-shields, bean bag guns, puck guns, manacles and other instruments of pain and hogtying simply will not stop inmates from acting as police. So now the kops keep everyone in the two-man, toilet-size cages to eat, or their 60-man day-cage “Miniprisons” most of their lives. There are no 40 of these miniprisons at this corporate slow death camp in Lawton, OK. There is no sunlight in these concrete coffins. The kops jealously prevent their victims from having any reasonable amount of “outside: time. Once they get you crammed in, you will be lucky to see some sky or feel an honest breeze, or have direct sunlight on your skin for three hours in seven to ten days. No law says you get any outside time. The prison corporations buy laws from the politicians willy-nilly to pinch off what services that they used to have to provide. At the same time, judges dilute any case law protections we used to have. Before too long, none of us will ever leave the cave that calls itself “corrections.” They should change this to the more accurate, “Abominations.” The inmates are as abhorrent as the kops, albeit in a much less sophisticated way. They are completely ignorant of concepts such as strike, boycott, collective bargaining and union. They possess an instinctual sense of selfishness, and know innately how to sell out others for personal gain. Many are worse than merely worthless. About half of them are harmful, snitching backstabbers and hinderers of the common good. (See my series, “Bred for Crime:…,” “Marching Morons” and “Chimp Culture.”) Constant confinement in these mind-murdering sensory deprivation chambers causes them to wrap or even go insane. Their minds are sub-par anyway, having no real education. I have watched three of them, on separate occasions, think that they were “cleaning” by rubbing soapy toilet water all over the sink and surfaces we eat off of, two of them ending by swiping this toilet rag inside their drinking cups! They hallucinate an odor and begin “cleaning” the toilet, then move outward, the exact opposite method of an educated, thinking man. Many of the minorities don’t “believe” in germs. Often they think it is demons who bring the never-ending string of sore throat and respiratory diseases that constantly rip through these human cesspools. When these inmates are not hawking up green gobs of snot to spit onto every surface, they are loudly snorting up gobs of their infected snot and buggers into the back of their throats and swallowing hard! These snot gobblers seem to be most active when civilized people are trying to eat. Before you can pick the garbage out of you chow and choke it down, they’ve already thrown theirs down their throats and are snotgobbling while hauling their dicks out to piss, not five feet away. Not one of them can think two minutes into the future and maybe do their pissing, shitting and snotgobbling before they press up against the door, salivating like Pavlov’s dogs, waiting for the food cart to leave into view. The only way out of these cages is to work for the kops in bigger sets of cages within cages. I worked in the McAlester prison mess hall for two years without a single day off, some months at double shifts, being one of only three cooks for 2,200 inmates after the 1973 riot. I detail some of this hell in several of my other essays. Some of the worst parts, other than the risk of being murdered, are the microbes and the filth. The minorities have, in general, no work ethic. I’ve seen people work harder to get out of work than it would take to just do the work. Many times, when inmates do work, it is as little as possible and it is done sloppily. They do have an excess of street cunning, and a grudge of monumental proportions. Hundreds of times I’ve observed them making colossal messes while slopping together sandwiches to steal and sell to other inmates trapped in the cages. They will have double armloads of food and be running with it toward the exit while looking backward over their shoulder for any kop or rat who may shout an alarm. The Kop always stumbles across the mess left behind. (Think of a cloud of flies clustered around a lidless gallon of mayonnaise with twenty crusted spoons in it as just one part of the disaster area.) The kop finds the nearest Caucasian and snarls, “Clean that shit up!” He knows that sandwiches are almost exclusively the work of minorities, because lacking a work ethic, few minorities work their way up to become cooks or bakers, who can steal some of their own product and clean up their areas afterward. Instead, they are cart pushers, sweep and mop men, line servers and tray washers. They have to steal what they can, when they can, and prepare it where they can, before anyone can catch them. They don’t have their own area to slop-up. The kops will make the Caucasian clean it up because Caucasians will clean the shit up rather than waste time arguing about what’s fair and who did it. The kop will not tell a minority to clean it up because he knows that they will argue about it all day rather than clean it up. This is the advantage of being an irrational hothead; being able to bitch your way out of work and having it shoved onto someone else. This same shtick plays out as often today as it did in 1970, even though the minority population is now the majority. Another idiosyncrasy of certain minorities is their “blasting” game. This I first observed in McAlester. Whenever any female would appear on the run, such as medication aide, the men in their cages would shout this information, in slang, up and down the run. They would than all take up positions. One would pose at the toilet, pretending to piss while grinning expectantly toward the door. The other would drape himself on the bars in the doorway and adjust his dick. To be falling out of his shorts, or even lay it on the cross bars. Their game was to call her over on any pretense and smooth talk her for as long as possible. If she noticed their genitalia, or even seemd to, this was judged a win. Sometimes they would get so caught up in their own game that they would grab her hand. If they got sanctioned for this, they would beg and plead with her to let them away with it, promising sincerely never to do it again. Soon as she left, they would all shriek with laughter and boast to each other how successful they were at “blasting” her. (Wherever she stopped the others would be intently watching through small mirrors pushed halfway out the bars of the door way.) They would bray to each other how she seemed to enjoy being blasted by each particular Romeo and how they were going to blast her even better tomorrow. (See my essay “Skinner, Cozart and Howard”) No account of prison suffering should leave out the Nutraloaf and Vitapro scandals. A Canadian corporation made some poisonous garbage into crook chow. It was a brick of supposedly wholesome ingredients with a near infinite shelf life to be fed to “Troublemakers” as additional punishment for being locked up in the “hole”. (The hole used to be three days of bread, water and complete silence and darkness.) They made millions of dollars selling to Texas and California prison purchasing agents, just on the concept, untested. Then it was discovered that it made inmates’ guts rumble at both ends. Worse, they refused to eat it, preferring to starve. Instead of throwing it away, they changed its name and kept selling it to the unsuspecting and ignorant. There was a mad scramble of the states to unload their stock upon other states. Oklahoma and, I think Arkansas, were among the vast to fall for this scam and try to cut their losses by trying to sell their stocks to others. Texas inmates said that, in the end, even dog food companies were refusing it. This is one of the best kept secrets of prison administrators. Almost nothing of this reached public consciousness. If there is anything unethical or harmful that the cage keepers, governmental or corporate, will not do to their helpless, unsuspecting victims, I have yet to discover it. (See my essay, “Mass Murder by Deliberate Indifference.”) This corporate prison doesn’t even have a mop sink or closet. Captives wash out their garbage encrusted food bowls in the shower, having no convenient, effective way to clean them, in McAlester, they bang their trays directly in to the shitter to flush unwanted food scraps. This type of cross contamination in any other type of institution, such as a YMCA or the worst flophouse imaginable, would cost a fine and jail, yet the gov’t and its corporate cronies do this to millions of people daily. This is exactly the same as every captive eating out of every other captive’s asshole every day. The sink in the cage is smaller than the football that shares it shape. Every one of the old ones require one hand to hold the button down while the other tries to wash itself. The sink is attached to the shitter, so guess what acts like a funnel to catch everything that drops? Toothbrush, drinking cup, comb, razor, soap, toothpaste; everything eventually finds itself in this splashy hole, which is part of the reason why so many captives obsess over “cleaning” it. Got to use your hands to do it. Since there are no toilet brushes! We have toilet wars, too! Your cage has almost no ventilation, but, between farts, you and the stranger whom you are forced to live with may notice a foreign stink! The guys next door just flushed their toilet. Half of their diarrhea overshot the exit pipe and landed in your crappier! Usually you can hear the flush: it sounds like a rocket taking off. You flush. Half of it goes back to them. They hear it and see it. They flush again. After three flushes each, it is generally agreed by both sides that the shit is finally gone. Diarrhea is a constant in prison due to the bad food and the inmates compensating for this by adding toxic amounts of spices. Only in prisons and jails are there “sinks” and toilet wars. Everywhere else, they are illegal. (See my essay, “Adventure in Plumbing.”) As a bonus, the water gets shut off so frequently and without warning that intelligent experience captives stockpile drinking water. Soon as the toilets stop flushing, everyone but you has to shit. When the water comes back on, it’s brown with dirt and other soil for days afterward. This is just a short, incomplete list of some of the best reason for your politicians to advertise the unspeakable conditions that persist, secretly, within the eternal midnight of their dungeons despite the constant howls of pain, suffering and injustice that manage to escape and be ignored. I do my best to expose it, as no one deserves this. I hope I’ve helped you avoid this. I wish someone had warned me with this reality instead of injuring me with the rosy portrayal of the Lawyers’ system taught to us in civics class. If I’d known the reality instead of the propaganda, they would have had a lot harder time protecting the killer and using frauds, deceits and evidence theft to get this innocent man convicted for life of a murder I had no connection to.

Author: Bauhaus, James

Author Location: Oklahoma

Date: December 16, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 16 pages

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