Crime in black community

Harris, Dewayne L.



Crime in Black Community Crime first originates in the mind which encompasses many factors that, across all social, economic and racial barriers. Its causes and effects have racial barriers. Its causes and effects have long been studied by sociologist and debated by scholars abroad, but it all derives from the wrong application of thought. There is no crime free communities, but in most tight knitted communities crimes are more infrequent and less violent as a child growing up in the inner city, I felt safe knowing the whole black community parents, neighbors, pastor, politicians, and police worked as a village to protect and service our black community. Now days are being engulfed with so much black on black crimes. I shudder, not just because of the wayward behavior of our most young generation, but also agitated by the inaction of some of our most trusted politicians who ride the coat tails of self-serving agendas. The voices from our elected official in the crime ridden area are almost silent when it comes to the earnest debates on crime and punishment because no one wants to appear soft on crime. In retrospect, mass incarceration and prolonged incarceration have only served as band aids to addressing the ills and fear that plague our black communities. We cannot legitimately toss the blame from our door step to another, for all have made contributions in our failure to morally guide or correct problem behavior, even the Washington State Department of Correctional because more often than not individual leaves prison with the same mindset he had when he entered. He is released back into the community with no life changing skills, education and is expected to live a crime free productive life. The ideology makes about as little sense as a carpenter to build a house with no tools. It is time that we the people call on pastors and politicians to rally for prison reform, if we can change their life style because chaos only manifests itself with wrong applications of thought, and creates inharmonious conduct and creates inharmonious conduct and conditions over the years. I've watched crime within the black community accelerate and take a more selfish, sinister, and dehumanizing face. The drug scene, lack of gun control, gang influence, parental and community defect and rap videos have contributed to the ruin of black community. We have permitted these factors to paint the wrong concept in the minds of our black younger generation and with each generation, crime has become more and more a way of life. Its time we take back our community, by working collective, to make a difference and call change. I am a 57 years grandfather and I have been a resident of Seattle Washington over 37 years. I have witnessed my community go from one of the safest community to one of the most dangerous place to raise children, live, or operate a business. We didn't have to worry when our children sat in our houses or front yards. I remember when I could walk to the corner store unafraid, it is through this backward lens that I now feel imprisoned within my soul with the full armor of ADT because of the hysteria and violence that imbue our black communities. Minister Khalil Shabazz Mohammad Mr. Dwayne Lee Harris #[ID]

Author: Harris, Dewayne L.

Author Location: Washington

Date: July 2, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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