Crimes against kids

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Crimes Against Kids" Richard Atkins Jr. I believe that, any sexual offense against children/or kids should be an automatic life sentence! When a child is molested, their brain isn't able to comprehend and the ones old enough to understand are mentally scarred, for life. It also should be a serious crime for parents/or guardians to sign marriage consent form, for their 15-year old daughter to marry a 31-year old man! And based on the facts of the matter, you can't fault or push to blackball some iconic rhythm and blues singer for tying the knot with the teenager. What about the parents signing everything over the consent form? If there's a serious problem with the marriage, then the problem has to begin with the parents/ or legal guardians... Crimes against kids are being committed on a daily basis by the higher ups and these Catholic priests! And aint nobody going to jail/or prison, but the country wants us tax payers and voters to pass judgment on rappers, singers and actors?? It's all political, how America feeds off crimes against kids and sometimes even their parents! So I'm waiting for these politicians to get realist; wake up and stop acting as if these crimes aren't being committed. It makes me, and I'm sure other human beings wonder, who's really the sexual predators? Is it these Hollywood superstars falling from grace, or these Hollywood directors? It's political, so the waters are running much deeper than Hollywood. A lot of men/women in power are trained to take full advantage of their positions. So who's the problem? There isn't one or two persons to fault, so the system must be changed. And until the system in place is broken down and rebuilt we'll continue to have crime and inequality in the work place/or the world! Another thing I don't understand is, why do we treat political figures as if their gods/goddesses, but then are quick to tell the world that politicians aren't above the laws of the land... So this politician is charged with sexual assault on a minor, and instead of talking many years in a state prison, the media reports news about his political position and his reputation being destroyed, as if that's punishment enough? So, his political career being destroyed by him is worse than the crime itself? This is how the media spins the story. It's all about the powerful figure about to fall from grace/or is it heaven? 'Cause it's so many hoops the victims always have to jump through... To me, that's the exact definition of bully! How the media tries to shame the victims; get 'em to crawl under some rock! That's why we're thankful for that famous female attorney Gloria, who fights for any and all women...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 16, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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