Critiquing Barack Obama: An alternative Obamacare solution

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



Felton L. Matthews Jr. P.O. Box 1989-4A20-ESP Ely, NV 89301 Date: 10-12-2017 "Critiquing Barack Obama: An alternative ObamaCare solution" Do not be misled by the fact that there is or was finally a "colored" president. Who, by the way, did not get assassinated or survived an attempted assassination. I could not vote for Barack Obama because I was behind bars. However, as I reviewed the effects of his presidency, I would have voted for him the first time, but not the second. As quiet as it was kept, most of black America voted for Barack Obama simply because he was black. He also had a politically "squeaky clean" track record in Washington, and apparently, a very safe and politically correct choice for soft Republicans and conservative white Americans. Well educated and intelligent, a fine politician. But here is my critique of Barack Obama from two aspects. I will critique him as an overall President in general scoring him a solid "B-", and as the "first" black President, he gets a "D" for do nothing. Please bear with me as I elaborate as I have truly piqued your interest as I too am black. I wrote Barack Obama a letter congratulating him and I gave a little fatherly advice on letting his daughters choose their own destinies. Of course, being a convicted child sex offender I did not expect him to write back. None of my correspondence to any President was ever returned with a reply. I did get a reply from a Nevadan senator Harry Reid though. In my missive I told President Obama that the difference between he and I was he had a supporting mother and wife (Who, no doubt, is more brilliant than he academically) and an S.A.T. score - that's it. I did not tell him I was recruited by Stanford, West Point, and the Air Force Academy for football along with other NCAA Division I schools. I did not tell him or brag about graduating high school with honors in the top ten percent of my class (Which I could have done easily at any Dallas, Texas High school.) My excuse? I did not make any. But you can find my story at under my name on my "Autobiography of Love" Autobiography and "Sex, Love, and Homelessness in the 1990s." However, suffice it to say, I should have further investigated the reply from Stanford University and checked to see if Airforce was a proposition 48 NCAA Division I school. In hindsight, I should have made a offer to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and became a Rebel all purpose running back and wide receiver and ran back kick off and punt returns. I told Barack Obama I did not want the Presidency. I only wanted the Airforce Academy and Jocelyn Patton for a wife. Oh well, life is funny after high school. My goals and aspirations were quite modest indeed. But from here, I shall digress into my critique of him. Note my readers, this is a critique, not judgment! I give Barack Obama a "D" as the first black president due to his failure to check the judiciary and bring reforms to the American justice system. Having been raised by a white single mom without his father he was to me "detached" from the struggle of racism and White America. Why? His father was from Kenya, Ethiopia. He did not participate in the black marches nor did he suffer the water hoses, police dogs, or any lynchings that went on in America in the 1950's and 1960's before he was even born. This "detachment" has it's advantages, giving him more perspective on the problems then. Consider this if you will, the derision he suffered by other black children due to his skin tone and mother. The very fact his mother and grandmother loved him through all that helped shape him into the man he is today. His mother "held him down". Barack Obama failed to reform the justice system by not issuing a nation wide "clean shoot" shooting doctrine. Giving police and law enforcement (1) one shooting doctrine to use lethal force would have prevented a lot of racially charged police shootings resulting in useless deaths. Number one, you get a warning. Number two, you get a warning shot. This shot is to be made in a place where the bullet can be recovered by CSI. Number three, you shoot to wound. If the alleged perpetrator is unarmed, you follow the clean shoot doctrine. If the alleged perpetrator is armed with a gun and will not surrender, only one warning shot. Then, shoot to kill. Examining the high profile shootings of blacks in recent memory, I must concede the fact that no one would have been shot if they had been following the law. (That is, in the majority of the cases) But young boys with a pellet gun and an old black woman in her own home? Really? (Cleveland, Ohio & Chicago, Ill.) Barack Obama, in his sexual bias due to the fact he was raised by a single mom and has two beautiful daughters, failed to reform the justice system for sex crimes and laws. Think about it. The Catholic Priest and Bill Cosby are being prosecuted for sex crimes decades upon decades old. The alleged victims involved knew also exactly what they were doing. If one chooses not to report a crime upon their person for any reason that is on them. Sex crime prosecution in America is a bane and should be reformed. First of all, the public defenders offices should be equipped with all Crime Scene Investigation resources to resolve issues of DNA at pre-trial or in a preliminary hearing. Secondly, the states should be stripped of all violent crime prosecution authority. Why? There is too much jury and prosecutorial misconduct in sex crimes mixed with emotions. Judges and juries cannot decide the facts straight or punish fairly. This would free up more prison space and punish more effectively. Third, the penalties for sex crimes should have only (1) sentence for the whole nation with one or more clear cut defenses. The concept of (1) one sentence for each sex crime and a list of defenses under national law will make dispensing with such cases quicker and easier. Fourth, mandatory probation for very suspect and family related sex offenses whether you go to trial or not. And finally, sex offender registration reforms. A first time family related offense or suspect case should not even have to register. The myriad of sex offender supervision laws and registration are based on less than five spectacular child related cases period. In my opinion, despite being a first time child sex offender with such a suspect case, it is an over reaction. Why? These laws have not addressed minors who participate in consensual sex with adults and has not addressed the very fact that minors by at least the fifth or six grade to high school are in fact sexually active in some way with their peers! (Case in point, we do have pregnancies as young as nine and ten in America. We also have an average age of 13 to 16 year old girls pregnant before they graduate from high school. It's a cold statistic) Barack Obama and his administration failed to investigate this bane phenomena in the interest of justice. The Barack Obama presidency failed to reform welfare and subsidized housing. Violent street gangs and young women who got pregnant and used HUD housing breed in a cycle of despair and violence. Instead of addressing welfare and this casual link, he only gave more food stamps! Think about it. Number one, most single moms who raise daughters, those daughter's become single mom themselves without at least a G.E.D and High school diploma depending on the racial make up and demographics of the city. Street gangs recruit and befriend the offspring of this situation and the absentee fathers are in prison themselves! Two, these people live in subsidized housing for decades. I used it. And when I was financially fit enough, I moved my family out the projects in West Las Vegas. It's hard but not impossible to do. Here's a solution. Mandatory birth control on young mother's seeking housing. You are on it for a five to six year period while they are getting on their feet. Also, they are in housing with a signed guaranteed education or career plan as a condition of housing that they must follow to include working. They will clean up or develope their credit to move from subsidized housing to a regular apartment or home. Also, no shacking or borders. No one is to live with the single mom. The only person that can be put on the lease is children under her care and her lawful H-U-S-B-A-N-D, not her "baby's daddy". Her spouse must also conform to the plan. You see "no birth control" is what started this "mess" in the first place. And if she does get pregnant again in wed lock, there is still a system in place to assist in child care. Single mothers who are not working or working in shifts keep each others children, just like lionesses do in Africa. One apartment can be converted into a legal day care facility. This is in the projects or subsidized housing! The Obama Administration could have addressed Homelessness and created real jobs in the process. How? Well, just look at the ants. They have communal housing. A ten story structure could get people off the streets sleeping in 8 hour shifts. Surplus food from farmers such as wheat, corn, and rice would feed the homeless. The place would also have resources such as internet, counselors, tutors, and computers to help find jobs or help from relatives in another state. A partnership of city, county, state, and federal government taxes and bonds would pay for the ten story structure. If the structure holds, say, five thousand. Then sleep shifts mean it would take fifteen thousand off the streets as homeless. Sleep shifts allows this based on jobs being held on days, swing shift, and grave yard shift. No job? Your shift for sleep is at night only. Obama Care Solution "Money" is the root of all evil. That is why Conservative republicans think Obama care is "evil". What health care boils down to is simply "money." America needs a health care solution that is non-monetary based. That means it does not matter if you are rich, like President Trump, or poor like myself. The solution to America's health care system is simply "Love". Believe it, or not. Think about it. Would you cure someone for free because they simply needed it as a human? Do you require a fee for every good deed or act you do? I have a solution for America's health care system. 1). Eliminate Monetary Issues There are medical issues that are going to occur until the planet is destroyed. Children being born, broken bones and sprains and fractures, immunizations, and viruses (cold and flu) and also venereal diseases. The medical care for theses, as they will keep you at work or school, should be free. This is "root health care" only. You can get this from any doctor, Nurse practitioner, or physician. People in the field doing this will get a lucrative tax break and privileges. Rich or poor it does not matter. 2). Cosmetic health care If you really do not need it, "you" pay for it out of pocket. On the job and sports injury is a case by case basis. Plastic surgery, breast jobs, noses, lipo-suction you can buy insurance for that. Prosthetics are also case by case basis depending on your needs. 3). Chronic Illness & Major Surgery Set up a special subsidy and co-pay insurance for cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, and nuero-surgery. Americans pay taxes for it and a small co-pay each month for it. Pre-existing condition is irrelevant. 4). Materials Federal government with the state provides bandages, petri-dishes, microscopes, MRI, X-ray. 50-50 split. This includes supplies for the doctors and clinics. 5). Providers & Interns Start certifying holistic medicine practitioners and B.S.N. as providers. They have enough skill to handle issues in section 1 above. City, County, State, and Government pays for labor in partnership. Anyone can drop in to be cured for free. If you have a major or chronic illness you will be referred to a "second" or "third" tier medical provider. 6). Prescriptions: "Harvoni Issue" The Federal Government compensater drug manufacturers for development and research while preventing "price gouging". No more 25,000.00 dollars for the cure for Hepatitis C! You pay for your prescriptions based on your need and ability to pay period. Generics is what you get if you cannot pay. Those who can afford it have a choice. 7). Doctors The formula for ineffective assistance of counsel should be applied. If you "cannot afford" a doctor an Intern, Nurse practitioner, or certified Holistic Healer will be provided for you supervised by a certified doctor. Then, if the medical problem is beyond their certification or expertise, you get access to a second tier or third tier doctor. Medical ethics and malpractice still applies. Dental and vision are included in "root" health care. Money is now out the equation for health care. Conclusion I hope I was not too hard on you "Obama fans". As an overall President, I give him a "B-" because he did an excellent job of "walking the color" line and not offending the real powers that be! He did not let racial issues tear up America while he effectively dodged them! But as the first black American president we could have done better. I would vote for Condoleeza Rice if she ran. I give Barack Obama a "D" as the first black president because he did nothing. What is free phones and prescriptions when Miriam still wears Moses' spit on her face in the form of the "white skin" disease from the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960s? Too many blacks got shot by police during his presidency to completely ignore it and say, "It's their fault". "Change" has not come to America - at all! A little boy's dream of becoming President of the United States is not the dream Martin Luther King envisioned for America, no matter what color that little boy is! Felton L. Matthews Jr.

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: October 12, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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