Currently I am faced with a dilemma

Borden, Chavelo



Dear A.P.W.A. Currently I am faced with a dilemma for which I truly believe must be addressed. My name is Minister Chavelo Borden #[ID] & recently I become the victim of an injustice for which I am in question of the matter being silenced. From 10/3/19 to 10/19/19 my person was illegally detained & unlawfully imprisoned to the SHU/Box for false allegations of a cutting incident. The allegations were dismissed! After being released from the SHU/Box, I was informed that the alleged prisoners wounds were self inflicted & that the person was pending P.C/Protective Custody... still in General Population. I was also informed by Correctional Staff & their superior officers that the call/order for me to be housed as an S.H.U. prisoner came from Dep. of Security or D.S.S Corey. Currently I am seeking an attorney who can be of aid in getting this matter into the courts as is needed A.S.A.P. & I believe that with your aid I can obtain the justice due. Respectfully, Minister Chavelo Borden

Author: Borden, Chavelo

Author Location: New York

Date: November 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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