Cursed by the gods

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



"Cursed by the Gods" By Richard Atkins, Jr. I gave so much of me, to the streets, that I have nothing to lose, except my life now. I have a black heart, when dealing with any and every soul cursed. You can't underestimate the next person's pain or stress. 'Cause the pain and stress, makes some men/women act out in ways, that invented homicide! So now, imagine being in the penitentiary, surrounded by the men who fit that description and they all have attitudes. Ima stand as a man, whether you love me or not. 'Cause I was born man, by myself and I look forward to this; when my time arrives. The souls tainted, are those who are lost in time, far from reality. These men are cursed by their Gods. That's the reality of their misery, and the reason for so much senseless violence. Let's say, America gives everyone an occupation. As long as that occupation isn't murdering folks, murders wouldn't run so high. Especially in the ghettos of America! My mother gave birth to a king. So the time I realized my fate, I knew I was meant to be an important millionaire or billionaire individual! And that time came around the age of 33. Me and a close friend, thought of joining our monikers in order to create LA-Prince. His name is, LA-LA and my name is Prince. So we dropped one of the LA's as you can see, and came up with LA-Prince. My novels, excelled and we needed a name to go with LA-Prince publishing. All that was based on him, connecting us with some dude name Terrell, who was or still is, the rapper Tiga's manager. Anyways, these are the visions that can lower the homicide rate. If we can sit each gang member down, and pick his brain on what it is that he/or she's good at it, and how we can create a business off that talent. That's what will curve the violence, in America. I know this because, I was a Street Lord, that used semiautomatics against rival gangs and I changed once I formed LA-Prince Global, Inc. My thoughts was no longer criminal. I found myself, thinking about the life of a millionaire! After i beginner them millionaire thoughts often, my lifestyle mentally, changed for the best. Today if what you're speaking to or around me, isn't about accumulating wealth, I'm not even trying to entertain that there. I'm cursed by the Gods! That I know, due to all of my struggles that continue to fight me back. But I'm not one to complain, when I can change the scenery quick. Times are changing for the worse, and with this type of white individual in office; talking reckless isn't going to make America great again. And I don't remember when, America was ever great. 'Cause I can name a few atrocities for every decade since 1800! But let's start with the young boy, who was tied and dragged from a vehicle in 1955! In 1965, it was Malcolm-X who was murdered/or assassinated by manipulated African-Americans! There was Rosa Parks. There was Martin Luther King, Jr. There was the Black Panther Party. There was Rodney King. There was the Los Angeles riots-burning! There was the government knocking down the Twin-Towers! There's all of the shootings of unarmed black men! So, make America great again? Am I the only one seeing this evil?

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: December 10, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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