Dead broke is permanent

Reagan, David M.



David Reagan The Correctional Writer's Initiative BRCI « 365028 CW1 ~ Student Paper 4460 Broafi River R6. ‘ Semester 3 Columbia, SC 29210-4912 DEAD BROKE IS PERMANENT My emotional molecules begin to stir when this little grey matter of mine thinks it is on to something. I love words. Every word is a world of its own. This morning I contmplate: BROKE. The money kind of broke is easy to evaluate. This can be on the order of American Broke, or no cash beyond what's needed for basic necessities. It can be third—world broke. We know what that is from the news, but have no first hand experience. This money broke»-is mere monetary circumstance--and can be fixed with money. The harder one to éeal with is spiritual broke, which is closely related to emotional broke. Just as money broke is a lack of money~-spiritual broke is a lack (or lull) in spirit. Now things get more complicated. My studies have lead me to believe that certain mental practices can raise the spirit level. one practice is simply making a Gratitude List every time you find yourself sulking. Sound trivial? Try it. The other practice proven to raise the human spirit is anything that creates uninterrupted flow of deep breathing. Exercise is even better»—healthy body; healthy mind. Qliche but true. The pleasure centers of the mind will activate in Reagan/BROKE IN PERMANERT 2 response, because your body wants more exercise. If this is dune consistently, you will eperate at a higher level of pleasure throughout each day, and all of your experiences will be more enhanced and positive with a welcoming spirit. But, really, broke is dead broke. No pun intended. I am money broke, and that can be fixed. There are days, however, when I am spiritually broke; but I always bounce back. Most of my friends are dead broke. They can't fix THAT problem. I agree with Einstein that, "everything is relative." when I take quiet time to picture how deafi broke looks, it makes me all the more aware of how rich I am. when I'm flead broke, bury me with my pen in my hand, and my running shoes on my feet. It's through writing and exercising that I've found my meditative fix.

Author: Reagan, David M.

Author Location: South Carolina

Date: June 15, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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