Dear APWA, I wrote this manifesto

Watterson, Randy A.



7/18/19 Dear APWA, I wrote this manifesto for our upcoming prison strike. On Aug 20, 2018 I Randy Watterson, Todd Martin and Jace Buras organized the North Carolina POW Movement. More than 100 outside public human rights activists and prison abolitionists did a peaceful protest in the prison parking lot and 300 prisoners stood behind us. We were asking for the following: 1. For N.C. to repeal Article 1, Section 17 of the Constitution of N.C. which permits slavery for anyone convicted of a crime 2. End all 85% mandatory minimum laws 3. End torture and long term solitary confinement 4. End SRG policies that restrict gang members from contact visits with their children and wives 5. Establish parole procedures for everyone even lifers who demonstrate rehabilitation 6. Better food, health, dental care 7. Fair wages for our prison jobs and slave labor 8. More rehabilitation and educational opportunities 9. Stop prison profiteering 10. Allow us to purchase JP4 players, miniature TV's electronic notepads 11. End 10.00 administrative fee's assessed to our trustfunds for rule violations 12. End harsh censorship policies restricting who prisoners can write 13. End humiliating strip searches and exploitation of our bodies Then when this got out on the internet it went viral and on Aug 21, 2018 hundreds of thousands of prisoners across 17 states joined us in solidarity and went on a hunger strike and work stoppage until Sept 9, 2018. We were all thrown into longterm solitary confinement and sent to separate maximum security prisons. At the time I was a model prisoner and a teachers assistant to the Horticulture instructor with no rule violations in over 8½ years. All for simply asking for more humane treatment. Since then I have remained in solitary confinement and accumulated 6 bogus rule infractions. I began studying social justice 2 yrs ago and I study law. I was wrongfully convicted of a crime I did not commit. If I cannot ever prove my innocence, it is my goal to change this broken system and to help these young men around me get their lives back on track. If I can save one it will be worth all of the suffering I have endured in the 11 years Ive been in prison. If I cant make a difference in the world out there then I will change the world inside of here. If you want to read my story you can go to my website. I am still organizing from solitary confinement and am the top protagonist over all gangs in N.C. despite my charges. I climbed to the top hierarchy through my revolutionary practices, and in our underworld we are planning an international 50 state prison riot in 2020 with the help of outside support and we hope it will reach out on a global level. The enclosed POW manifesto is our revolutionary practice. I just designed it. This is what all prisoners will be bound by. The things that I write are true and correct about our lives behind bars and how we are being treated. Enough is enough! If they want a war then we are prepared to lay down our lives. We are humans too. We are capable of change if given the innovative tools and guidance to do so. We mean no harm to anyone. They can beat us with their sticks, feed us their genocide they call food, tear gas us with their brutal hearts but with love, honor, valor and dignity we will wear them down with kindness yet war until we win... In solidarity, Randy A. Watterson #[ID] 527 Commerce Dr. Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909 P.S. If you want to publish this cover letter it is fine. Please let me know you got my POW manifesto... Submission 7/17/19 P.O.W. MANIFESTO (prisoners of the world, prisoners organizing worldwide) WE BELIEVE That cowardice is to blame for the injustice endured by prisoners. WE BELIEVE That freedom from oppression is hard won; that sometimes it is necessary to fight for our freedom WE BELIEVE In freedom from fear and in denying fear the power to influence our decisions WE BELIEVE In ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one prisoner to stand up for another prisoner against those who exploit and oppress us. WE BELIEVE In acknowledging fear and the extent to which it rules us. WE BELIEVE In facing that fear no matter what the cost to our comfort, our happiness, or even our sanity. WE BELIEVE In world peace, love, freedom, happiness and in a world where no one has a right to rule over our bodies or over another. WE BELIEVE In shouting for those who can only whisper, and in defending those who cannot defend themselves. WE BELIEVE Not in just bold words but in bold deeds to match them. WE BELIEVE In justice for all, solidarity, unity, diversity, and that all men and women were and are created as equals. WE BELIEVE In mercy, compassion, and in forgiving those who have offended us or who have lost their way but seek to be rehabilitated. WE BELIEVE As prisoners of the world, prisoners organizing worldwide, that together, we can and will win against all forms of government tyranny that has incarcerated and enslaved men, women, and children for centuries. WE BELIEVE In putting an end to all forms of slavery in our prisons WE BELIEVE In social justice and in the revolution of 2020 when all prisoners join hands. WE BELIEVE That no man, woman or child should be left behind regardless of why he or she is incarcerated, and that with brave hearts we will enter into battle with the ancient words "veni vidi vici" I came, I saw, I conquered... July 17, 2019 In solidarity, By: Randy A. Watterson #[ID] 527 Commerce Dr. Elizabeth City, N.C. 27909

Author: Watterson, Randy A.

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: July 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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