Dear Community, I am writing to you

Sierra, Dennis J.



Dear Community, I am writing to you with deep regret for the many crimes I committed against you all. My senseless attacks on you, Grandfather, was an act of cowardice and selfishness, the confusion, pain, and horror that I caused you when I assaulted you had a disturbing effect on the Family, the first responders who desperately tried to keep you alive, the neighbors who witnessed my assault on you, and those in your community who learned about your homicide. It is unfortunate that I created this effect upon society. I empathize with you, the Smith Family, for the emotional and financial pain I have caused you. My threats of violence against you and my abandonment of you, Jane, and our son, Dave, caused you stress, anger and sadness. Dave, I didn't consider your feelings or how my actions would affect your wellbeing when I failed to take care of and support you. My selfishness must have left you feeling confused, and angry. I disrespected you, Grandmother, by stealing your wedding ring to buy drugs. I violated your trust and your happiness by placing on you the burden of taking care of me when I was a homeless addict. It was selfish of me to attempt to place a wedge of animosity between you and Grandfather, I imagine that you must have felt tired, disappointed, and angry with my behavior, and my lack of empathy for your family. May, I hold myself accountable for the problems I caused you and your family. I was an unfaithful and irresponsible husband. I stole your money and your personal property to support my addiction. I ignored you when you needed me, and I manipulated you when I craved more drugs. You expressed to me your anger, your frustration, the stress that you felt, and your feelings of betrayal; and yet, you remained faithful and you supported me in my addiction. No words can express the empathy and remorse I feel for you because of my senseless acts against you. To society and my community; my criminal behavior and thinking has caused a strain on you and your resources. I hold myself accountable for stealing from stores and homes, for buying drugs and abusing them, for not fulfilling my debts and bouncing personal checks, for disobeying the traffic laws and neglecting to pay fines, and for treating people as a means to an end only to fulfill my own needs. I have caused you all to feel anger, disappointment, and stress because of my lack of insight and empathy. My apologies for my actions have been fruitless and hollow, and only by way of a living amends, may my apologies have value. I understand the effects that my criminal lifestyle has had on you all, and I have taken necessary positive steps to help restore the justice that I have taken from you. 
 Sincerely, Dennis J. Sierra 4-4-19

Author: Sierra, Dennis J.

Author Location: California

Date: April 4, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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