Dear fellow believers, hello and greetings

Henderson, William M.



January 22, 2019 William Martin Henderson [ID] POB 409040, B6-134L Ione, CA 95640-9040 Dear Fellow Believers, Hello and greetings in the Name and Love of Jesus Christ. Peace to you and yours. I have been a true believer, in touch with the Holy Spirit, since my earliest memories. I am looking for a church which takes all the Words of Jesus seriously, above all mere human doctrine. Please send me information on your church. On to another subject. I have been falsely imprisoned for some 21 years. To see how the use of illegal interrogation techniques can make this happen, please visit and carefully read the amicus curie brief in New Jersey versus Kelly Michaels. Other criminal acts were involved in my false conviction. Please review the story of Joseph in the Old Testament. Thousands in the U.S. have been in similar predicaments for decades, due to a system of chronic injustice. I was a rocket scientist. It could happen to you, or anyone. A man was released from death row in 2018 who had been there 41 years. He was proven to be not guilty. What he went through, and others go through in U.S. prisons every day, is considered to be torture according to international law. There is a modern Shindler's List to be worked. Will you be a Good Samaritan and help? Please read 1 Samuel chapter 8, Isaiah chapters 58 & 61, Matt 19:19, Luke 10:29-37, Luke 4:18, John 15:12-13, and many others. A true, Holy Spirit filled believer could help in any number of ways. People with internet access are desperately needed. There will be tremendous heavenly rewards. In many cases there will be financial rewards. In my case, the financial rewards may be record setting, maybe 10 million dollars. Scott Lehr, a vice-president with Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grummon) used to work for me indirectly, when I was a chairman of an integration team. Too late, I discovered among these workings on weapons of war, there are very few true Christians. Maybe none. Please post this far and wide. Can you please make it go viral? Snail mail is too slow at my age, but please send me 20 photocopies. I echo the prayers in Ephesians for you and yours. John 15:16 is a great verse for encouragement. In the love of Jesus, William Martin Henderson

Author: Henderson, William M.

Author Location: California

Date: January 22, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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