Dear Florida supreme court

McLeod, Newton



Dear Florida Supreme Court: As the highest Court of the State, how many cases the district courts review in a single term; did you provide enough justices or the Governor to make sure that our rights are been protected; how many valid arguments get overlooked and what mechanism you put into place to make sure justices and Clerk of Courts comply with the Code of Conduct? What prevented them from going rogue? Or, you going to take my word for it? The Fifth District Court of Appeal in 2010 found that my life sentence with 25 years mandatory minimum improperly exceeded 30 years. The Court reversed and remanded for the sentence to be corrected. Upon resentencing, the trial judge disregarded the appellate court's opinion and mandate and sentenced me to life imprisonment. So, are you awared of this? What is the Oath of Office? To protect and defend the Constitutions of the State of Florida and the United States. Do we live in a society where the rule of law matters, or we govern by the Law of the Juggle. The 14 Amendment of the U.S. Constitution cries in part, Equal Protection under the Law. If Congress vested with the authority to keep the President in check if he or she violated the Oath of Office, same applies to judges? Yes! But, is it mandated that Florida Judicial Qualification Commission investigate valid complaints filed in regard to Code of Conduct call into question, or it gets to pick when to investigate. Justice pledges Equal Protection; Revenge pledges Law of the Juggle, I cannot wait until you fucked up, I got you. Newton McLeod 2-11-20

Author: McLeod, Newton

Author Location: Florida

Date: February 11, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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