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8-21-18 Dear Reader, My name is [redacted] #[redacted]. My prison experience began back in 2003 when I was 17 years old on May [redacted] 2000 I was accused of rape the fact is that I was caught having sex with a lady of the age of 16 years old by her guardian after fighting the charge for three years June 2003 I plead guilty to a lesser offense under the advice of my lawyer which was not a paid attorney so I plead guilty to a five year sentence at 30% which I served 48 months on to be released upon lifetime supervision which is something that I had not agreed to when I took my five year sentence or something that I was unaware of unknowing at the time signing to a life sentence at 21 I gave my life away all behind 15 minutes of unneeded pleasure since then I have been in and out of prison the pressure behind my situation has never subdued and may never will the fact that the state could care less about me or my situation only to them am I a body to take up a space in which they can receive a fee from to keep their ball rolling! As of now I am serving an eight year sentence behind lifetime supervision violations along with new charges of robbery and theft the day to day life in prison is stressful one has problems of their own and once let loose inside the prison system lies a whole another world in which it becomes even harder to maintain a sense of sanity it is an everyday struggle for one who truly wants to change for the better to do so. Time waits for no man and as it may stand still for me while I am in here life in the free world keeps going this situation that I am in doesn't just affect myself it also affects my family my mother, sister my three daughters my aunts and uncles this situation has truly ruined my life or changed it to the point that I will never truly be able to enjoy my life I have had to start over so many times I've lost so many things time, money, life experiences, I cannot go to my children's school events with them I can't go pick them up from school my oldest daughter graduated from high school this past May I was in prison I was in prison when that baby was born I was in prison when all three of my daughters were born I have a five-year-old, nine-year-old and a 19-year-old once I'm finished with this eight year sentence the state will have gotten a total of 19 years out of me all behind a five year plea that I took way back then you see the thing that a person does not know or understand at the time of conviction is this once you plea guilty you are done regardless of the fact if you know all of the truth behind what you are excepting or not See my attorney never once told me that if I plea guilty to this five-year-sentence I would be stuck on lifetime supervision for the rest of my life to follow. I wanted to fight the fact that the sex was not forced and all my lawyer told me that because we had sex and I was caught in the act it would not be looked at in my favor that the plea for five years was the best option and that was so far from the truth my lawyer pressured me into pleading guilty he pretty much talked me out of trial and never fully explained the facts to me of my plea deal and at that point I became the victim my family became the victim my children to be were victims before they were even born and all of this was unknown to me then but someone that it was not unknown to was my lawyer and the D.A. and the judge and the prison system they all four knew all of what was to come and this is where the problem began and all these years later all this time away from my children, mother, family, loved ones all of my broken relationships all the money that my family has lost to the state for commissary and phone calls and stamps, and books and travel fare gas I missed my grandmother's funeral I missed my sister graduate and for what all behind a charge that I served my time for but yet all these extra stipulations behind the fact and or after the fact. I am now 36-years-old I just went up for parole August [redacted] and was put off for four years I'll be 40-years-old before I even go back up for parole I've been in fights I've been jumped I've become a gang member I've been assaulted by officers I've lost teeth I've dealt with health issues as well as mental health issues. And all of this stems from a charge I caught when I was 17-years-old now 18 years later I am still to the ones that knew all along I've been serving the same sentence the one guilty plea has cost me so much it is unthinkable the way my community looks at me all of the rules I must go by a person can commit murder do their time and get out of prison but me I caught this charge at 17 now every time I get out if my time is served or not I will always be on some type of probation have to take drug tests have to pay a yearly fee You see if I get out of prison finished with this eight-year sentence I will still have to report to probation and parole I will still have to take drug test I will still have to stay away from all children, parks, schools I can't take my children to the movies or to get ice cream my daughter cheerleads she asked me why I can't come and watch her why I can't support her and the whole time I am looked at with a shameful eye by the public or a watchful eye if I finish this time and I catch a jaywalking charge I will get a second charge by probation and parole called a supervision violation just for getting the jaywalking charge and the thing is this the supervision violation carries a separate jail sentence in itself so if I get a speeding ticket and say I get a sentence for 90 days to serve in jail the supervision violation is liable to be a class E felony with up to four years to serve now how is that right? Alright my girlfriend was mad at me and my supervision officer did a home visit she told him I had not stayed at her house in over a week I was handed a four year sentence behind this the D.A. in all this last situation stacked up 27 charges on me in order to get me to plea guilty to seven charges for a total of eight years to serve since then I've been assaulted by inmates I've been assaulted by officers losing teeth having surgery and all and who has to pay for the wrong done to me? I have to pay for it with blood with loss of property with loss of parole with solitary confinement when is enough enough at what point do I become recognized as the victim when will my family be set free from heartache and heartbreak will it take for me to take the ultimate sacrifice me losing my life to the grave or worst me losing my life to this prison system If you would like to hear more about my situation look in to legal paperwork hear from my family see criminal records parole findings see pictures appeals that have been denied and disciplinary write-ups please contact me and let me know all that you would like to see and have me send you I am an advocate for the wrong done to inmates held within the system I now am on maximum security and I do not go up for parole until August 2022 four years from now Enclosed is a letter form my mother and aunt

Author: Mr. Unknown

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: August 21, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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