Dear Readers, Many of you guys wonder

Magana, Maria Elena



Dear Readers, Many of you wonder how the inside of a prison facility is. Maybe many of you guys have an idea. Which is made up of experiences from a male that was incarcerated. Only if you guys knew that our image of being able to smoke, inmates sticking together, food being good, and one thing above all of that is once you get out your time time given to you: you do it and get out. How wrong we were! Not only that it gets so much worse for a female inmate. My name is Maria Elena Magana and I'm incarcerated in McPherson Unit (302 correction Drive Newport Rh 72112 - 8043). When I first got to this facility I was so ready to smoke me a cig and chill. How I was so wrong along with so many new inmates that came in with me. The next thing that shocked me was that the female inmates do not stick together and do not hesitate to put the police on you for anything. The thing the female inmates like doing most is putting the police on other inmates by calling PREA. Even though inmates were consenting, but did you know when you get locked up you no longer have the right to decide whether or not you have intercourse. So you get punished for consensual sex. 30 days in the hole, cant buy commissary, and how to wait 3 months to get your class. Which lead to the next thing on my list of how wrong we were about how prison is. We have to obey so many strict rules in order to go home. No talking in the hallway, no talking after lights out 10:30 pm and cant get out of our bed. Cant have your hair up. Have to have your uniform and be fully dressed in Class A's if you not in your bed. Cant walk in your breaks with T shirt and sweatpants during the day. (though men can walk with no t shirt in the break or rec yard). Not following these simple rules leads to getting wrote up and can't get your class to go home for another 30 days. A lot of people in my facility just need there class to go home but cant seem to get from class 4 to a 2. It is hard from a 4 to a 3 is 60 days and if you mess up and get wrote up don't matter if your 1 day shy of getting your 3 you have to start your 60 days all over again. when I first got sentenced my 10 years and doing a percentage leaving me to serve 2 and a half. I thought I'd just do those 2 and a half but each time I get in trouble it pushes my T.E date further out. No telling how long I'll do. I'm looking at 3 years now. The food here would be good if they would season and cook it fully like they do the officers food... We get the same thing made differently. So it leaves us depending on commissary but it's like we can't buy with our own money because we were on restriction even though were not in isolation. The list goes on and on but I'm going to close this out I'll write again with the topic about how my mentality has changed. Coming to this place. Sincerely Maria!

Author: Magana, Maria Elena

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: April 28, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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