Dear whomever

Hall, Eric Wildcat



Dear Whomever, Greetings. I hope and pray that my letter and release form finds you and everyone there involved in the APWA in the best of health, happiness and strong spirits. I am surviving here, presently struggling for a religious diet with the PA. DOC. and boycotting the dining hall food and subsisting on commissary food that contains no animal products, don't get as much to eat as I should as funds are limited and as a result have lost over 30 pounds. Am somewhere between the weight of 125 and 129 I would guess. Acceptable range for my height of 5'7-5'8. Moving towards the low end of the healthy scale though and really don't expect to be in general population much more than a month before I'm put in the infirmary, likely naked in a psych observatory cell as a danger to myself. Was prescribed medication on 12-24-12, eyedrops for glaucoma by the visiting contract ophthalmologist, but the healthcare department here didn't order the medication. I found this out on 4-3-13, and have been complaining since and here it is 5-5-13 and I still haven't received the medication, the perils of being a problematic prisoner and by problematic I mean complainant of conditions, struggling against their repression of religious belief, refusal to accept my wrongful convictions through maintaining my innocence and of course being a political prisoner- prisoners of war. Oh well, I guess the plan is if I go blind slowly, eventually I won't be problematic, cause I won't be able to see to write/ Bunch of dummies, thinking blindness could still my hand. Anyhow I've made some copies of your letter and pass it around to a couple of other prisoners and encourage them to do the same. Can I send you more writings, some have been published and some haven't and some don't necessarily relate to prison life, but deal with societal or spiritual or political issues that I guess in some way peripheral to imprisonment. Please let me know. Thank you. Well I got to go been up 20 hours, only had 1800 calories today and have to get up at 6:00 A.M. course back pain from the mattress will likely wake me before that. If they strapped me to the mattress it would be torture, but since I can choose not to use it, it's not, but in reality I don't have a choice as the only other option is a concrete floor. Guess I'm out of here, take care of stay strong. Blessings, Wildcat In the spirit of resistance

Author: Hall, Eric Wildcat

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: May 5, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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