Death at the hands of the system

Lee, Anthony



[ DEATH AT THE HANDS OF THE SYSTEM J FEB.27—28 @ 2:30am Bless the soul of Brother Charles Hart, I seen him lose his just a couple feet away from me and my bunk assignment 4B- 13698 Airport Rd., Bowling Green, Mo. 63334. Only ten minute from the infirmary he just left. Heart attack, stroke what- in my mind I believe the whole situation was contrived. Seeing such thing there are No words to explain the emotion?‘ or hurt that goes with such experience. Instantly I felt sad, helpless, once again wronged by the system. Feelings of anger exceed any other, I don't know who to blame but the one's behind the badge. I might not be the only one feeling this way:I might be the only one who see's it from this point of view. Every individual has their own matrix and deals with death or trauma differently. I try to avoid it funerals, bodies, just the reality and accepting losing someone. Unable to avoid this one, forced to see/watch as staff futilely attempt to revive his lifeless body for nearly an hour. Even though he was a stranger I still feel as if he was one of mine, a Brother. Rest in Peace Charles Hart. Anthony J. Lee M

Author: Lee, Anthony

Author Location: Missouri

Date: April 5, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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