Death stations: Addendum to Run! Revelations 13:15-17

Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.



(Note!: Permissions-on-File) Felton L. Matthews Jr. P.O. Box 1989-3A37-ESP Ely, NV 89301 Date: 7- -2020 Pg 1 of 5 "Death Stations: Addendum to 'Run! Revelations 13:15-17.'" Enoch 66:5-15 The lake of fire in the book of Enoch is said to exist in a "valley." The book also described the lake as being "frozen" and "underneath" the soul. The lake has a "sulfurous" smell. Furthermore, it is said that such a "lake" purifies the soul or spirit while it destroys the body. The nephilim (those who were cast out) and the noephilim (those who left on their own accord) were the first to take this uh, "luxurious bath" reserved allegedly for "us" in the book of Revelations if you believe in the biblical prophecy. Death Station Theory: "Think about it" "Given" that this book (Enoch) is true for the purposes of the Revelations judgment. The judgment, which encompasses both the living "and" the dead, entails "alot" of people. The book of Revelations only details a "singular" "Lake of Fire." I believe that God (Yaweh) is way too practical and efficient for that. There "are," or will be, "many" "Lakes of Fire." As a convict, my ability to Pg 2 of 5 Back research is limited. But, thanks to science and Discovery Channel's "What on Earth" I viewed on July 8th, 2020. I have found the alleged "Lake(s) of Fire" as described in both the Book of Enoch and the biblical Revelations! So, behold your deaths eternal! Science When you consider natural hot springs; cauldera (pools of magma underneath the earths surface or crust) which heats the hot springs there is the presence, in some locations, "sulfur." "But," what if you have connected to said cauldera a "lake" (Again, "Lake of Fire") infused with CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)? Ladies and gentlemen, with a volcanic eruption or opening from said cauldera (pool of magma) to a carbon dioxide infused lake you will get, not only deadly sulfur dioxide gas, but a vast gigantic lake of sulfuric acid! (Thus, the Lake described in Enoch 66:5-15!) "So, where's the 'Lake of Fire'?" A.) Long Valley Cauldera, California It's in a valley, it's near or connected to a lake, and it reeks of sulfur. You dig in the soil and the carbon dioxide gas from the burning cauldera (magma) comes up out the soil at toxic levels. What this means is that the cauldera is cooking the soil on top of it. The lake or cauldera is de facto "frozen." It does not necessarily mean "frozen" Pg 3 of 5 as in "ice." It's on a "timer." It's going to happen (The creation of that "lake") The question is "when?" B.) The Yakut of Siberia, Russia The location like the Long Valley cauldera is in a "Valley." The geological anomaly is also spreading. It's fissure has a lot of prehistoric fossils dating back to the Ice Age at the time on Anunnaku (Those who came from Heaven to Earth: Nephilim and Noephilim) from Sumeria, UR and the Sinai Penninsula. The ground used to be frozen (Permafrost). The Yakut claim it is the entrance to Hell. The anomaly is also fueled, similarly to the Long Valley cauldera, by cauldera or pools of hot magma. There is no lake connected to it but there could be a hot spring with sulfur pockets underneath it to create a "Lake of Fire." And like Long Valley, the anomaly is growing. C.) Africa The "Niyukos(?)" are a people in Africa in which a Village of 1700 people, to include their livestock, got wiped out due to a CO2 (carbon dioxide) explosion out of their lake. 1). There is a cauldera of magma underneath or connected to the land and lake. 2). There are sulfur deposits. 3). It's "hot" as "hell" (Hint!) folks! pg 4 of 5 Conclusion Just look at and examine all the lore involving the tales and myths of Hell or Hades. The boiling cauldron (cauldera from which it stems) contains wailing and suffering souls in hot, boiling, fiery torment. It has a creature (Devil, Satan, Lucifer, Ol' Scratch, etc. etc.) with a trident or "pitchfork" feeding the cauldron or "furnace" (Again, cauldera or "Lake of Fire") Voila! There's your "Lake of Fire." And due to the amount of beings involved in the "Judgment" of Revelations and the Book of Enoch, what punishment station do "you" want to report to for "your" sins without salvation or Yashua (Christ).?! God's Timer "When the cauldera's come to the surface and makes contact with the sulfur and waters of the earth, creating the vast sulfuric acid lakes and clouds of sulfur dioxide gas to prevent hiding or escape, the 'Judgment' will begin! "I" - set - my - clock! We do not know "when" these"Death Stations" will be created. No one knows the time of the hour. (Just as Yashua {Jesus Christ} stated.) But the caulderas are slowly coming up and spreading. (Note! The fissure breach in Siberia looks like a woman's stomach about to give birth; a spreading stretch mark on the belly as Yashua Pg 5 of 5 (Christ) and the "Angels" described in prophecy! My mission, my burden, does not change. I have shown you the "Mark of the Beast" and I have revealed to you the actual "Lake of Fire" already used (1) once according to Enoch 66:5-15. As a convict, if I do not get released on parole, is it a blessing for "me," a "child molester," to sit back and watch you die (twice) while you Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and spend money on your cell phones based on the "Mark of the Beast"? Who is the real monster or threat to society here? If I figured this out, why is it so hard for you to believe that I have figured out E=Mc^2 and lightspeed space travel for an alternative end for our homo sapien species? I have unraveled Enoch and all prophecy. I will, if Yaweh (G-d) allows it, bring the fight to the enemies of God (Yaweh). If you believe as I do, then the Rothschild-Illuminati-Masonite- Ikusat (Serpent-Dragon) conspirators are your enemies too. This includes any humans that support them. They are traitors to our human species. I fire the first shot with truth and science. Rule by the top 1% and the power hungry "ends" as predicted in Enoch. We need a planetary human rights constitution binding on "all" Humans. Time to get the Anunnaki out of our business for good. Felton L. Matthews Jr.

Author: Matthews, Felton Louis, Jr.

Author Location: Nevada

Date: July 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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