Deceptive justice

Williams, Jerome



Deceptive Justice By Jerome Williams, IN We have all heard or recited the United States Pledge of Allegiance, specifically that part which states "with freedom, liberty, and justice for all." I, however, submit to you that this declaration is no more than the line of a master con man. At first glance this argument may appear to be ludicrous at best. However, the truth is quite clear as it has always been present. It has just been suppressed by the continuous indoctrination and veiling of the mind, starting that very moment you took the stand in kindergarten, and pledged allegiance to the United States government. If the United States is truly a government void of liberty and justice for all, how is it that it has come to be regarded as the freest and most just country in the world? This is a very interesting question. Simply put, America has come to be regarded as the freest and most just country in the world, only because it has mastered the art of "deceptive justice." Nearly every government in the world claims to be of a nation, that's composed of the latest and most refined ideas of freedom and justice. Needless to say, this in no way can be true considering the current state of our world, which as a whole lacks the very elements of such claims. The truth of a nation will always be found within the pinnacles of its judicial system. For its judicial system is a storehouse which houses all of its morals and tenets of law. In its most natural sense it is a nations's truest temple. Suffices to say, one can get a pretty accurate idea as to whether a nation's claims of being of liberty and justice, is truly a genuine or fraudulent claim. For in your review of its judicial temples/system you will find it riddled with an expanse of truth or outright lies. The presence of truth is usually an indication that its morals and laws are being zealously guarded by an aura of sacredness, which is a sort of mystic shield that protects it from corruption. On the other hand, the presence of lies is a clear indication of manipulation and corruption which creates a breeding house for more and more lies, thus turning a nation's most important institutional infrastructure into a safe haven for the most artful liars of all time, individuals who are accustom to using the foundations of government power for their own benefit, at the expense of society's liberty and justice. The American judicial system speaks from the voice of a split tongue. In the criminal court, a court which obviously involves the seizure of a defendant's complete liberty, the defendant is awarded various rights such as the right to counsel, the right to a trial by a jury of one's peers, the right to due process and so forth. These rights, however, are anything but guaranteed. For they are inert absent a defendant's access to an intellect capable of inciting them, through its expression of theory in relation to the facts and controlling laws of their particular case. The right to counsel is so widely known amongst the American population, that a defendant is usually appointed an attorney if he is deemed indigent without him ever having to ask for one. However, the mere appointing of counsel does not suffice absent its possession of an "abled and willing intellect." In the criminal court the judge will readily appoint an indigent defendant counsel, but will idly stand by as his ineffectiveness is seen as clearly as the morning sky, through his failure to do some of the most basic things such as investigate, call pertinent witnesses, present a defense, and even present evidence at trial. Despite such gross misconduct the presumption is that counsel is and was effective. Needless to say, if counsel doesn't do some of the most basic things as mentioned above, by law the defendant isn't receiving assistance of counsel in accordance to the sixth Amendment. However as said earlier, every right a defendant has is inert absent his access to an intellect to incite them, through the expression of theory in relation to the facts and controlling laws of his particular case. So what does this mean? It means that absent his "personal possession" of an intellect that would enable him to challenge his lawyer's ineffectiveness, the laws which guarantees him a right to effective assistance of counsel is never incited, thus ultimately resulting in his complete denial of counsel altogether; a right that is essential to the very idea of liberty and justice. After such a defendant has been convicted at trial he enters into the direct appeal phase of his case. The law guarantees the defendant a right to assistance of counsel on appeal as well, but very cunningly attributes all ineffective assistance of counsel issues, to be "exclusively" post-conviction issue; a post-conviction appellate phase where the defendant "is not" required by law to have assistance of counsel. What exactly does this mean? It means that a defendant who is appointed defective counsel, as is usually the case, will likely be convicted due to his lack of intellectual ability to incite the protection of the law. Once convicted the most serious issue regarding whether or not he had effective assistance of counsel, is cast to the side to await a time where he is required to represent himself, a time where he is once again at his weakest. His appellate attorney will more than likely pursue a meritless appeal, and will then hand the entire case load back to the defendant to fend for himself. At this stage the defendant will likely still be ignorant to the law, and thus will likely be in the same position he was in at the onset of his case. When you read his published case you will see no more than an illusion of justice; justice in black and white form manipulated and upheld by the art of deceptive justice. You will not hear of how counsel refused to investigate and prefect a defense, but behind the endless pages of legal documents and motions lays a magnitude of lies; cunning strategies which employed everything from the use of handpicked defective attorneys, to the use of partial judges who knowingly favor the state's position. Majority of the lies and cunning acts that takes place in the court house remain in secret. However, we know they do in fact occur by knowing the type of characters and individuals it harbors within its inner walls. For it can arguably be said that the court house is the number one institution, where you'll find the largest concentration of liars in the entire country. In fact, the best attorneys and prosecutors are never the ones who are honest and by the book, but are rather always the most ferocious individuals who are so cunning, that they have the ability to be just in their dishonesty. A homeowner would not allow a burglar to watch their home while they're gone, just as a bank owner would not allow a thief to manage its bank. Why than is it that America has allowed a liar to run its "justice system?" Yes, under the veil of deceptive justice every court official within the judicial system is a liar, whether they are deluded by the deceptive justice or not. For I submit to you that if you and a million other people came to my bank and opened up an account for a thousand dollars, and I noticed that my employees mistook my 6% interest policy to be 3%, and I said nothing about it when you found out about it, would not you lose confidence in my service and deem me a liar? Sure you would! This is no different than the American judicial system. As said at the beginning of this essay, we have all heard of the United States Pledge of Allegiance, specifically the part which states, "with freedom, liberty, and justice for all." How can this declaration ever be considered genuine when the law allows the denial of freedom, liberty, and justice to a defendant simply because he lacks access to an intellect able to incite the protection of the law? Such a declaration can only be found to be genuine by a people if they are kept in a constant state of mass delusion. This is precisely the state the American people have been in since the very conception of this country. Suffices to say, the American people, the entire western world for that matter, have went without freedom for so long through their experience of living through dictatorship after dictatorship since Roman times, that they have outright forgotten what liberty and justice truly is. The fact that they have elected outright liars to uphold their judicial system attest to this fact. This essay is a call for the reformation of the American justice system. Every court official is responsible for the delusion that has blinded the people, and thus must gradually be replaced to make way for a new era of true justice and liberty. This call may seem to be absurd, but understand that corruption only creates more corruption. The American people can fight the war against crime block by block as long as they wish, but so long as its justice system remains a fraud it will continue to lose every such battle it embarks on. For whether they realize it or not, the criminal on the street who robs people and sell drugs is no more than the competitor, of the people's most popular leaders in government. The only difference is that they rob and sell drugs on an institutional scale, under the banner and protection of the law. Again this may seem absurd but the facts speak for itself. For Operation Iraqi Freedom in translation becomes Operation Murder and Robbery, when one sifts through the U.S. officials lies building up to the war, in direct relation to Saddam's possession of key resources such as oil. I can go on and on giving you examples in history and in the present, showing where U.S. government officials meet their very own criteria, of what constitutes an actual criminal. The idea of every man having a right to freedom, liberty, and justice is an idea belonging to a sophisticated and spiritually mature civilization. Therefore, it would be wise if the American people held fast to such beliefs. For this belief is far more important than many can even imagine. Destroy it in its smallest form and everyone will fall at risk, to becoming subjected to the torments of the effects of its violation. Considering its importance, it must be surrounded by the protection of men and women who revere and worship the sacredness of its power. Ideas such as "ignorance is no excuse to the law," and the encouragement and acceptance of dishonesty must be abolished at all cost. In a court room setting the judge and both parties should know the law, and should speak the law free from the current idea of tactical advantage or adversary. They should be the temple of the law and should not speak the law for the sake of any party, but for the sacredness of its power and its ability to resolve all matters justly.

Author: Williams, Jerome

Author Location: Indiana

Date: April 29, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 15 pages

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