Deeply rooted

Atkins, Richard, Jr.



By: Richard Atkins, Jr. Essay Oct. 22, 18 "Deeply Rooted" Who's to blame for my struggles as a youth? Why was I only loved by my family? What's wrong with the world? Let me tell you a little story. As a child, what went through my mind was a master plan to get rich. So I became a local rapper, trying to make it big. I also boxed at the east side Boys & Girls Club with boxing trainor Frank, but that also went nowhere. Years later, I once again make a mistake that lands me in prison again. I was like damn. I had a home, fiance, cars, jewelry, friends and was happy with thirteen dogs and four cats. In the end, I threw it all away with a major slip up. Taking penitentiary chances, will and can land you in the pen. I'm a convict, trapped in a hallow cinder block, with toilet and sink and twins-bunks. I think like a prisoner, warrior, convict, sophisticate and mafia (eme) head. Keeps me sharp and quick on my feet. I learned to get good at sports, so that I could become fit and have the stamina to survive anything in prison. As long as I don't panic, stay calm and properly execute. Besides that, I exercise on the exercise bars and have developed the exact muscles my father has had since I was a kid... People think I'm so tough guy type, until they meet and greet me. Then they're like damn, this individual is pure muscle and yet humble. Prison has really changed my life for the best. On my 2nd term, I became a mogul mentally, and built a name brand not yet public. I'm getting the blue print up and running at my pace. I have Lucinda, Book One of the Goddesses Series online @ and I have fifty novels... My clothing line will wake their game up too. Watch, when I drop my own gear. A.P.W.A. will be my witness to this prophecized empire! The best and greats were all hit with people's doubts. But others opinions can never prevent progress, when you're dealing with a human-machine. My mother taught me to always work harder than everyone else. So I always want to be the best at whatever I'm participating in. And so I go hard to the basket. With power like LeBron James, and a skill set of a sharp shooter Ray Allen, I distribute LA Prince Global, Inc. to the world. And to think, Lucinda; Book One is just the beginning of fifty novels! This is the struggle of a gangster turned pure man. I don't want the streets to fear me anymore. I want the streets to love me. True that. I'll be wealthy, but it won't be like I didn't earn every dime. Money becomes wealth. Power becomes strength. Respect becomes love. That love Michael Jackson received while he blessed us with his presence. RIP! The penitentiary changed my personality, my body language, and my speech. 'Cause I became another man. Richard Atkins, Jr. is my name and I stand behind it 100 percent...

Author: Atkins, Richard, Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: October 22, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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