Richter, Robert



Dehabilitation I have been in prison for more than 23 years, serving a life sentence for a crime that never happened. Supposedly, I'm being rehabilitated, but in fact the exact opposite has occurred. I have developed a deep and abiding hatred for prison officials, the State government, the people of New York, and humans generally. Perhaps hate is the wrong word, despise is better. You all disgust me. Humans are insane. I apparently, am not human, because I am not insane. Prison allegedly can drive people crazy, especially in solitary confinement (where I am now), but that isn't true. People are crazy already. So long as their delusions match those of the people around them, people are considered sane. Just ask any wacko religious cult member. Similarly, State officials commit crimes against me with impunity, claiming that I deserve this because I am a criminal. I have been robbed, assaulted, sexually abused and starved by police. These crimes are never investigated, the perpetrators never held accountable. The acting commissioner of NYC DOCCS, Anthony Annucci, publicly claimed that the law does not apply to him, but the court made short work of that "defense" in Betances v Fischer. How can I expect to receive any kind of justice from a system run by a man who blatantly dismisses the law like that? Six years ago, I thought that my release was immanent. I had solved the "unified field theory," the biggest problem in physics. I also found the error in Einstein's general relativity. I figured out what every physicist on Earth has been working on. I should be famous, so famous that lawyers flock to me and get me out of prison, but I'm not. Why? Because prisoners are invisible non-people, and because people are are crazy. I spent four years trying to publish my work in a peer-reviewed journal. I wrote to hundreds of people. One person complained to the State police, and I was retaliated against, starved for five days in a strip cell, then sentenced to 57 days in the box. Why? Because I dared to oppose this country's illegal official religion, a crackpot cult masquerading as a science. In Edwards v. Aguillard, the Supreme Court ruled that in order to be taught in public schools, science must be science, not a thinly disguised religion. In an amazing coincidence, the address I needed was waiting for me in the cell I wound up in the box! After years of enforced silence, I was able to publish my work in comic book form on, and I went on to write several more books. Now the problems is to get people to read them, that is, if they are still there. On 11/3/16, I got a surprise visit from the FBI. I didn't want to talk to them without a lawyer present, a fact published in my comics, but DOCCS forced me to. One agent threatened to take my comic books off the internet. Seriously? My comic books are a threat to National Security? Besides, does he even know how the internet works Is he going to call the Russians, Chinese, etc. and ask them to erase their copies too? So what if I'm in prison? Hiding my discovery won't make it go away. Anyone can figure out what I did. You can, all you have to is not be stupid, ignorant, or insane. Maybe that's wrong, maybe nobody but me can think rationally. It sure seems that way! You know, if I tell you something, you can check it out yourself. You don't have to trust or believe me: I'm just telling where to look, what to look at. You can see the facts for yourself. I can tell you that Einstein was insane, but will you listen? Nope, because I'm a prisoner, publishing this on a prison-oriented website. The facts don't matter, even though can look them up for yourself. Einstein based his work on gravity on the idea that two things are exactly the same (his "equivalence principle"). He went on to propose that they are in fact NOT the same, and countless experiments confirm this. People take this as proof that he was right. Am I the only person who sees that he based his work on something we now KNOW isn't true? Apparently so. So, let's get this straight: Homeland Security is so worried that they sent the FBI to question me without a lawyer present, and threaten to take my work off the internet, but they can't figure out how to write back to me, or to send me an address for someone who can understand what I'm working on. Even worse, what are they doing about the billions of dollars that are wasted on what people think is physics? Nothing. Children are indoctrinated into a system of belief based on wild guesses and blind following, and they are okay with it. I am not. Right now, I'm in the box because I wrote FBI SAIC Pikus in Alabany to report how the agents tried to kill me. Yes, attempted murder. Within hours of the illegal interrogation, the whole prison knew that the FBI had come to question me about a letter I wrote to Homeland Security, and what was in the letter. Guys who never met me before were talking about me, saying that I was some kind of Federal informant, and plotting to kill me. I'm alive only because I successfully spread a counter-rumor that the Feds were telling people lies about me because I wasn't cooperating with them. Who spread the first rumor? For some reason, two DOCCS OSI investigators were at the illegal FBI interrogation. One of them, Senior Investigator, J. Nocera, wrote me a Tier III (three) ticket, claiming that the Pikus letter contained obscene and abusive language, charging me with harassment. At my hearing, he refused to to say how he got the letter, admitting that someone at the Albany FBI office sent it to him, but not who or why. The obscene language? There wasn't any. Abusive ? Nope. The hearing officer concluded that the letter contained "offensive" language ( I tell Pikus that his agents had tried to get me killed, "So go fuck yourself") and sentenced me to the maximum penalty, 90 days SHU (the box). Leaving Greene CF, my property was pillaged. A corrections officer stole all of my food and stamps, and most of my books. All but one of the books my friend Dr. Julian Barbour (Oxford University) most generously bought for me are gone. He didn't buy them so a cop could steal them! Is this crime being investigated? No. In New York prisons, the guards are allowed to steal whatever they want, without any consequences. I can't do my legal work because hundreds of pages of my trial minutes are gone. All I can do is file a claim. Then wait months to be offered a fraction of what the stolen property was worth. Prisoners don't get due process and equal protection of law, we get NO process and NO protection. This no longer surprised me, as I no longer expect anyone to ever act in a rational manner, like never EVER. I can understand that people can be fooled, misted, or just plain wrong, since it has happened to me. Anyone can overlook something, but it has happened to me. Anyone can overlook something, but ignoring it when it is pointed out to you is more than just ignorance, it is deliberate, pighead insanity. Why do people believe in magnetic fields? I did, for thirty years, but when I looked at the facts, facts that nobody had back in the 1800's, I instantly abandoned Maxwell's specious conclusions. A current in a wire? No, he didn't know about the protons. I do, every physicist does, but only I think about them. My credibility is not an issue, I get my facts from the same books they do. So why is nobody listening? Anti-prisoner prejudice? Or blind unreasoning ignorance? I would like to think that if I were free I could make some progress, but I have come to doubt that. The entire human species is trapped in prison, or should be. Why are fools in charge of my life? How can criminals rehabilitate me? All I feel is contempt, disgust, total revulsion. Suppose that I accused you of killing a monkey, then rehabilitated you by teaching you live in monkey society. That's how I feel about humans. I always knew that most people were stupid, would rather watch Jerry Springer and Jersey Shore than learn about anything positive, but I never suspected that the situation was this bad. Billions of dollars spent, millions of hours wasted, Nobel Prizes awards for nonsense, and not one person listens or thinks. I explained in my comics why dark matter will NEVER be found - it doesn't exist. Last fall, CERN and HC Davis announced that their expensive experiments hadn't found any. Maybe Jeremy Mock should have paid more attention to the letter I wrote him. So, do I want to be paroled and rejoin society? Have I been rehabilitated? I cannot become a functioning member of society because society is sick, mentally ill, insane. Show me one sane person, someone who can use facts and logic to arrive at a rational conclusion, and I'll socialize with him. The rest of you don't matter to me. Why would you? You're not even human. Don't complain, don't say I'm wrong, prove it. Oh, you can't. All you do is parrot what the authorities say. Pathetic.

Author: Richter, Robert

Author Location: New York

Date: March 12, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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