Did I sign a death sentence?

Farley, Darrell



Did I sign a death sentence? I was arrested on my birthday in 2013. I had the right to remain silent just didn't have the ability. I was lost and very confused. Placing an ad on craigslist personals which you must be of legal age to use. The cop who arrested me said he hates LGBTQ people. Upon arrest in a parking lot, they didn't identify themselves as an officer, guns drawn to my head. I was forced into a confession. The tool used to allegedly commit my crime, a blackberry. I was offered two plea agreements, accepting the second one of 8 yers total. (The first was 10 years). I ask myself today did I actually sign a death sentence? As an LGBTQ-transgender inmate and due to my crime nature I was sexually abused and injured by both correctional staff - as well as by higher level security inmates. Out of retaliation I was housed in higher levels of prison security with predatory inmates. Inmates were allowed to enter my cell to rape and harass me. Even though they were identified and viewed going into my cell, some admitting to sexual act DNA left behind, the VDOC didn't do anything. LGBTQ people and sex offenders can't be raped at all is what staff basically states. I was threatened to be sent to out of state prison, threats of violence - death, threats of civil commitment, threats of higher level prisons, and threats of making life hell for me and my family upon prison release if I press LGBTW(GED) rights and PREA issues. Prison Rape Elimination Act lists transgenders and I'm vulnerable to assault. As a child of age 8 I was molested and exploited. Ive never hurt anyone at all. The VDOC refuses to provide me with gender identity treatment/evaluation assessment and treatment for my sleep disorders. They even refused to protect me. Internal Affairs participated in threatening me if I press my complaints. During a Federal 1983 Civil Rights Action I filed years ago while in prison, one of my named defendants came to my prison to injure and threaten me. The inmates and staff who sexually victimized me I don't know if they had HIV, Hepatitis, or anything I may have been exposed to. Now I always suffer. Being a woman trapped in a man's body is hard enough to deal with. They stated they would waste valuable resources on hocus pocus. I'm with male parts. I truly identify as a natural born female with male genitals. Finally was sent to my proper security level under a month ago for re-entry after writing places. U.S. District Court in Virginia will not help indigent inmates with no legal training get relief or access equal to court. I've had legal mail opened out of my presence and items taken that I needed to litigate (case laws, LGBTQ law facts). They block your use of the grievance procedure. Many female in mates have died, have suffered badly, and have been deprived treatment for serous medical needs. If you are female you suffer daily and subject to abuse. Disabilities make it worse. Being a product of law, they have become invisible to violating law. Hasn't torture been outlawed? The PLRA gives prisons more room to violate our rights making it hard to get in court. How can I personally with only a GED write a complaint and litigate like a lawyer - especially from the Attorney General's office? Again, did I sign a death sentence? A local reporter met with me last week. He will be writing my story I just shared about prison with you on the abuse and inactions of VDOC. Legal Aid will not help due to legalities of Federal Funding. Even the ACLU of VA will not assist. I had US Congressman Scott advocate. No lawyers in VA will take a pro bono LGBTQ/rape issue.

Author: Farley, Darrell

Author Location: Virginia

Date: October 14, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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