Did New York State Correctional learn anything after the Attica uprising.

Brown, Melvin P.



Melvin Brown New York Did New York State Correctional Learn Anything After the Attica Uprising. That is the "Question." This a True Story Well I really dont think so, because some inmate's are being abuse as I speak to you on paper. Please let's us go back, for few minute's; On September 13 1971 it was a sad day for the state of New York, inmate's was being kill by state law enforcement on T.V. by the order of Govern Rockefeller, I was not the age 14 me and my family watch this sad situation. New York State Correctional have not learn anything after Attica uprising inmate's are still being beating and sexual assault by these same people New York State taxes payer pay to watch over us. Just last year 20011 a inmates got his eye kick out of his head by these officer's at Attica Correctional Facility, these kind of abuse's must stop or the State of New York will be paying out alot of money to abuse inmate's it a fact some of these inmates are already abuse to come in this correctional service and have to be abuse more while we are in prison this is very much out of order. This is why some of these young men and women come home with this misplace angry. How can we stop this abuse that go on in these prison's first our people must know what is really going on inside of these prison walls. This must go on news and the newspaper. The State of New York will be paying out more law suits for their wrong doing and the bill is on the taxes payer the next few year's you will see. I know these officer's think they are above the law and the law only for poor people only and we dont count. Until the govern put alot of pressure on these officer's and let them know they will not get away with nothing and you will be sent to prison for your crime so stop abuse on inmates.

Author: Brown, Melvin P.

Author Location: New York

Date: June 26, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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