Directed towards the Medical, Programing and Parole Board

Kamrowski, Kenneth R.



[no title] (1) My essay will be directed to the policies of the medical, programing, and parole board. First the medical charging us wards of the state so much in medical bills. For over 5 years they of taken thousands of dollars of just my money that I received from working or family. We have a co-pay for every doctor visit here of $5.00. We pay $2.00 each month for every medication we receive. Mine ar 8 for congestive failure which comes to $16.00 per month. Same for dental or eye doctor. Since I have a defibrillator implant I'm taken to the U of U hospital every 90 days which I'm charged 10% of the bills. Through the years that really adds up. I just had my defibrillator replaced and already have been receiving bills that they will deduct from my account even if it's all I have. So far just from my recent operation I have received a bill for $1,797.22 so far. Now hard to believe they can take so much from a man who is incarcerated. They say I can't collect even a percentage of my Social Security which I worked for my whole life, or even have medicare pay my portion which at 66 years of age should be able to receive. I've wrote the A.C.L.U. and also Social Security with no help. It seems Utah is able to do anything they want with no repercussions. These bills are only a few for the past 5 months. I have another 5 years worth of bills I've paid also. (2) When it comes to their programing their own regulations said it's optional. But if you refuse to take it they drop your levels and take away your electronics which you have already purchased. The problem with their programing is since you are forced into it you have no choice. So now you are mixed in with those who are there only because they have to be there. That makes it hard because those take personal information back into the population which makes one time here not only hard but dangerous. Your religious beliefs also have no place in the programs. I did graduate the Conquest drug program here and they did not like my input when it came from the bible. But if you look into their questions and material it's all biblical. Now the SOTP program for sex offenders really make most worse off than when they went in. I know many who went into the program and came out all messed up. To make a person be dragged through everything from his childhood to present is no help. The past is over and done. If they would deal with thoughts and feels you have today and let you move forward now that would work. Because Isaiah 43:25 tells you God has forgiven your sins and remember them no more. 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 tells you that you are a new creation. Then Philippians 3:13-14 tells us we must forget what lies behind and keep moving forward. If only they could use a christian base program many more could be made whole again. Because I'm a true believer since 2013 the only God can change a man, and (3) I'm one. God through prayer has taken my bad language away since 2013. He also through prayer has given me the power to not watch programs that are sexual and violent. He also took away any thoughts or needs to masterbate since December 19 of 2013. Now show me one program with that much power and I'm all in. There is no way I will ever go back to my past and start with all the things that happen to me as a child and up to today. Besides if they would let us out on our minimum time and let us take programing on the street and work and pay for it ourselfs think how much could be saved. Plus the ones that don't care would not complete the programing and come back to prison. I'm not getting involved in a program in here where if you don't agree what they want you to say. Even if it's not true you are punished for it and could get beat down by gang members. So letting people take the programing on the outside and work would do way with that problem. When it comes to the parole board they can do anything they want. They read your charges and when you tell them the truth on what took place like I did. Then they say you are in denial and give you 6 more years. So now on a 6 to life that the judge said in six years you be eligible for parole is no trouble. But I have never had a write up for anything and yet after 4 years the board gave me another 6 years to see them. If I don't agree to their program in here, there is a good (4) chance I will die in prison. They have changed so many people with 5-life, or 6-life, etc., to natural life without parole. So they are sentencing us over and over again for the same crime. If they would look at the transcrip from the trial they could see facts. My victim changed her testimony 3 times to a different story. It was on a Friday when my jury found me guilty. The jury even asked to think it over through the weekend but the prosecutor ordered meals and asked them to make a decision so the judge could go back home down south for the weekend. So they rushed them into my guilty plea. Utah cares nothing about federal standards and that is seen by their indeterminate sentencing and parole board which is a whole other trial system we must go through. Even their gun laws are not even close to federal standards. There are so many things wrong here a man could go on for days. I hope my experience here have helped you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Kenneth Kamrowski Utah State Prison Draper, UT

Author: Kamrowski, Kenneth R.

Author Location: Utah

Date: May 12, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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