Discourse on real intelligence

Torres, Eduardo



Discourse on real intelligence 2-23-20 One might sum up this essay by simply asserting that pragmatic knowledge exceeds any other kind of knowledge by all means; however, I hold a particular view on religion and if you will gnosis that is worth hearing out. The biggest question is how to apply oneself in their life. The range is vast and varies from somewhere around positive and negative, and physically and mentally. What brought me to this matter is simply pondering on the vast miracle we know as life, with respect to birth and an afterlife. I from time to time try to solve the secret to achieving a great afterlife and always come to conclusions that revolve around dreams. Today we have great potential and unfortunatly we also lack a great amount of faith. Everything from the body structure, patterns and methods of thought, and seemingly most importantly how we are percieved by our actions relay a great force that once was pure and generous and now is dragged down by our own lack of willingness to fight and live right. In other words, we let our intrinsic values die off while reenforcing the effects of their past failures. Unfortunatly, we live in a world that is created for the individual and not by the average individual. Its kind of insulting to live a life you can yourself make better but can't because of rules that have so many excuses you cant beat because of more rules. Some people were so simulated in the world they end up living a cookie cutter life that may be nothing to regret but also alot less colorful. Its as if the world hoards all the best colors and only gives the less desirable colors of life all be it giving an accurate portrait of life. The thing about life is that it is abused and so weak nowadays is that is so much more percieved than it is physically and, potentially than actually. The point I intend to show is that opening the mind may drive you crazy but it may also give you compassion for the little things much like a bad experience does. The mind is a thing than can be from hell or heaven and needs to be more educated that simply for a century; if you're lucky - ETS 2-23-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 23, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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