Discrimination, revenge and torture

Brownell, Charles A.



P1 FD1 Discrimination, Revenge, and Torture It's no secret a while back in early May, I attempted suicide by overdose of Aspirin and Naproxen. WellPath Mental Health and ADC were informed and didn't care. WellPath told me that attempted suicide and bipolar are not mental health issues. I'd tried to get a Grievance against Mental Health signed by Captain Madden. Captain Madden's response was, "If I sign this, I will lock you up." The night of the suicide attempt I wrote many suicide letters. One to my Mother for the entire family, one to my ex-wife Melissa, one to my wife Erin (Pettay) Brownell, one to my adopted daughter (the "alleged victim"), one to Senator Director of ADC Wendy Kelly, one to Deputy Director M.D. Reed (the Devil), and one to the A.P.W.A. I've attempted many times since I got into ADC to get Mental Health to help me with my bipolar and mental illness and to put me back on my psyche medication Amatryptaline on a therapeutic dose that ADC took me off of as soon as I entered the Prison System. On 6-5-2020 I find myself caught in the crossfire of a feud between my Mother and Wife over her (the wife) finally handing over my personal property and signing the divorce papers or filing divorce. Nasty letters and messages have been volleyed between them. Nothing was ever sent to the "alleged victim"! Around approximatly 3:00 p.m. (dst) on 6-5-2020, Inmate Keeton came in from the hall and told me, "I just heard a call over the radio. They're comin' to get you to take you to the Warden’s office.” He’s usually in the know so I put my writing stuff in my box and locked it. Shortly a Lt. comes and P2 and escorts me to the Warden's office. On the way, the Lt. asks me if I wrote the Warden a "nasty" letter. We go in: June 5th, 2020 Friday approximately 3:15 pm I walk into the Warden's Secretary's office at the Varner Unit in Grady, Arkansas. The secretary takes a phone call and I eavesdrop on her side of the conversation, "Well he's currently in isolation in "Punitive Punishment"... No ma'am he wont feel air flow because they use the ceiling fans to pull air in from outside through the cells... Well, ma'am, there's no air conditioning back there, that's why it's called "Punitive Punishment"!" The Lt. that escorted me jumped forward yelling, "Tell him to keep his ass out of isolation!" A couple of minutes go by and finally, I'm called in. Inside Warden Gibson's office, Mr. Gibson says, "We've got a problem. Now, I'm the most don't give a shit "S.O.B." you'll meet and I have No Sympathy! But you sent a letter to your victim! I replied, "No sir, I sent that letter to my mother. (He had the letter pulled up on his computer monitor.) I did not send that letter to my "victim"." Gibson then says, "Well they don't want to hear from you and they have that right! The Prosecutor is considering new charges. You're a real piece of "shit!", you know that?! Why would you send her that?" I replied, "I didn't. I sent it to my Mom with many others because it's a suicide letter. I attempted to kill myself!" "How?" he asks. I reply, "A hand full of Asprin and Naproxen." He responded. "That will only cause your stomach to bleed, you'ld have to take like 500 of them." Now Warden Gibson actually turns and P3 FD Discrimination, Revenge, and Torture reads the letter, "Now you blame this little girl! You rape her then blame her for killing yourself! You need to own up to what you done and take responsibility for it! (Now I realize this is a discrimination assault because I have sex charges and Warden Gibson is forcing his own sick fantasy that this is a Little Girl and it was rape! My court records in black and white prove his accusation false!) "No sir!" I replied and continued, "it was not rape and you were not there and do not know the details!" Gibson gets all pissed off and asks, "How old is she?" I respond, "18!" Now his look shifts to something funny and asks, "How old was she at the time?" I reply, "14 almost 15." Gibson asks, "What class were you in out in Vo-Tech?" I reply, "Electricity." (A violation of my 5th Amendment Rights drilling questions over my criminal case I'm currently in Prison for and an obvious retrial of my criminal case against me for this "issue" and he's already Judged me "Guilty "! This isn't the first time as Dale Reed (the Devil) did the exact same thing previously at Tucker Unit!) Gibson then says, "Well you've fucked off the best "job" you could have here. (Note he called it a "job" not a Program because ADC is paid for every Inmate in Vo-Tech!) Your ass is getting locked up, you're losing your Class I. You're been Class I for nearly 4 years and go home next year or you go up to the Parole Board next year. You've obviously adjusted well. (Adjusted well, Mental Health says that too! What freakin' lunatic can or would "adjust” well to this and be "ok" with it? Those are the people ADC wants because this is their P4 home!) Now you'll get to start all over from Class IV and "work" your way back up to Class I. ("Work" is their slave labor and Class IV Inmates are assigned to manual field labor on the plantation called, "Hoe Squad!") (All "Sex Offenders" can only get up to class IC (1C) and cannot be assigned a "trustee" class of Class IB (1B). Class IV have no good time and gets no good time, Class I get a day per day of good time up to a "max" that arbitrarily changes... good time is a meaningless joke!) Lock his ass up and I want him to put in "Behavioral Treatment!" Here you were taking a Vo-Tech class to make something of yourself. (Now he's making assumptions while knowing nothing of my professional background and work history makes for more than an "electrician" and a simple search for "Charles Brownell" on LinkedIn will show that!) You'll get disciplinary, you'll lose your class and start over. Take him away!" (So now with zero evidence, Gibson has taken a courtroom legal matter of law into his own hands as Prosecution, Judge, Jury, and Torturer automatically judging me "guilty" without fair trial, a "Violation of due process" and is illegally punishing me as an avenger for vengeance, revenge, discrimination, retaliation, and retribution corruptly taking law into his own hands as he illegally practiced law outside the courtroom without a license. Gibson is acting as an "Avenger" committing acts of false imprisonment, abuse, torture, and torment when his actual responsibilities are to facilitate only Rehabilitation and Reform whilst ensuring the safety of all Inmates and their P5 FD Discrimination, Revenge and Torture property and ensure their health and well being as "Public Servants"!) I was already cuffed so then they took me down the hall to lock me in a single man cage only big enough to stand in front of Isolation 4. I'm forced to strip to my boxers and am left to stand there for 3 hours. I was then taken into Isolation 4 to an observation cell to the left as you are facing the control room. I'm uncuffed and given a paper gown then am told to remove my underwear and throw them out the door. My CPAP mask is handed to me through the door and the air hose pushed under the door, I ask for a roll of toilet paper and am told I cannot have it. I ask about the suicide smock and am told the paper gown is all I get. I go sit in the corner under the camera in the observation cell and find two spiders in the corner. After a bit, a mouse runs into the room and I spook it off. Spiders and bugs run all over the dirty floor. All I have is a thin paper gown, my CPAP, a toilet, and a sink. I get nothing else, no bed mat, no catheters that I require... nothing. I ask about my property and am told this is all I get on "treatment!" I wonder just what kind of "treatment" this is... torture ...torment? I find a long piece of a paper gown tucked up in cracks. "Oh goddess, this has been going on for some time!" I'm forced to sleep naked on the concrete floor using the now torn paper gown as a sort of blanket. It's cold and the paper shreds in my sleep...This is a violation of all rights and it's cruel and unusual punishment! I'm denied necessities forced to sleep P6 naked on a concrete floor that is killing my back and neck because I have degenerative disk disease and buldging discs and is hurting my hips and knees that are already riddled with arthritis. I ask to use the phone to call my Mom and am denied. I'm denied the right to call my "Attorney In Fact" (my mom and Step Father). I'm denied a pen and paper to write to my Mother. I am now wishing to die and fear greatly they're going to kill me. Another was murdered by the Prison Staff. Gibson was not joking about not giving a shit about anything, especially the Inmates. June 6th, 2020 Saturday, breakfast in a polystyren (Styrofoam) tray was hot which was welcome to warm me from the inside. I have to use the shreds of the paper gown for toilet paper. I still have to sit and sleep on the dirty concrete floor with the spiders, critters, and a very adventurous mouse. The mental health lady from WellPath comes bringing me a replacement paper gown and only asks five questions: "How are you doing?" "How are you feeling?" "Are you suicidal?" "What's your plan?" "What is your motivation to live?" They don't want to talk or actually "help" you with anything. After the questions she says, "I'll see you tomorrow," and leaves. Lunch and Dinner were ok at best as all meals on "Treatment" are served in the smaller foam trays with no spoon... not even the cardboard "suicide" spoon. I get my medication consisting of Metoprolol 2x per day, Naproxen 2x per day, baby Aspirin 1x per day (for my heart), and Dialontin 1x per day (for petit mal "staring” seizures). I'm still not allowed to call my Mom. P7 FD Discrimination, Revenge and Torture June 7th, 2020 Sunday I eat breakfast. The mental health lady brings me another paper gown and asks the 5 pointless questions and leaves. I use the previous paper gown shreds as toilet paper again. I'm very stressed, under duress, and I want to die, but not as much as I want to call my Mom. I have an "AFIB" heart episode and a seizure. No one cares and I'm not alerting them! Another day and night I sit and sleep naked on display for all to see on a dirty floor with the spiders and critters. I hurt so badly I pray to the Great Mother Goddess in all her forms to come to collect me. I pray my Mom hears my cries and knows something is seriously wrong. It's cold again on the floor and I pray to freeze to death. I didn't eat lunch or dinner nor did I take my meds. I cry myself to sleep in pain and agony! June 8th, 2020 Monday I lie my ass off to the mental health lady who says she'll consider taking me off "treatment." A nurse finally brings me a bundle of four catheters. I take all of my meds and eat every meal. An Officer comes and suddenly out of the blue takes my CPAP away putting it in the Control Room then they refuse to give it back. I got no paper gown. I have to sleep again on the dirty concrete floor this time with only paper shreds for covers. I lay there ready to die, hoping and wishing to die, but perhaps maybe I'm crazy...I swear I read a message on the floor, smudged in my own body oils that reads, "Please Keep Going"... I know my mind has broke or my Mom left me that message. I sleep P8 with no CPAP waking often in a panic attack. June 9th, 2020 Tuesday I have a horrible headache from oxygen deprivation and sleep deprivation from not having my CPAP and from pain. It was so cold with only shreds. I'm gross and stink from not being allowed to shower and am Not able to clean by other means because I'm not allowed any soap. I take my meds and eat the meals. Later that day the mental health lady comes and asks me why I don't have my property. I'm dumb struck and confused. She then asks, "I took you off treatment yesterday, didn't you know?" I told her no. She immediately got pissed and chewed out the Officer. She tells me she's going to go talk to the Captain to get this taken care of because that was "Wrong!" She shot off. I had to sit for hours with a small wad of shredded paper covering my genitals (a PREA violation) until a Sgt. finally come in with my property. I quickly ask her for a roll of toilet paper because I've gone days without any. She (then Sgt.) glares at the Officers and has one immediatly go get me a roll from the Officer's restroom. The only things she'll give me from now on are my clothes, a sheet, my blanket, and my coffee cup... and that feels like gold! All of the rest of my personal property sits in two property bags outside of the Cell. I’m still refused the phone to call my Mom and am refused my CPAP. Didn't get any more catheters so I must ration those out. I had to sleep on the floor again but clothed and with a blanket which was good because it was cold again. P9 FD Discrimination, Revenge and Torture June 10th, 2020 Wednesday Breakfast was good. Sleep was awful as I kept awakening to panic attacks from not breathing. I've got a horrible headache from oxygen and sleep deprivation (Sleep Apnea) and my bad neck. Fairly early, two ladies come and cuff me and shackle me to take me to Isolation 1 Cell 1. I quickly got a bed mat and unpacked all my stuff putting it neatly at the head of my bed and cleaned the cell. I missed my morning meds and got all my stuff except my laundry bag. No power plugs so I had to go without my CPAP. The Cell is kept dark and I am to myself away from everyone else's bull crap insanity and I love it! A blessing of itself. ADC doesn't mind forcefully putting my life in danger because each night without the CPAP is a high risk. I'm still being refused the phone to call my Mom as there's always an excuse. I washed my hair and face in the sink, my nether regions over the toilet, and cloth washed my body. Five days of the cold concrete floor was hell. I'm glad to be out but fear what's next. June 11th, 2020 Thursday I sent mail out to my Mom this morning. Two envelopes to her and my Step Dad (My Attorney In Fact) with affidavits and letters. The Officer overnight was cute and kind... I pray this hell doesn't corrupt her. I'm still getting excuses about not being able to use the phone. I was finally issued a Major Disciplinary this morning and it is riddled with ADC lies! Arkansas Department of Corrections Varner Unit Unit P10 Major Disciplinary Inmate: Brownell, Charles Allen ADC# Assignment: Votech AM Class: 1-C is being charged by Horton, Wesly H Title: Correctional Sergeant Date & Time: 6-5-2020 3:00 PM Notice of Charges: "On 6/5/20 at approximatly 3:00 pm I Sgt. Horton received a letter addressed to Brianna Brownell from Edna Thompson who is listed in EOMIS as inmate Brownell, Charles ADC# mother. In this letter inmate Brownell makes several references to committing suicide. Inmate Brownell was interviewed and asked if he had sent the letter to his victim through his mother, to which he replied, "yes, it was supposed to be a suicide letter" Inmate Brownell was then asked if he was suicidal to which he replied "I'm not at this moment but I have regular occurring suicidal thoughts," when asked why he had his mother forward the letter he stated because he knew he had a court issued no contact order with Brianna Brownell who is his rape victim, but that only few people know what really happened and I needed her to know how I felt since I was going to die. At that time, for his own safety, inmate Brownell was placed in hand restraints and escorted to the infirmary for evaluation and then to USM where he was interviewed by mental health who placed him on treatment precaution. Due to these facts I Sgt. Horton am charging inmate Brownell, Charles ADC# with rule violations 02-5 and 12-3 pending DCR. Code Violations: P11 FD Discrimination, Revenge and Torture 02-5 Unauthorized use of mail or telephone, including passing unauthorized messages, three-way communication(s), calling on another's phone code, posing as another person, telephone communications with unauthorized persons. 12-3 Failure to obey verbal and/or written order(s) of staff. Many charges and lies to support their agenda. It's very obvious discrimination as all my court records prove no "rape" was involved in the "alleged" sexual assault case. There is no Brianna Brownell and if this Sgt. had actually seen the letter, the name is Breanna Brownell. They altered my words and make it seem as if "Mental Health" placed me on treatment when it was Warden Gibson who got the "email" and did the interrogation. They state my mom sent the letter to my victim when my mom sent it directly to my wife as they don't have the envelope to prove anything. I was already in hand restraints in the Warden's office. I asked for my Mom, Justin Jones, Draco Bridges, my Mental Health Records, and Sgt. Love as my witnesses! This is entirely a very gross display of Revenge, Discrimination, and Torture as well as Cruel and Unusual Punishment. It is a violation of all of my basic rights, human rights, and both the State of Arkansas and U.S. Constitution rights. Warden Gibson needs to be relieved of his position and charged for discrimination, hate crimes, murders, and all else the law affords. All States must make it mandatory for all Staff to wear P12 body cams with audio at all times and all footage goes to a 3rd party uninfluenced by the systems. All videos must be unadulterated and termination for any compliance failure. The 3rd party is to bring all violations up as legal charges. ADC must be stopped and shut down because they all have that same "don't give a shit" attitude as they all discriminate and they use the Inmates to do their "Dirty" work. ADC is a Crime Syndicate of all kinds of criminal acts especially discrimination, revenge, and torture of Inmates.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: June 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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