District attorney suppresses evidence of innocence in decades-old murder case!

Harrison, David Scott



Frominside V we r Frominside.com Only The Guilty Go Quietly To The Gallows. New Articles by Dave Harrison: —Taxpayers Lose Money —Richard D. Bess Articles by Dave Harrison: —Contact Me -State Case —Federal Cases -DNA Letters —The Nature Of Due Process —lmpeaching Judges —When Judges Go Bad -Repairing The Criminal Justice System ~This Way or That Way —This Way or That Way ll —Wars, Lions, & The Grand Jury —The Other Side Of The Coin —Structura| Errors Require Automatic Reversal -Free Speech Extends Only As Far As The Government Allows It —Legal Manuals Pamphlets For A Better Mankind —Activism Versus Apathy http://www.frominside.com/ DISTRICT ATTORNEY SUPPRESSES EVIDENCE OF INNOCENCE IN DECADES-OLD MURDER CASE! In 1990, I, David Scott Harrison, was falsely convicted for the murder of my ex—wife, Ann Jenkins —— a crime of which I am 100% innocent. That grave injustice was the result of incompetent defense counsel and a malefactor prosecutor, Larry A. Burns, who is now a federal judge in San Diego, California. Biological evidence exists to prove my innocence. . At the totally circumstantial evidence prosecution, the only eyewitness testified: (1) to observing an argument outside the residence wherein the murder occurred; (2) and pointing directly at me, testified that lwas not the man arguing with Ann; and (3) that the man was standing alongside a truck identical to the truck driven by Gary Jenkins, Ann's husband. The only biological evidence collected from the crime scene consists of two hairs, which Burns argued at trial matched the color of my hair. Deoxyribonucleic Acid ("DNA") testing was in its infancy in 1990, and was not capable of testing the hairs. Mitochondrial and Short—Tandem Repeat testing methods now exist, which can conclusively test the hairs. The hairs remain in the possession, custody, and control of Bonnie Dumanis, District Attorney of San Diego, California. But Dumanis, embedded with Burns, has misspent hundreds—of—thousands of taxpayers‘ dollars over more than a decade in opposing my every effort to gain access to the hairs for DNA testing purposes. Dumanis has also rejected my numerous offers to pay every cent of DNA testing —— at no ( cost to her office or the taxpayers. Moreover, I have repeatedly presented Dumanis a CONTRACT explicitly offering that if she agrees to DNA testing of the hairs, and if that testing finds either of the hairs to have come from me, then I would immediately cease efforts at vindication —— seemingly a gift if Dumanis truly believed me to be guilty. To the contrary, Dumanis and Burns know that I have never set foot inside the residence where the murder occurred, hence the hairs cannot be from me. Assuredly, the hairs were left by the perpetrator(s), as it would be virtually impossible not to leave transfer—evidence in the commission of such a hands—on murder. Ann's murder paid off big for Gary Jenkins; he pocketed Ann's share of their recent lottery winnings of nearly three—quarters of a million dollars, and gained his freedom (Ann had informed Gary of her plans to divorce him due to his ongoing physical abuse, excessive drinking, and womanizing.). Not surprisingly, Gary Jenkins went to extreme lengths to blame me. Evidence would later establish, among his other fabrications, that Gary Jenkins‘ alibi for the time of the murder was a lie! By that time, however, Burns had already publicly announced selecting me for prosecution. Since my false conviction, I have been unrelenting in pursuing my exoneration, and have , never wavered in my protests of innocence. Truth, justice and an innocent life are being suppressed. Proof of innocence rests in DNA testing of the two hairs. 11/4/2013 4:41 PM 4 -A Method Of Execution That is Swift, As Painless As Possible, Effective And Cost Efficient -California Taxpayers Subsidize Prison \/iolence —Exorbitant Pay And Copius Employment Benefits To Prison Guards Bankrupt California —Expandinq The Death Penalty To Reach Those Most Deservinq -Feedinq Hunqry Americans —Larry A. Burns Is A Criminal Hidinq Beneath AJudqe's Robe -Makinq California Prisons Safe For Prisoners And Staff ~Positive, Permanent, Painless Weiqht Loss (Some Truths About Dieting) -Prisoners Must Be Socalized Before They Can Be Rehabilitated —Progressive Prisons -Removinq Tatoos To Reduce Prison \fiolence —Savinq Earth Thru Population Control; Restorinq Quality Of Life —Strenqtheninq The Military By Reducinq Prison Overcrowdinq —Take Back President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize -Taxation In Excess, De Minimus Representation ~Your Will Is My Vote" A Candidate Who Will Represent Your Interests More links to come later. http://www.frominside.com/ TROUBLING QUESTIONS: ** Why doesn't Dumanis —— in this 100% circumstantial evidence conviction -- want to DNA test biological evidence in her possession that would determine whether I suffer a wrongful conviction and false imprisonment? ** Why isn't Dumanis grasping at my CONTRACT; my agreement to cease all efforts for vindication should DNA test results show either of the hairs to have come from me? ** Why, after entering into a written agreement not to prosecute me in the event I agreed to take, and passed, a government administered polygraph test as to the murder, did Burns ' take immediate personal possession of the test results and conceal them from me (to this day, despite intensive efforts, Burns refuses to disclose or even discuss the test results)? ** Why did Burns boast to defense counsel that he was "morally certain" I did not commit the murder, but "bet" he could "win" a conviction? ** Why did Burns and the trial judge work together to hastily "seal" the suicide letter left by resistant prosecution witness, David Johnson, whom some suspect to be the murderer, and who committed suicide shortly after being forced to testify? What is said in that letter that so undermines my conviction that it had to be secreted away? Please take a few minutes of your time to urge Bonnie Dumanis to test the biological evidence, so that truth, justice, and innocence may at last be realized. Bonnie Dumanis can be contacted at: http//wvvvv.sandiegoda.com (619) 531-4040 I am happy to answer questions and be interviewed. Additionally, any ideas or suggestions, help or assistance, you may offer would be greatly appreciated. Promotional ' ideas? Thank you for your time and consideration. -Contact Me 4 ,, I 11/4/2013 4:41 PM

Author: Harrison, David Scott

Author Location: California

Date: October 21, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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