Divine blessings and divine greetings unto each and every brother and sister of the black struggle for liberation from all forms of enslavement enveloping our divine nature

McKissick, El Roderick



El Roderick McKissick Georgia [no title] Divine blessings and divine greetings unto each and every brother and sister of the black struggle for liberation from all forms of enslavement enveloping our divine nature. First and foremost I sincerely would like to begin this essay with uniquely sharing some divine knowledge of my person experience during my unjust incarceration. For a few days I consciously observed a black and yellow (BAY) hornet that had been wrongfully trapped inside the window of a prison cell. Encaged between three metal entrances. 1) one is a small metal plate that leads inside the prison cell; 2) is a grilled metal piece that leads to the third small metal net that is outside the beginning metal piece that is the entrance which lead to it's entrapment inside a metal cage. As I consciously observed it's behavior and reactions to it's entrapment I sincerely wished that it would find it's way out of a man-made cage that had wrongfully enslaved it in it's sincere struggle for freedom. With no other choice it truly searched for it's freedom it once had but was wrongfully taken from it by it's own choices which has divinely served it's divine purpose to universally teach it the true value of freedom. Now it truly realize the divine value of it's true freedom and patiently search for the pathway out. Within a conscious glance it will divinely look at the divine light into the illuminating passage that will ultimately lead to it's freedom but as for now it takes it's universal journey into conscious illumination, As it finally consciously see the perfect brightness of it's light for freedom it acknowledge it. Must be the divine light in the dark tunnel it has been traveling in. As it smell the unique freshness of the air and clearly see and recognize the radiant rays of the divine sun and consciously see it's own reflection within the water within the puddle on the ground. "That is where I got to be free. I got to get there." As this entrapped hornet realize there is no more metal around it it divinely realizes it can freely travel in any direction it wants without looking backwards the divine euphoric ecstasy blissfully energize it with the electrifying energy of freedom. Revitalized it spreads it's wings in divine delight and fly freer than it's own experience had ever been with the divine knowledge of wisdom bringing it to the conscious realization of immeasurable value of true freedom. By it's own unique experience of entrapment it had learned the wisdom of making detrimental choices in life even out of curiosity. It now overstands the reality that it is a experiencer and seer of it's own choices with love/hate, life/death, loyalty/betrayal etc. but it has knowledge to truly enjoy, cherish and divinely appreciate the special things it truly love. With exuberance it passionately seach for the special things it truly love. This is what life is worth divinely living for because freedom has no price. The question is, "what are you willing to do in order to maintain your true freedom?" As the hornet was wrongfully entrapped by the consequences of it's own actions and instantaneous/youthful choices it had become a individual encaged in a man made metal cage, specifically designed to keep some in while keeping others out. I have truly found my way out and the enslavers are mad but they can not stop divine justice for divine El Supreme. now, the ultimate time has truly come for me to exist the modernized slavery plantation that is strategically created to enslave blacks by their racist laws under the 13rth amendment of the united snaked/states constitution. The universal is against slavery and the territory of customary international law are also against enslavement. so, why does the unites states/snakes constitution legalize and justify it enslavement/slavery or servitude in any of it's forms? Because slavery never was abolished it was only justified by a racist system of white supremacy mendaciously to atrociously enslave blacks and get paid by their free labor. The modernized slavery and slave trade on a more diabolically deceptive level. It's all another wicked part of divide and conquer of the lynching process strategically implemented by willie lynch's psychological manipulation tactics for physical enslavement as well. Just consciously look around you it's all there even the cross-breeding methods and when you truly wake up you will realize I am absolutely right. Prisons are nothing more than modernized slavery plantation away from free society. This is a secret within the belly of the beast hatefully created by devils.

Author: McKissick, El Roderick

Author Location: Georgia

Date: October 18, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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