Do not agree justice systems

Kim, Daniel



Do not agree Justice Systems I paid over $100,000 to a lawyer, my contract included investigation because I figure out without investigation I can not defense my case at the trial. Unfortunately my lawyer didn't do it for save his money then I fired him and ask to the court appoint public defender to me because public defender use public money for investigations. but court denied because I have a house then order me with in 9 business days sold house and hired private lawyer and bring in to court for continue my case other than that Judge use public defender for sentencing purpose not fight my case. The court sentenced 18 years to me without any evidence and investigation accusers are illegally stay in America and accusing me get a green cards I'm veterans and paid taxes over 40 years I never involved any crime and never ask public assistance at all but the government assist illegal residence and created prisoner spend 2 million dollars for custody these money should spend education and job training for better society One inmate here stealing 1 cell phone he may sold for $100.00 for his living. The government sentenced him 18 years and will spend 2 million dollars for custody I'm totally disagree The government should spend those money to education and job training and he will be tax payer instead prisoner I did not see my rehabilitation they just keeping prisoner for their job security. Thank you. Daniel Kim

Author: Kim, Daniel

Author Location: California

Date: July 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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