Doing time, for exercising my constitutional “rights”, and for no other reason

Locke, Billy



DOING TIME, FOR EXERCISING MY CONSTITUTIONAL "RIGHTS", AND FOR NO OTHER REASON Could you tell me how this could be fair and equal Justice? When a man is put in prison for 20 years just for exercising his con- stitutional rights. I am charged_with 922(g)(l) which is simple possession of a fire- arm. I have never committed any kind of crime with a firearm in‘ my lifeyandghave never had a firearm charge until this one. The police got the gun (out) of my house, when they came there to arrest me for out—running them with my car, they saw antique paper shot—gun shells in my home — while there to arrest me and are using them as a reason to get a search warrant to search my house. The Second Amendment and Heller v. D.C. and McDonald v. Illinois, all allow possession in the home. Just because I am a felon, how would this be different? Furthermore, when did my constitutional rights become a privilege that the Government can take away and give back to me — with them saying that after I do this, this, this and that, I can have this back. The Constitution is supposed to be for everyone equal. When the Constitution becomes a privi- lege, that is when it is no longer worth the paper that it is written on, and when that happens, that is when the Government of this country is committing treason against its‘ own people. I need all the help I can get to fix this. I need everyone's help in this matter. I have never done a crime with a firearm, so why is the Government telling me that I can't own one to protect myself, home and family, and to have the right to put food on my table. I have in no way ”abused”'that right, and if this is not a con- spiracy against the people's constitutional rights, then please someone tell me what is. This is what the law says in under l8 U.S.C. §24l, conspiracy against rights, if two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten or intimidate any person.... in the free exercise of enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the (constitution) or law of the United States they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both. 18 U.S.C. §24l. The Federal.Government and courts are to be guardians of the peoples rights, and their responsibility is to protect them, not to put people in prison or punish people for exercising their constitutional rights. Any and all federal constitutional errors, regardless of the facts and circumstances, must always be deemed harmfulzand should be automatic reversal of any conviction. The taking of someone's constitutional rights just because they get what the Government calls a felon is just simply an outrage, when that person has done nothing to abuse that right-in anyway whatsoever. Whoever made that law has a problem with our Constitution and should be run plum out of this country. I 5 ' 4‘. _ /7 3/ 4 7% ~- ,,2 A [41 Q/7( p v‘ " I ,1 /’__ l_._‘, "‘°”’7/ /f H " L/ or 9 '/ /:-C/A /’'7 :17 9?”; [62 H’? /’‘;.l'' ' _, 755' l),g:f/3%; I C? ''/F/%’( ‘M TE?/? 0 §""1’=?/F <=“7$¢”/<aa» »"9¢‘//' 2-,, . 0"?‘-_‘7"2 _ :’('5:' "w. I §°/7/ 5” £5“ . /:7/;"/( -I 3r‘/7://ff. (,7§g;¢(,C_ : i 9 ., ./' 2 ta/6/7 7,»/yj /‘c:-//7 fled . 25,5’/C; ":2:-,2 — 224/‘-— ;; yes“ __..__, ,_.__. _ 7/) a}? ‘C if /'7 ('r"W" ;2 /__-6‘/,1 .“’~;e/77fl.~«‘4f§ x /~19’/7 4/7 /ff/as/Q7;//E V _. / /7 )/05.7’ /’-1 5'7-—¢,,7{_: /‘7?/~/‘*7 7-/ Cal’/47. 4wé/5‘~— 1? C? V? V '0Fw. Jody Callahan '- cmmanmcouar‘ tarparmedrroeaeayt p A man ‘Was sentenced to = ' 20 years in prison Thurs"-1 dayifor a‘ZO12_ robbery in which vi'_ctiin:s followed then helped point _ ‘out t'0.,p'olice.* ' ' bery.' ' ' Iapksofi, aha "hé1S’g”Si?:¥» ‘prior felony conv1.ct1ons,-'=- was _convicted -,.'in ;:Ianu- »air:y"5o1°_‘rol__3bing' a ‘man’ -. ‘ Woman at gunpoint ‘on .3)’. ' July 23, 2012, outside an: ‘East7.Memphis_ apartment. The couple said Jackson . Randy ‘Jackson, 27, was - sentenced .t_o 11 ‘ yea-r’s;in prison}'Wi_th"no paiI.Q1.§ for. ' aggravated. 'j’rob.bery'._- and- nine years -in ‘prison; for. attempted aggr'aV.ated‘r6b>'¥ ’ i and another man ordered _ them to the ground, stole i the ''vvoman’s . purse and 3 Went through the. man’s j - pockets: ;. ' ' ''’’When- the suspects left tiaa gets 2% y§e§:a:ar:sliar of in "ii red Pontiac Grand Prix, the victims got in a carand ’ followed them to aparldng ‘ lot at Poplar and Erin Drive and called police. ' « Ofiicers arrested a man in the driver’s seat of. the ‘ $01.1-aiumped out.aIid fled- Hewas ar'r'e_s_ted thenext if The _dri_t_zer, Tommy a tBrid€6s. 36sP19?déd€l1i1lY o .iI1,Dece1:1bertQaggtavat¢’d ._Grand- Prix, although a L" man‘ in the passenger’s - "seat .— identified as Jack-_ ; - day" hiding in an'atticfat' a I -resideiice‘.-. 1" ‘ - robberjtandlattempted Sig.-_ .. :.araVafé<ir§bbet$fi%11dWaS t - '3 sente to -"1__5 ' ‘year_s - ' prison. Jody Callahan ' 'l : . -- 7—A /' S / '57 - -- V - -w ‘A::.‘.§I.!:l':3¢K#i=3‘£‘1§i'§3‘i-‘5';.'J*#éi?v?&"@‘EFJ."u"?E-'9""-I‘ r--—~ ‘A/A ca 7 ' 5<:~/~—r . , _ ‘ . , _ ‘ 744/ [03 . "I; film’: /Vie?’ s 73'3" 73 /3/‘/Yo/4 /5% 8 /2?’ 1°/’‘~e . i . /:/;‘’‘:c/rfiw /7’ L —e 7‘ “fl/OW» » [/C7/ (‘C 63 ou’ 2' )3 V9177)” /<2:/7. /2 :39/~/..7_7;./;«;’¢7j./7 f4 C C09/j/7“/I “one” has I have six prior felony convictions to. But not anything to do with a gun or violence. I am forty—siX (46) years old. I got 20 years just because the police found a gun in my house. They say that I do not have any second Amendment rights because I am a felon. Just when did the constitution become a privilege that government can take away and give back as it pleases. nothing I did involved a gun. So how can the government take away my gun rights. For something that had nothing to do with a gun. I have never abused that right in any way, how can this be called equal justice or fair. I was not out robbing and killing or pulling a gun on people like this guy. I am from the same state this guy is, Tennessee. What this guy did that is in this article is what someone wank to be put in prison for and loose their firearm rights. If your freedom and constitution, and rights mean anything to you. then you need to stand with me and "gall" youF”congressman" and tell him your vote on this. Tell him that you want to get part of the felon in possession statute repelled you can call congressman Scott Desjorlais his office phone. (931) 962-3180. This is just one of them and you can call yourlegislature is another. This is for the people that has in no way abused the second Amendment Right. I am not only just ffighting for my and your rights and the constitution. I am also fighting for my life. Our ansesters gave their lives so that we can have these rights and freedoms. So don't you think that you should at least try and keep them. Any amount that you can donate will be very much appreciated and will go to helping to change some laws and to help me out “M31 /gfiwfi Send donation to: Send letters to: Ffgfls Billy Locke #43986-074 Billy Locke #43986-074 Federal Bureau of Prisons . P.O. BOX 474701 P.0. Box 150160 Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001.‘ Atlanta, GA 30315 Sincerely, fl/ Please pass on to your 7/7'€;g,..~<}fir.VLr your friends and neighbors. é%€1y;f:;ke“”’&”“: Thank you Billy '7 J

Author: Locke, Billy

Author Location: Georgia

Date: October 23, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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